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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Problems of Philatelic Bureau, Bhubaneswar GPO

Dear Comrades,
As already published in this site, we had brought the problems of Philatelic Bureau, Bhubaneswar GPO vide our Union’s letter No-UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr-C/03-03/2016 Dated 17.03. 2016.  Although, one month has completed in the meantime, neither Divisional Office nor Bhubaneswar GPO thought it right to acknowledge our letter in true spirit as per rules.  

However, of late we came to known that the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO vide his letter No. Phil/Misc-2014/Stamp-Release Function, dated 11.04.2016  has shifted the responsibility to the court of SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division with the following suggestions.

1. Installation of Sankalan software in a updated System.
2. A currency verifier –cum- a fake note detector.
3. A Xerox cum printer & Scanner(Black & white) for day today work of Bureau.
4. One Colour Printer for My Stamp purpose.
5. My Stamp printing training may be provided to present Bureau In charge.
6. Necessary adjustment/ alignment  may be made in the software of My Stamp as per size specification of Sun Temple My Stamp Sheet.
7.  Regarding more stamps Cuttack Bureau or other Bureau may be requested to divert Stamps for  PD Account Supply.

Thus, it is now proved how the Philatelic Bureau, Bhubaneswar GPO is functioning without required hardware, software , stock and required training to the concerned staff.

Let’s watch the progress at Divisional level for a reasonable period before taking a final decision.

Divisional Secretary

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