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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Minutes of Monthly Union Meeting with AIPEU, Group-C Bhubaneswar Divisional Branch, BBSR held on 17.01.2013 at 11.00 hrs.


Administration Side : S/Sri

1.       Sri A.K. Nayak, SSPOs,
2.        Sri G.P. Kar, ASPOs (Hqrs)

Union Side : S/Sri

1.       B. Samal, Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG , Dvnl. Secy, BBSR Dn.
2.       Kantimanjari Bhatt, PA, Bhubaneswar GPO , Member
3.       J K Routray, Postmaster(Grade-I), Pipili SO,  Member

Old Items

Item No. 1-2/ 11 : This has a reference to S B Order No. 02 / 2011 communicated vide Directorate’s letter No. No.113-07/2008-SB, dated 08.02.2011 clarifying S B Order No. 25 / 2010 for settlement of deceased claim cases where in it has been told that the value of stamps on Affidavit differs from State to State as it comes under the State Stamp Act and Circles can circulate the value of stamps as per their State Stamp Act.
Thus, it is requested to obtain the value of Stamp paper that will be used for obtaining Affidavit, Letter of Indemnity and Disclaimer certificate of Affidavit for settlement of deceased claim cases and circulate to all concerned for information and necessary action.

Reply : As ascertained, Odisha Stamp Amendment Act will be published soon. On its publication it will be procured and relevant rulings will be circulated to all concerned. However, One Stamp Amendment Act will be purchased from the local market to examine the case. (Action SB Branch)

Item No. 04-2/11 : Revision of MDW of Bhubaneswar G.P.O.

Reply : MDW of BBSR GPO was examined at this office and returned to Sr P.M. for redrafting the same keeping in view performance done in computerized environment and the same is yet to be returned back. (Action Mail Branch)

Item No. 01-5/12 : Change of officials working in SB branch for more than the prescribed period as enjoined in POSB manual, Vol-1 – case of APM (Certificate), Bhubaneswar GPO.

Reply : Clarification from C.O. is still awaited. CO will be reminded. (Action SB Branch)

Item No. 01-07/ 12 : Change of working hours of Sahidnagar MDG and installation of Closed Circuit Camera in the basement where the mail branch is functioning without any supervisor:
The Mail, Sorting and Delivery branch are being operated in the basement of the P O building and the Postmaster sits in the ground floor. Thus, direct supervision of these branches personally by the Postmaster is being prevented. When the Postmaster comes to the basement for supervision, the counter transactions are being affected compelling the customers to wait and inviting resentments. Installation of C C Camera can help the Postmaster in correctly supervising the Mail branch. Secondly, since the 1st mail is being received daily through MMS at 6.50 AM, the bags are remained unopened till 9 AM. Thus, the working hours of this office requires to be changed so that cutting of bags, facing/stamping/sorting of articles and data feeding in postman module etc. will be finished in time and the beat out can be ensured rightly at 10.30 hours.
Reply: Decision in the matter will be taken shortly. (Action Mail Branch)

Item No. 02-0812 : Immediate dequaterisation of Acharyavihar S O with complete civil and electrical works:
It has come to the notice of this union that the post attached quarters of Acharyavihar NDT SO is completely uninhabitable with soaked walls and floors, damaged windows and doors, dangerous electrical wiring and unsuitable fixtures / fittings. In addition, the post office itself is functioning in a single room without any additional space for the GDS to sit and there is no stock /store room for the PO also. The inside view of the PO through sub-standard networking for computerization with no server rack surrounded by damaged table and rack and without any visitors’ chair and the outer look with damaged roof of the public place and faded sign board certainly put several questions on the look and feel good concept of the Department.
As such, it is requested for immediate dequaterisation of Acharyavihar NDT SO with complete civil/electrical works including supply of suitable furniture.

Reply: Repairing work is in progress and will be completed shortly.
(Action : D – Branch)

Item No. 05-08/12 : Provision of one more ladies toilet at ground floor of BBSR GPO and ensuring regular supply of water.

Reply : A.E.E, Civil Sub Division, Bhubaneswar has been requested to make provision for one more lady’s toilet in the ground floor of G.P.O. (Action : D – Branch)

Item No. 01-09 / 12:  Grant of admissible TA / DA to P As appointed after taking in-house training.
As brought to the notice of this union, the officials who have been appointed as P A with 15 days local in house training are being deprived of getting admissible TA / DA when deputed to PTC for formal induction training in spite of the fact that their Service Books are already opened and usual pay and allowances are drawn and disbursed to them for the entire training period.
It is requested to pass all such pending T A bills.

Reply :  Reply from C.O. is still awaited (Action : Acct. – Branch)

Item No. 02-09/12 : Grant of MACP with retrospective effect to officials earlier deprived due to average APAR and subsequently granted.
It has come to the notice of this union that the officials earlier deprived of getting MACP due to below bench mark, though granted subsequently, yet not from the date of their eligibility but from a date the APARs were reviewed to be “Good”. As far as our knowledge goes, there was no clear mention regarding date of effect of such cases in the recommendations of 6th CPC. The cases of Sri Jashobant Baliarsingh, PA, Ashok Nagar MDG and Sri Surendra Nath Das, OA, PSD, Bhubaneswar (Retired) may be taken as example. Though the above officials were entitled for MACP w.e.f. 01.09.2008, they were granted w.e.f. 01.04.2010 after review of the APAR by the Screening Committee.
Thus, it is requested to observe fundamental principles of natural justice and grant MPCP to such officials from the date of their eligibility interpreting the rules in favour of the officials in absence of any specific instruction.

Reply : The cases will be examined on receipt of individual application from the concerned official and put up before the Screening Committee, if found justified. (Action : Staff – Branch)

Item No. 03-09/12 : Regularization of electricity of Banamalipur SO.

Reply : House owner/ ASPOs I/C, BBSR North sub division have been addressed in this regard. Report of ASPOs I/C is awaited. (Action : D – Branch)
Item No. 01-10/12 : Empanelment of GDS to work on daily wage basis against vacancies of Postman/MTS.
Due to acute shortage of delivery staff and MTS in Post Offices, the SPMs/Postmasters are facing a lot of trouble to manage such works. The sub-divisional heads also fails to direct properly to manage the vacant beats etc. as a result of which the SPMs/Postmasters are managing such works at their own risk. As such, it is requested to prepare a panel of willing GDS who can be utilized against departmental vacancies at the time of need.

Reply:  Sub-Divisional heads are making arrangement against Postman/MTS vacancies on D/W basis engaging eligible GDS

Item No. 03-10/12 : Grant of Cash Handling allowance and Special Pay for handling /custody of cash by SPMs.
It has come to the notice of this union that some representations from the Treasure / ATRs of Bhubaneswar GPO are pending at Divisional Office for disposal with respect to grant of Cash handling allowance at the enhanced rates.
Similarly instances have come to the notice of this union that SPMs of single / double handed post offices responsible for handling / custody of cash are not being paid special pay as admissible in Bhubaneswar Division.
As such, it is requested to examine all such cases and grant the admissible allowance to all eligible officials.

Reply : Treasurer and all ATRs of BBSR GPO are not eligible for any enhanced rate of treasury allowance. However,cases of SPMs of single & double handed SOs will be examined. .

New Items

Item No. 01-01/13 : Special care to Single/Double-handed Town Delivery Post Offices:
As it is aware, the SPMs of all single / double-handed town delivery post offices in Bhubaneswar Division are suffering like anything. While the SPM is over burdened with counterworks in one node starting from sale of stamps/stationeries to Sanchya Post / MPCM works, efficient supervision of the delivery works is often neglected. Offices like R R L, KIIT, Macheswar Rly. Colony etc. which are surrounded with bigger educational institutions and Central Govt. establishments are receiving heavy mails regularly both ordinary and accountable and the SPM working single-handedly is becoming helpless to work both ways. To clear the mails, the SPMs are often depending upon the receiving authorities which leaded recently to create an unfortunate incident in Mancheswar Rly. Colony S O.
As such, the union would like to suggest for immediate review of the position of receipt and disposal of mails by such post offices taking remedial measures for effective delivery attaching LRPAs and posting full delivery staff.

Reply : LRPAs have been attached to needy Single handed delivery offices keeping in view of workload such as Dumduma Housing Board Colony SO, KIIT SO, Sailashree vihar SO & RRL SO.

Item No. 02-01/13 : Provision of security arrangement for conveyance of cash to / from Bank /SOs by Nimapara MDG.
To meet the requirement of cash rural S Os like Astarang and Kakatpur etc were earlier supplied with DD/Banker’s Cheque. But presently, the offices are being supplied cash from Nimapara MDG for which the later is collecting laks of rupees without any security arrangement from the SBI, Nimapara situated at a distance of 1.5 KMs away. Similarly, the only cash overseer of Nimapara MDG is conveying cash to / from SBI, Nimapara / Nimapara MDG / nearby SOs & BOs beyond his limit without proper security arrangement. In view of the present broad-day robberies, conveyance of heavy cash without proper security arrangement may invite any unfortunate incident.
As such, the union requests for immediate provision of security arrangement for conveyance of cash in Nimapara area. The burden on Nimapara MDG may be considered to be reduced through supply of cash / DD / Banker’s cheque directly by Bhubaneswar GPO to the rural S Os.

Reply This will be examined.

Item No. 03-01/13 :  Immediate  dequaterisation of Mancheswar Rly. Colony S O and shifting to a suitable accommodation :
Though this union has already been assured for dequarterization of the present P O building and shifting to a suitable accommodation for functioning of Mancheswar Rly. Colony S O, the case is being highly delayed offering financial sufferings to the SPMs.
As such, it is requested once again to take immediate action for early dequarterization of the P O and retuned of deducted HRA to the incumbents. Further to solve the space problem, it should be shifted to a suitable accommodation immediately.

Reply : The Railway authority has been requested for an alternative suitable accommodation for MRC SO. The ASPOs I/C, Bhubaneswar North Sub-Division is monitoring the case.

Item No. 04-01/13 Immediate shifting of Gop S O to a suitable accommodation :

Though we are continuously pursuing for immediate shifting of Gop S O which is functioning since long without adequate provision of basic amenities, the case is being delayed. During previous discussion, it was assured to call for a report from the concerned Sub Divisional head and to take a decision.
Thus, it is requested once again to expedite the issue and shift Gop S O to a suitable accommodation.

Reply:  The present SO The Present SO located in a prime place and there is no need of shifting at present. The house owner has been requested to make provision of basic amenities immediately for use by the staff and the IPOs, Nimapara Sub-Division has been asked to monitor the progress of the work and report.

Item No. 05-01/13 : Change of Broad-Band Plan to reduce expenditure towards telephone bill :
Since all most all the offices in Bhubaneswar Division have now been connected with broad-band facility and internet connection is there from opening to closing of the P Os, naturally, the post offices are incurring heavy expenditure for internet use rather than telephone calls. As known to this union, most of the offices are provided perhaps with BBG 250 plan with limited download for 1 GB. This apart, internet facility is also available in all the nodes of the bigger offices working under WAN / LAN where it is not possible on the part of the SPM/Postmaster to have a restriction on internet use. But since there are several combo plans with unlimited download are available under BSNL, telephone bills of the P Os will certainly be reduced if the existing plan is suitable changed to a combo plan with unlimited download.
As such, the union requests for considering to replace the existing plan of broad-band with limited download to suitable combo plan with unlimited download so that the telephone charges can be reduced.

Reply :  Discussed and closed.

Item No. 06-01/13 : Revision of Minimum and Maximum authorized Cash Balance of SOs/MDGs:
It is admitted that the authorized minimum and maximum cash balance of maximum numbers of SOs/MDGs in Bhubaneswar is too minimum to meet the day to day cash requirements as result of which such offices are being compelled to keep heavy cash beyond the authorized balances. It is surprising that in most of the offices, the maximum authorized cash balance is about Rs.10000/- to Rs.15000/- which is quite insufficient to encash a savings certificate of Rs.10000/- denomination. The only cash van is not also attending timely and regularly as a result of which SPMs/Postmasters are being humiliated by the members of public for shortage of cash. Similarly, there are dissimilarities in fixing the maximum authorized cash balance amongst the offices. While the maximum authorized cash balances of heavy offices like Sahidnagar MDG, Ashokanagr MDG have been restricted to 75000/- and Rs.80000/- respectively where there are separate treasury branches with proper security arrangements, the same for lower grade offices like Bhoinagar having less transactions and no separate treasury has been revised to Rs.150000/-
As such, the union requests for examining the requirement of cash of all offices afresh and revise the maximum authorized cash balance to meet the day to day requirements smoothly

Reply : This will be examined.

Item No. 07-01/13 :  Change of old and defective computers in operation for more than 5 years :
It is being experienced and also brought to the notice of this union that in many offices the computers have crossed their normal life of smooth operation for 5 years. Due to operation of old and defective computers, there is regular interruption in smooth functioning of such offices. The computers supplied before 2005 are still in operation and the SPMs/Postmasters of such offices are put to unnecessary troubles since such nodes are not under AMC / warranty etc. There is also possibility of inviting health hazards while using such defective computers.
As such, the union requests to prepare a list of such defective and old computers completing more than 5 years through our S As and replace all with new models having additional features.

Reply : Old and defective computers are being repaired and brought to use when complaints received from SOs/MDGs. (I/C).

The next monthly meeting with the Union will be held on 26.02.2013 Agenda, if any, for discussion, may be submitted by 15.02.2013 No separate letter will be issued for submitting agenda and agenda received after 15.02.2013 will not be entertained.

No.B.9-1/Ch.IV,                   Dated at Bhubaneswar, the 17th January 2013

Copy for information and necessary action to:

1.       The Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C, Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch & Postmaster Sahidnagar MDG.
2.       The Sr Postmaster, Bhubaneswar G.P.O., Bhubaneswar – 751001.
3.       The A.S.P.Os. (Hqrs)/ASPOs (OD), O/o SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar-751009.They will please ensure submission of conclusive reply of the items i.r.t of the branches under their control well in advance of the commencement of the next union meeting for information of the SSPOs..
4.       The A.S.P.Os. I/C, Bhubaneswar North Sub-Dn, At-Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
5.       The Inspector, Posts, Bhubaneswar South Sub-Dn, BBSR/, Nimapara Sub-Dn, Nimapara-752106.
7.       All Branches of Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar. They are requested to submit compliance report on all items within a week.

Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division

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