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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Revision in Passenger Fares from Tomorrow I.E. 22.01.2013

The Ministry of Railways has issued circular giving details of its decision to revise Passenger Fares from tomorrow i.e. 22.01.2013.  Details of the fare revision are as under:-

Increase in Fare per Passenger Kilo Meter (PKM)
Minimum distance for charge
Second Class Ordinary (Suburban)
02 paise
No change
(existing – 10 Kms)
Second Class Ordinary (Non-Suburban)
03 paise
No change
(existing – 10 Kms)
Second Class
04 paise
50 kms
Sleeper Class
06 paise
No change
(existing – 200 Kms)
AC Chair Car
10 paise
150 kms
AC 3-Tier
10 paise
300 kms
First Class
03 paise
No change
(existing – 100 Kms)
AC 2 - Tier
06 paise
No change
(existing – 300 Kms)
AC First Class
10 paise
No change
(existing – 300 Kms)

2.         Minimum Fare: The Minimum fare chargeable will be Rs. 5.

3.         Development Charge: On the revised basic fares which shall become effective from 22.01.2013, development charge shall not be leviable.

4.         Rounding off of Fares:

(i)                 Fares of all classes except Second Class Ordinary (Suburban):- Chargeable Fares, as obtained after adding Miscellaneous Charges like Reservation Fee, Supplementary charge for Superfast trains, Catering Charge, Service Tax etc. To the Basic Fare, will be rounded off to the next higher multiple of Rs. 5.

(ii)              Second Class (Suburban) Fares:- Chargeable Fares for Second Class Suburban passengers as obtained after adding applicable miscellaneous charges like MUTP Surcharge etc. (as and where application) TO THE Basic Fare, will be rounded off to the next higher multiple of five rupees, except that in cases where  either ‘1’ or ‘6’ comes up as the last digit (i.e. in unit’s place) it will be rounded off to the immediately lower multiple of Rs. 5, i.e. Rs. 11.00, Rs. 21.00, Rs. 31.00 etc. would respectively become Rs. 10.00, Rs. 20.00, Rs. 30.00 etc. and Rs. 6.00, Rs. 16.00, Rs. 26.00 etc. would respectively become Rs. 5.00, Rs. 15.00 and Rs. 25.00 etc. and Fare values ending in Rs. 2, Rs. 3 or Rs. 4 would be getting rounded off to Rs. 5 and those ending in Rs. 7, Rs. 8, or Rs. 9 to Rs. 10 and so on and so forth.

5.         It is also decided that the existing fares of train services like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Garib Rath, Jan Shatabdi, Duronto, Rajya Rani and Yuva Expresses will similarly be revised to the extent of the proposed increase in class-wise fares.

6.         As per earlier circular of Railway Board dated 26.12.2012, as a special case to facilitate the passengers of Muhakumbh Mela it has been decided if any passenger purchases an unreserved reverse ticket through UTS from any station on Indian Railways for journey to any one of the 12 stations in Allabhbad region serving Mahakumbh Mela and back the reverse ticket will be allowed to be booked upto 15 days in advance excluding the day of journey subject to levy of Mela Surcharge as per extant instructions.  In this case also the difference of fare will be collected on board in the trains in case tickets are booked in advance and before 22.01.2013 in respect of above.

7.         Other Charges:- There is no change in charges for reservation fee etc. Such charges, wherever applicable, which shall continue to be levied additionally.   However, the second class superfast Surcharge shall be rounded off to Rs. 10/-.

8.         The changes in fares as above shall come into force w.e.f. 22.01.2013.

9.         Service tax will be levied as applicable as per instructions issued in this regard.

10.       Instructions issued earlier that in the case of Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi/Duronto Express trains, the concession wherever admissible and in child fare also, it will be granted only in the basic fares and that all other charges (Catering, Reservation Supplementary charges like Superfast Surcharge, Enhanced Charges, Service Tax (if any) etc.) shall be collected in full.  This will be applicable from 01.04.2013

11.       The revised fares will also apply to tickets issued in advance for journeys to commence on or after 22.01.2013.  Until new tickets are printed, old printed card tickets will be issued after having necessary corrections in fares made on them in advance.  Such alterations by the staff would be made preferably by stamp or in ink. 

12.       In the case of tickets already issued at pre-revised rates, it should be ensured that the difference in fares and other charges on or after 22.01.2013 will be recovered either by TTEs on the trains or by the Booking/Reservation Offices before the commencement of journey by passengers. 

The detailed revised passenger fare table effective from 22.1.2013 is available on the  Ministry of Railways website i.e. 
Source : PIB Release, 21 Jan, 2013

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