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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Proposal for grant of honorarium/incentive to the System Manager/Administrator.

Department of Posts, India
Office of the Chief Postmaster General,
Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar - 751001.

No.TO/3-26/2010                                                  Dated at Bhubaneswar- the 10.01.2012


The PMG Sambalpur Region
Bhubaneswar/Puri/Sundargarh Division.
Cuttack North/Dhenkanal/Bolangir/Keoinjhar Division

Sub:-    Proposal for grant of honorarium/incentive to the System Manager/Administrator.

There is process for grant of honorarium/incentive to the following System Manager / Administrator of Odisha Circle for their performance in computerisation work.

Sl No Name                                       Division                         Office where working

1 Saroj Kumar Mohapatra                       Dhenkanal                         Angul HO
2 Maheswar Senapati                             Bolangir                            Bolangir HO
3 Madhab Chandra Pradhan                      Samabalpur                      Sambalpur HO
4 Thandaram Pradhan                            Sambalpur                        Jharsuguda HO
5 Rajkumar Behera                                Samabalpur                       Baragarh HO
6 Rajesh Hota                                       Sundargarh                       Sundargarh HO
7 Manoj kumar Patel                               Sundargarh                       Sundargarh HO
8 Sudipta  Bhanu Hota                            Keonjhar                          Keonjhar HO
9 Amulya kumar Mishra                          Keonjhar                            Keonjhargarh HO
10 Bishnu Prasad Panda                          Bhubaneswar                     Bapujinagar SO
11 Dillip Kumar Satpathy                         Bhubaneswar                     Bhubaneswar GPO
12 Manoranjan Ghadei                            Bhubaneswar                     Bhubaneswar GPO
13 Ramesh Chandra Mohapatra                Puri                                  Puri HO
14 Madhusudan Tudu                              Puri                                Nayagarh HO
15 Satyabrata Gahan                             Cuttack North                    Kendrapara HO
16 Phalguni Kumar Das                           Cuttack North                    Kabirpur SO
17 Debashish  Dash                               Cuttack North          O/o SPOs Cuttack North

          The honorarium/incentive is proposed as a whole on the contribution of the System  Manager/Administrator to make the computerisation grand success. The work i.e. updation of  Sanchay Post 6.6.1, Sanchay Post -7, Meghdoot 6.6, Meghdoot 7.0 and the activation of iMO, eMO, IMTS, FTP is taken into consideration.  Their work during office hour and beyond office hour is taken into consideration on this issue.  In course of process, it is required to submit reply on following points for decision on this issue.

1. Whether the work for which honorarium has been claimed has been under taken with the prior consent of the competent authority and its amount has been settled in advance.
2.  Whether due regard has been paid to the general principle enunciated in FR-II.
3.   How the amount of honorarium proposed i.e Rs.4000/- per system administrator has been arrived at.
I am directed to request to communicate your considered views on this issue, on above points for decision on grant of honorarium/incentive to the System, Manager/Administrator mentioned above.

                                          Yours faithfully,
                           Asst.Director (TO/BD)
               O/o CPMG, Orissa Circle

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