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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UPU News : From direct mail to direct marketing

30.01.2013 - Why has the UPU’s Direct Mail Advisory Board changed its name to the Direct Marketing Advisory Board?

Although direct mail still makes up a significant part of letter-post volumes, the 2012 Doha Congress decided the UPU should branch out by embracing all innovative postal products and services and all means of direct marketing used by postal clients.
Technological developments over the last two decades have led Posts to combine the traditional direct-mail product with other forms of direct marketing, in a multimedia environment.
“It was important for the UPU to reflect the new reality. Several Posts today can support integrated multi-channel campaigns that go beyond direct mail,” says Raquel Ferrari, manager of the UPU’s direct marketing and stakeholder relations programme.
The UPU will help Posts expand their knowledge of direct marketing and develop strategies to diversify their offerings with innovative products and services. Posts will work to position themselves as key players in the direct marketing process, and contribute to the segment’s economic and commercial growth.
Several Posts have already created digital media divisions, or have acquired subsidiary companies specializing in direct marketing. For example, Canada Post is expanding into digital media offerings, with a focus on the collection and use of data. Norway’s Posten has acquired client relations agency Bring Dialog to plan campaigns from start to finish, including the distribution of items through various digital channels.
The Direct Marketing Advisory Board has 47 members, including Posts and private companies and associations. Its first meeting will take place in April 2013 during the UPU’s Postal Operations Council session. 
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