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Monday, January 28, 2013

Try not to be one of these at the workplace

Congratulations! You've got your first job and your confidence is high. However, adapting to the professional life can be tricky. To your first employer, your existence is marginal, so you need to prove to yourself and to him that you can deliver the goods and be counted in the ranks of the best among your peers.

Hence, try not to be one of these at the workplace. 

The liar

One of the worst mistakes a fresher can make is to lie. Don't say the job is done when it isn't, or call in sick when you aren't.

If you're caught, you'll be asked to leave and the bad reputation will follow you to the next job. Lying isn't cool. It can be career-threatening.

The short-cut master

The boss asks for a data chart and you rehash a report that you found online and give it to him. This will earn you a warning letter and a reputation for being unreliable.

Learn to be thorough at your job. You will earn respect and accelerate the learning curve.

The family person

The family or social person is constantly on the phone, Facebook or Twitter with family or friends sorting out personal issues.

The workplace is to work and learn, not chat. Instead, invest time in professional relationships while in office.

 The problem child

Problems in your personal life? Save them for after-office hours. Problems in completing your project at work? Find solutions.

The eternal whine machine is a drag on everyone's time and capacity. Be a low-maintenance team member, and smile often.

The armchair expert

This new employee has an opinion on everything and a suggestion on every issue. Avoid it. Spend your time in learning how things work. Save your inputs for later when you have more credibility and information on the topic under discussion.
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