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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Attachment of correct Customs Declaration Form & Despatch Note to all Export Items from India Post :

Dear Comrades,
The copy of  email dated 14.03.2011 of  Superintendent  Foreign Post Office Kolkotta -700001 addressed to all Chief Postmasters General of Bihar / Jharkand / Odisha / Assam / N.E. Circle circulated vide CO letter No. ML/19-4/2000/Ch-I, dated  23.03.2011  regarding attachment of correct Customs Declaration Form & Despatch Note to all Export Items from India Post is reproduced below for information and guidance of  all members working in MPCM.
copy of  email dated 14.03.2011:

Respected Sir / Madam,

As per order of Directorate conveyed with letter No.71-20/2010-CF dated 13/01/2011, it is compulsory for all Export International Items originating from India Post to be attached with

(1)   A Self Adhesive Customs Declaration Form CN-22 (for items whose value is below 300 SDR) (1 SDR = Rs.70.6768)

(2)  An Additional Self Adhesive Customs Declaration Form CN-23 (for items whose value is above 300 SDR) and

(3)  A Despatch Note CP-72 Form, in Quadruplicate  (Containing the Detailed Contents of the item and Declaration of the Sender in case of Non Delivery)

These forms are required to be filled up by the sender of the item at the Booking Post Office, as desired under Rule-148(4) of Postal Manual Volume-VI, and to be enclosed in an Envelope (CP-92 - format attached) and appended / attached to the body of the Export

Item for Customs Examination at the Indian and Foreign Offices of Exchanges (CN-22/CN-23) and / or the disposal of the item in case of Non Delivery, as per the sender's declaration at the time of booking (CP-72)

The above noted forms, in PDF Format are attached for wide circulation to the Booking Post Offices, for obtaining computerized printouts, as and when required.

This issues with the approval of PMG(MM), West Bengal Circle.

Thanking You,
 Yours faithfully,

Foreign Post Office, Kolkata - 700001
Kolkata FPO (INCCUC)

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