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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Indian Postal Codes Search Launched:" target="_blank">, an India-centric portal, has launched an Indian Postal Code Search Service, with the help of the web services offered by Department of Posts, Government of India.

The service will enable users to search from around 50,000 postal codes, across India. Aaron Sarbagna, the CTO of said, "We are looking forward to integrate some advanced features like Indian Map and Weather information in the following releases. I think it's important to realize that first and foremost is a technology company, focused towards catering to the Indian population in particular."

Sarbagna also pointed out towards the future introduction of 'Fog Alert', 'Storm Warning,' as value added mobile enabled services.

Earlier this month, released a Medical Search Engine, utilizing the coop service from Google.

The search engine is designed to provide a tailored search experience, built using Google's core search technology, which prioritizes or restricts search results based on websites and pages that has been scrutinized by an expert panel of medical professionals. The expert panel comprises of medical, bio-medical, pharmaceutical and bio-technology professionals... who have proven expertise in their respective fields and would review/scrutinize all relevant sites, before adding those to the index list.

Also, innINDIA is coming up with other Medical Services to beef up the Health Portal part of innINDIA

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