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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LGOs Examination for promotion to PAs/SAs/PA(CO) of Divisions/ Circle/Regional Offices and other wings.

Department of Posts : India
Office of the Chief Postmaster General,
Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar- 751 001.

No.RE/30-23/2011                                 Dated at Bhubaneswar the 29th March, 2011.

            The PMG : Berhampur(Gm)/ Sambalpur Region.
            All SSPOs/ SPOs/ SSRM/ SRMs in Orissa Circle.
            The Sudpt. PSD/CSD : Bhubaneswar.
            The Manager, P.P.P., Bhubaneswar.
            The CMO (I/C), Postal Dispensary : Bhubaneswar/Cuttack/Berhampur.
            The Asst. Director (ST), C.O., Bhubaneswar.
            The Officer( I/C), P&T Administration Cell, Camptee, C/o 56 APO.

Sub  : LGOs Examination for promotion to PAs/SAs/PA(CO) of Divisions/ Circle/Regional Offices and other wings.

          Kindly refer to this office letter No. RE/30-12/2009 dated 24-3-2011 in which Calendar of Departmental Examination to be held during 2011 was circulated and date of Exam for LGOs has been fixed to 1-5-2011. For this purpose C.O. letter No. RE/6-1/2002(Rlg) dated 17-3-2011 may kindly be referred to wherein a revised pattern and syllabus has been circulated for information & guidelines of all concerned. The Exam will be conducted accordingly to the revised syllabus as circulated to all units. The examination will be held without the aid of books
 The programme for LGO Exam to be held on 1-5-2011 is detailed below :-
      Date 1-5-2011      Paper –I  -      11.00 hours to 12.00 hours.
   (SUNDAY)          (Genl. English/Hindi & Grammar, Arithmetic & Tabulation)

        -do-               Paper-II  -     13.00 hours to 14.00 hours.
                                               For Postal Assistants :
                                               Part-A : Knowledge of Postal/Mail Office Operations
                                               with reference to Post Office Guides.     

                                               For Sorting Assistants :
                                               Part-B : Postal Manual Volume-VII                                  
(1)     Last date for submission of applications by the
         candidates to the Divisional Office                                          -           15-4-2011
(2)     Last date for sending of applications of the
         candidates by the Divisional Office along with
         proforma report & vacancy position to Circle Office                 -           20-4-2011
(3)     Date of holding of Examination                                               -           1-5-2011

         The pro-forma report along with the applications of the candidates duly verified & singed by the competent authority should be forwarded to “CIRCLE OFFICE” only by the Divisions coming under Hqrs. Region.  Divisional Heads under Sambalpur  Region and Berhampur(Gm) Region may send the applications with proforma reports to their respective ROs by the scheduled date. The applications of the officials working in APS received through APS authority may also be forwarded to the respective ROs/CO in time without fail for further action at this end.
Eligibility :    Only the permanent LGOs who have rendered not less than 3 (three) years of regular service in that grade having good record of service & conduct are eligible to appear the above said examination and the crucial date for determining the eligibility of LGO will be the last date of submission of applications by them i.e. 15-4-2011.
            For the LGO Examination for promotion to PA/SA cadre the candidate can avail only six chances as per Directorate letter No. 37-63/98-SPB-I(Pt.) dated 26-8-1999.
          Besides, the above you are also requested to send the community wise vacancy position in PA/SA cadre under promotional quota in the prescribed proforma for the year 2011  relating to the LGO Exam to be held on 1-5-2011. Utmost care should be taken for sending the correct vacancy position in both Deptl. &  Direct quotas for vacancies in PA/SA cadre for 2011 latest by 10-4-2011.
          The PMsG of both the ROs may kindly furnish the consolidated vacancy  position charts duly approved by the competent authority to C.O. by 10-4-2011 for announcement of the same after due approval of the Head of the Circle.
   ( A.K.GANGULY )
Asst. Director (Recruitment)
For Chief Postmaster General,
Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar-1

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