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Monday, March 28, 2011

Member (Operation), Postal Services Board asked the Odisha Circle administration on the A Cs of Bhubaneswar GPO:

Dear Comrades,
The Member (Operation), Postal Services Board visited Bhubaneswar GPO on 24.03.2011. As known from our members of Bhubaneswar GPO, during the visit of the member, the Sr. Postmaster requested for AC.
It is worth mentioning here that we have been continuously writing for repairing of the AC units of Bhubaneswar GPO. The Circle Union has also discussed the issue in four monthly meeting with the Chief PMG but without any result. There was AC provision in the counter space of Bhubaneswar GPO  three years back and  the A Cs were  removed as the same could not be replaced. The ventilators and the ceiling of the counter have been designed in compatible with AC.
Observing the condition, the Member has remarked that  the Circle administration is to take a decision on the matter.
The member has also remarked on the ambience of the  office which is disturbed by the noisy fans with suggestion to remove.

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