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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saudi Post to participate in PosTech 2011 as partner sponsor:

Riyadh - The land mark 'e-Mall' initiative of Saudi Post is among the highlights of PosTech 2011, the post and parcel sectors' dedicated technology event to be held in Dubai, March 14-16.
            Dr. Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Taher Bentin, Saudi Post President and CEO, will present a paper titled "The Post as Sales Portal: Hosting a Virtual Shopping Mall" at the event, the world's first specialized conference on information and post technologies.
            "The e-Mall portal of Saudi Post has attracted the attention of many postal institutions around the world," Dr. Bentin said. The portal offers a unique variety of shops and goods, a convenient payment solution and a doorstep delivery service, all integrated to support the rapid evolution of e-commerce.
            Saudi Post is the founder of the PosTech conference, now in its third year. The inaugural session was held in Jeddah three years ago with the participation of more than 140 countries.
            The theme of the conference this year, which SP is partner-sponsor, is 'New Technology: New Post.' Key topics will include operating in the new communications environment, exploring the challenges, and a perspective from global technology companies. Furthermore, PosTech 2011 will study the multi-channel service supplier, and technology in the operations value chain.
            The conference brings together major postal bodies and major global companies specialized in the field of information technologies. It aims to exchange experiences and common interests among countries in the areas of information and post technologies. Attended by heads of posts and officials of the Universal Postal Union, PosTech offers an opportunity to gain and exchange experiences and enhance coordination so as to facilitate better understanding and assimilation of current technologies for the provision of advanced postal services.
            Discussions will center on the impact of technology on the postal sector, growth rates of new technologies, competition with other sectors, identification of customer needs, and the role of the postal sector in the development of an information society. Sustainable development issues in the postal sector will be addressed as well in addition to discussions on the process of postal sector reform and transformation, communications between world postal networks, and liberalization of postal services and its consequences.
            "Saudi Post's sponsorship of this conference stems from its understanding of the IT industry's potential for generating high end job opportunities" said Dr. Bentin, "and from its vital role in implementing e-government initiatives in Saudi Arabia and the provision of establishing the necessary infrastructure through a modern postal address system and integrated electronic services."
            Within a short period of time, Saudi Post has transformed itself into a modern and powerful institution contributing effectively to community services and the national development process. A leader among institutions working towards this end, it provides a variety of high quality services in sophisticated ways through an advanced electronic network linking its 6,000 postal outlets throughout the Kingdom, and its 12,000 employees, most of them citizens.

About Saudi Post:
            The first stamp issued for use in what is now Saudi Arabia dates back to 1334H (1916G). Following the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and oil discovery, the Directorate of Postal Businesses was established in 1354H (1935G). Up to 1373H (1953G) the postal services were under the responsibility of the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Department, after which the services were transferred to the Ministry of Transportation and renamed Transportation Ministry Agency of Wire, Wireless and Postal Affairs. Saudi Arabia joined the Universal Postal Union in 1348H (1929G). Saudi Arabia is the second Arab country to issue regular and memorial postal stamps. Since the first five-year development plan commenced in 1390H (1970G), Postal service in Saudi Arabia has witnessed quantitative and qualitative developments. After the General Directorate of Post was formed in 1392H (1972G), the service got its first independent budget. The Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone was established by Royal Order No 236/O in 8/10/1395H (14/10/1975G). The Saudi Council of Ministers issued a decision on 29/3/1423H (10/6/2002G) converting the General Directorate of Post into a public corporation operating on the lines of the private sector. At the start of 1426H (2005H), a number of steps were taken at Saudi Postal Corporation, such as establishing new departments, launching new services and announcing the new project to provide postal addresses (Almohaded) and ensure post delivery to business and residential areas. March 12,2011

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