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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Divisional J C A Meeting conducted on 03.06.2011:

FNPO unions in Bhubaneswar Division took 3 days time to decide for joining in the Divisional JCA.
No monthly meeting with Divisional administration till local problems are favourably settled.
Local agitational programmes will be finalized after 5th July, 2011.
Proposal accepted condemning the attitude of the administration.
Individual cases will be protested separately
Dear Comrades,
As per notification dated 26.05.2011, the joint meeting was conducted in P R C, Bhubaneswar GPO on 03.06.2011 which was attended by as many as 60 members of AIPEU, Group-C, Postmen & MTS and AIPEDEU, Bhubaneswar Division  and presided by Com. P C Dash, President, AIPEU, Group-C. In spite of our several appeals, the NAPE, Group-C and NUGDS, Bhubaneswar Division did not attend the meeting. On personal approach by Com. P C Dash, President, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division before the commencement of the meeting, the Divisional Secretary, NAPE, Group-C who was very much present in Bhubaneswar GPO replied that they were in touch with their Circle Union for receiving a clear instruction for formation of Divisional J C A and told our president to allow them 3 days time to take a final decision in this regard. According to him, no Divisional J C A has been formed in Orissa Circle till date with participation of FNPO unions.

Accordingly, the meeting was conducted and agenda wise items were discussed as follows:

1.     At the outset, the 25 point Charter of Demands were discussed in brief by the Com. B Samal, Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division and justification of each demand was explained to the members. (the copy of Charter of demands has been published separately in Odia).
 As opined by the participating members, the Divisional Secretaries of AIPEU, Group-C, Postmen & MTS and AIPEDEU, Bhubaneswar Division will wait 3 days for the reply of the Divisional Secretary, NAPE, Group-C and NUGDS. If any positive reply is received, next joint sitting will be decided accordingly to form the Divisional J C A with FNPO.  In case no positive reply is received, it was unanimously decided by the participating unions to go on Indefinite Strike commencing 5th July, 2011 without FNPO unions in Bhubaneswar Division.

2.     Observing no satisfactory development on the agreement dated 18.04.2011 signed by the Divisional administration in respect of 10 point charter of demands earlier submitted with a series of trade union activities, the Divisional JCA comprising AIPEU, Group-C, Postmen & MTS and AIPEDEU, Bhubaneswar Division boycotted the monthly union meeting with the administration giving intimation on 03.05.2011 on receipt of which the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar vide Divisional Office letter No. B. 9 – 4 / Ch. III, dated 06.05.2011 replied the J C A with request for reconsidering the above decision of the JCA and attend the monthly union meeting  to sort out the problems. In this context, the above reply of the SSPOs was analyzed and debated point-wise by the members of the JCA.
As seen, the letter of the SSPOs is full with coded replies viz. “under process”, “being pursued”,  “being reminded”, “under  correspondence”, etc. which is nothing but  just to avoid the genuine problems of the employees. Problems like provision of police escorts in cash van, dequaterization of post attached quarters, filling up of vacant posts of GDS etc are pending for years together. Non-sanctioning  of OTA bills in favour of the officials drawing Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- is the personal interpretation of the SSPOs in clear deviations to Directorate’s instructions. While no up to date MDW is available in Bhubaneswar GPO on one hand and the members of AIPEU, Group-C are victimized intentionally by arbitrary orders with threatening on the other, the reply given by the SSPOs “ this delay is not hampering the interest of any member of the service union” was not accepted by the JCA. We are shocked to notice that though the ASPOs(HQ) has threatened so many officials over telephone in the name of the SSPOs in connection with rotational transfer, the SSPOs has  straightway denied that it was not a fact. While the SSPOs  had assured and agreed  on 18.04.2011 to consider the case of Sri K K Jena on joining of the newly recruited P As, now on 06.05.2011, he has replied that the claim of the JCA has no leg to stand upon.
Expressing serious dissatisfaction over the reply given by the SSPOs, it was confirmed by the members that the attitude of the Divisional administration  towards the members of AIPEU is not at all favourable since our genuine demands / allegations have been weighed as ambiguous. At one point of time while the SSPOs assures and agrees to consider the demands of the union, at other point it is replied that our demands have no leg to stand.
Thus, under the circumstances, the Divisional JCA ( except FNPO unions ) decided unanimously not to attend the monthly meetings with the SSPOs till our demands are not  settled favourably.
While the above reply  dated 06.05.2011 of the SSPOs has already been published, the reply of the Divisional JCA  to the Divisional administration will be published shortly.

3.     Since several programmes are to be undertaken in frequent intervals in connection with the forthcoming indefinite strike commencing 5th July, 2011, it was decided that the local agitational programmes to be undertaken against the Divisional administration will be decided later on preferably after 5th July.

4.     It was also unanimously decided to raise funds for  meeting the expenditure in connection with the Indefinite strike. It was finalized to collect Rs.30/- from each member of the J C A. However, separate circular will be issued in this regard by the JCA.

5.     Many irregular actions of the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO were brought before the JCA. The participating members alleged that a particular official who is pretty senior and not an LRPA is being intentionally ordered to go on deputation continuously for months together. Some officials are frequently disturbed and given with undue workload. Explanations are seen to be asked to such officials in clear deviations of the norms of CCS ( CCA ) Rules which specify a  definite intention of the administration to gather proofs to support a major punishment. While some officials are favoured by GPO administration, the pay and allowances of the members of AIPEU are being held up on the plea of non-sanction of leave. Instances are there where some officials are on leave without prior permission and even without leave application. But their pay and allowances are being drawn regularly which clearly proves how biased the authority is. However, individual cases will certainly be brought to the notice of all higher authorities / forums  separately.  Expressing concern, the Divisional J C A accepted a proposal and passed a resolution seriously condemning the attitude of the administration towards the members of AIPEU.
 It was decided to protest against all these onslaughts separately after receipt of individual representations.

Lastly the meeting was concluded with vote of thanks to the chair.

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