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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Postal JCA meeting on 26.06.2011 by Dhenkanal Division with unanimous decision to make the Indefinite Strike a successful one:

Dear Comrades,
                As a part of the campaign programmes in connection with the Indefinite Strike commencing 5th July, 2011, Dhenkanal Division conducted its Divisional J C A Meeting today in Dhenkanal town with all out success. On behalf of the Circle Union, Com. B Samal, Asst. Circle Secretary No.-1 and Com.  B P Dash, Circle Treasurer addressed the meeting.
             Addressing the JCA  meeting , Com. B Samal  explained the need of such an indefinite strike and the justifications of the demands in brief. He appealed the entire rank and file to come forward to make the forthcoming strike a successful one. In the name of modernization / computerization the Department is going far away from its vision and mission day by day. The promises made to the customers / general public under the Citizen Charter are not being fulfilled. Citing the example of Postal Life Insurance, Com. Samal told that though we could be able to achieve our targets in PLI /RPLI during March-2011, the acceptance letters / policy bonds have not yet been issued to the customers even after expiry of more than 90 days instead of the commitment of 30 days made to the general public under the Citizen Charter. He stated how the McKinsey  dictated Model Speed Post Hubs are now affecting the delivery standards of postal product and services. A speed Post letter booked to be  delivered within a distance of 30 kilometers from the booking office is now being routed to cover 300 kilometers unnecessarily. In spite  of assurances given to the Staff Side, the Department ordered for closure /merger/relocation of 9797 post offices arbitrarily. The commitments of total dedication to understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs providing them efficient and reliable services on one side and total devotion to provide challenging and rewarding career for every employee on the other seem to be only in  pen and paper. The triple bottom line i.e. people planet and profit of the Department’s corporate social responsibility are seen not to be equally honoured. Reiterating the call given by his poem “ Let me think-If I am an active member or just belong”, and citing the  message of   Com. M Krishnan, our beloved Secretary General – “ Do or Die” Com  Samal appealed everybody to bring a roaring success to the  forthcoming Indefinite Strike.
         Com. B P Dash, Circle Treasurer strongly opposed the McKinsey  dictated policies now adopted by the Department unilaterally without any consultation with the Staff Side. The way the Department is proceeding ahead, he apprehended, may lead to privatization. The Department is rapidly proceeding ahead towards corporatization. Changing the age-old logo, he stated, the Department used a corporate logo which was the first step towards corporatization. Secondly, under the “look and feel good” concept, the Department changed the outer shape of the post office keeping constant the plights of its employees. Thirdly, now it is going to downsize the Department in the name of closure / merger  / relocation. It is just aiming towards attaining self sufficiency and to prove itself as a profitable organization so that it can be sold to any multinational company without any difficulty. Com Dash cautioned everybody to be aware of this fact and jump into this Indefinite Strike without any second thought only to save India Post as a result which we and our families can only be secured.
          Com. Upendra Kumar Sahoo, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Dhenkanal Division  while appreciated the presence of the Circle Union office bearers in the meeting, committed to bring all out success to the forthcoming Indefinite Strike by closing all post offices starting from BO to HO in Dhenkanal Division and requested all the members of the Divisional JCA to act accordingly.
             The meeting was presided by Com. Prafulla Kumar Sahoo, President, AIPEU, Group-C, Dhenkanal Division. In his concluding speech he reiterated the history created by Dhenkanal Division in all agitational programmes.  Recalling the memory of Baji Rout, the warrior, he assured that undoubtedly Dhenaknal Division would certainly bring an unprecedented success to the forthcoming Indefinite Strike commencing 5th July, 2011. He appealed all the Federations and their affiliates to forget the differences, if there is any and rise to the occasion  to save India Post and its employees.
                The meeting was conducted successfully with unanimous decision to leave no stone unturned to make the Indefinite Strike a successful one.

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