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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Views on proposed Indefinite Strike commencing 5th July, 2011 :

Dear Comrades,
All of us are aware that the IP / ASP Association has already extended its support to the proposed Indefinite Strike call given by the Central J C A comprising NFPE, FNPO and AIPEDEU. In this regard,  the Circle Secretaries of IP/ASP Associations of different Circles are publishing views and intimating   suggestions to their  CHQ through their respective websites.
Some important suggestions / views noticed by us are reproduced below for information of all the members / viewers.

1.     By the CS , IP/ASP Association , Punjab Postal Circle:

The Punjab Circle Association welcomes the initiative of the CHQ to build up a united struggle for the cause of IPASP. The members of the association have conveyed their support to all the demands given in charter in one voice and appreciated the united strike call.  In view of the response of the members we are of the view that we should join Strike on 6th July 2011 keeping 5th July reserve for mass casual leave. The threat or actuality of a strike by an association is a powerful tool so we should grab it by availing mass C/L on 5th July 2011, strike on 6-7-2011. For rest of the period we should extend full and whole hearted support to the proposed indefinite strike.
It is also requested that para (iii) of the charter of demand may kindly be amended as under:
“Consequent upon introduction of postmaster cadre there should not be any representation of General line officials in PS Group B now. Out of 116 post of Sr. Postmaster, 52 posts of Sr. Postmaster should be filled up from General line and rest of 64 posts may be filled from IP line through LDCE”. For this, though both the recruitment rules have to amend suitably.   

2.     By the CS , IP/ASP Association , Orissa Postal Circle:

The proposed charter of demands posted in the blog of CHQ was examined. Some members have communicated their view on the same. To many, the demands proposed by CHQ are too many which are likely to affect our main demands. 
It is assumed that CHQ has taken Postal JCA into confidence to participate in the strike, because each other's cooperation in the matter is important for achieving the objectives. Demands of both the groups should not clash with each other so that the purpose is not defeated by conflicts. Taking all these factors into consideration and the feed-backs received from members, the AIAIASP Odisha Circle Branch proposes the following four points only to be included in the charter of demands, if CHQ has gathered support of members throughout the country to participate in the strike. Decision in this regard needs to be taken at the earliest.
1.     GP of the IP cadre should be upgraded to Rs.4600/- w.e.f 01.01.2006 on par with GP of Inspectors of CBEC/CBDT 
2.     Cadre restructuring of IPs  should be done to allow more and speedier promotional prospects than what is being given in the existing system. 
3.     Workload of IP cadre should be rationalized. More posts of IP cadre should be created to cope up with nature of new duties added to the IP cadre posts after 1981. 
4.     General line officials promoted through PS Gr.B Examination should be posted in operative offices only.
As regards point number 1, it is for the Govt to decide how to compensate the senior IPs/ ASPs. Association has aleady given its consent to two alernative merger proposals.
It is hoped, all concerned will give due consideration to these suggestions.
3.     By the CS , IP/ASP Association , Andhra Postal Circle:

The Andhra Pradesh Circle Association welcomes the CHQ initiative to join hands with JCA to put up an united struggle to settle the long pending demands of our association.The members of the association have conveyed their support to all the demands given in draft charter and appreciated the united strike call. In view of the response of the members, the AP Circle branch is in favour of joining Strike on 5th July 2011. This was conveyed to General Secretary through e-mail.

4.     By the CS , IP/ASP Association , Tamilnadu  Postal Circle:

Dear GS,
1.   There are many long pending unsettled problems such as enhancement of Grade Pay to the Inspector of Posts. Even we are not able to get revision in Exam honorarium, which is a very simple issue.
2.   During the past, our grievances are unheard and the proper response is not given to our cadre. It is the right time to make the Government to think of our cadre. 
3.   Young IPs are in the opinion that no agitational programme has been taken to achieve the enhancement of Grade Pay.
4.   Even though there are different opinions regarding participation in the strike, many forefront members will be in the opinion of, to participate in the strike. There is nothing loss except Pay. Let us register our protest during the time of Strike.
5.   Hence it is requested to issue Strike notice consolidating all pending issues.
6. Our circle will support the decision of CHQ.

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