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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Circle Union writes to DPS ( HQ) on irregular work distribution to staffs in Bhubaneswar GPO without having an up- to- date Memo of Distribution of work.

K.C.Patnaik                                                                                             Ramesh. Ch. Mishra
President                                                                                                  Circle Secretary
No. UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha/07-12                                                            Dated-17-07-2012.

Sri S.Swain, IPoS.
Director of Postal Services (HQ),
O/O CPMG Odisha Circle,

Sub-       Irregular work distribution to staffs at Bhubaneswar GPO without having an up- to- date Memo of Distribution of work-reg.

Respected Sir,
This Circle Union has the constraints to bring the above matter to the kind notice as works to staffs of Bhubaneswar GPO are randomly entrusted due to want of updated Memo of Distribution works, including therein all the newly introduced premium products, new services and Technology driven initiatives by the Department. As a result of absence of such updated Memo of Distribution work, the staffs have no scope to know about their works to be performed and due to want of uniformity in work distribution for the seats, some posts are being overburdened with works while there is little works in other seats. On the above context, the need for preparation of up-to-date Memo of Distribution work is highly felt.
The divisional union, Bhubaneswar took an agenda item on the issue in the monthly union meeting, conducted in Feb-2011 and the same is rolling till now without any solution, which causes a serious concern. Inspite of instruction of SSPOs Bhubaneswar division time and again the Memo of Distribution Work has not yet finalized by GPO & has not yet been submitted to divisional office for approval.
On the matter stated above, it is requested for kind intervention in the matter and to kindly arrange for issue of instruction for finalization of updated MDW of Bhubaneswar GPO to relief staffs from unnecessary inconveniences and also to streamline the works of Bhubaneswar GPO.
A line of reply in the matter is solicited.
With Regards.
Yours faithfully
Circle Secretary

Copy to- Com. B.Samal, divisional secretary AIPEU, Gr-C, Bhubaneswar division for information and necessary action.

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