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Monday, July 23, 2012

Minutes of Monthly Union Meeting with AIPEU, Group-C Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch, BBSR held on 20.07.2012 at 10.30 hrs.

Administration Side
Union Side
Sri A.K. Nayak, SSPOs, BBSR Dn.
B. Samal,  Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG
Dvnl Secy
Sri G.P Kar,  ASPOs (Hqrs)
Pramod Kumar Pattnaik, APM, BNC GPO
Vice President

Nihar Ranjan Pattnaik, PA, BNC GPO
Org Secy
Item No.
O l d   i t e m s
1-2/ 11

       This has a reference to S B Order No. 02 / 2011 communicated vide Directorate’s letter No. No.113-07/2008-SB, dated 08.02.2011 clarifying S B Order No. 25 / 2010 for settlement of deceased claim cases where in it has been told that the value of stamps on Affidavit differs from State to State as it comes under the State Stamp Act and Circles can circulate the value of stamps as per their State Stamp Act.
       Thus, it is requested to obtain the value of Stamp paper that will be used for obtaining Affidavit, Letter of Indemnity and Disclaimer certificate of Affidavit for settlement of deceased claim cases and circulate to all concerned for information and necessary action.
Reply from Tahasildar / Sub Registrar is still awaited.  A  D.O. letter in this regard will be issued to PRI (P).
Revision of MDW of Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
The Sr P.M, BNC GPO has been reminded demi-officially for revision of MDW of BNC GPO at the earliest.
Change of officials working in SB branch for more than the prescribed period as enjoined in POSB manual, Vol-1 – case of APM (Certificate), Bhubaneswar GPO.
Clarification has been sought for from Circle Office, which is awaited.
Provision of basis amenities like water, lavatory etc in SOs like Gop, Bhubaneswar RS etc or taking steps for shifting of such SOs without basic amenities. Union cited one more case of Pokhariput SO.

Gop : Action has been initiated to search for an alternative accommodation, as the amenities provided by the present house owner, are not found suitable.
BBSR RS. : BDA Authorities have been requested to provide the basic amenities.
Pokhariput SO : The P.O. is functioning in a room provided by a Club of the locality.  The SPM may contact the Club Authority for such provision.
Fitting of glass panels in the counters of Project Arrow Post Offices under Phase-I & Phase-II and provision of ACs in all Project Arrow POs.
Divisional Authority is not competent for the purpose.  Hence, the case has been referred to C.O.         (I/C)
Supply of mini water coolers/purifiers to bigger POs (MDGs/HSG-II/LSG officials) and Aqua Guards to all post offices ensuing provision of pure drinking water.
This is still under examination.
01-07/ 12
Change of working hours of Sahidnagar MDG and installation of Closed Circuit Camera in the basement where the mail branch is functioning without any supervisor:
The Mail, Sorting and Delivery branch are being operated in the basement of the P O building and the Postmaster sits  in the ground floor. Thus, direct supervision of these branches personally by the Postmaster is being prevented. When the Postmaster comes to the basement for supervision, the counter transactions are being affected compelling the customers to wait and inviting resentments. Installation of C C Camera can help the Postmaster in correctly supervising the Mail branch. Secondly, since the 1st mail is being received daily through MMS at 6.50 AM, the bags are remained unopened till 9 AM. Thus, the working hours of this office requires to be changed so that cutting of bags, facing/stamping/sorting of articles and  data feeding in postman module etc. will be finished in time and the beat out can be ensured rightly at 10.30 hours.
This will be examined.
Immediate shifting of Balipatna and Banamalipur Sub Post Office to suitable accommodation:
The poor condition of the above post offices have been widely published in the popular Odia daily “The Samaj” on 08.07.2012 which may kindly referred to.
Balipatna :- The Sarpanch, Balipatna has been requested to clear garbage at the earliest and he has assured to get the same cleared within 10 days.     (I/C)
Banamalipur :- ASP I/C, BBSR North Sub-Dn has been asked to visit the P.O. and submit his report and submit his report, which is awaited.

Filling up of all post of P As falling vacant due to deputation  to C O / PSD / PPP/CSD etc.:
                Many P As have been deputed to Circle Office as OA, SA and BE and also to other units such as PSD, CSD, PPP etc. from Bhubaneswar Division. As such, many double handed S Os like Bhubaneswar R S, Bapujinagar, CRP Line SOs are functioning singlehandedly under undue workloads. On the other hand, the workload of many single handed S Os like R R L, Chandrasekharpur H B Colony, DDHB Colony and Rech etc. are unexpectedly high. As such, it is suggested to attach P As / L R P As to such offices for normal functioning.

P.As. have been deputed to C.O. as per orders issued by Circle Office.  Keeping the work-load and efficiency of the S.P.M. in view,  P.As / L.R. P.As. have been attached to the needy offices.        I/C     
Timely declaration of Leave Reserved P As and uniform distribution. Over the Division:
                While discussing the issue earlier, we have been assured by the Divisional administration  not to depute senior P As. But it is experienced that some senior P As are being deputed regularly in stead of L R P As. In addition declaration of L R P As is not also made timely which perhaps has resulted shortage of L R P As in the Division or posting of L R P As has not been made uniform through out the Division inviting difficulties in their relieve during emergency.
Recently 03 P.As. have been declared L.R. and deputed to different offices, as and when required.                                                                                                                                                                    I/C            

Modification of Form-E under SCSS and eMO Form :
                Form E under SCSS which is designed for closure application form does not contain the seal and  signature of the sanctioning authority and thus found defective. Similarly the eMO application form is just the opposite to what has been designed in the package which put the Counter P A, especially the new entrants  into difficulty during booking.
This will be examined and the matter will be reported to C.O.

 The date of next monthly meeting with the Union will be intimated later on. Agenda, if any, for discussion, may be submitted by  01.08.2012.  No separate letter will be issued for submitting agenda.
 (A.K. Nayak)
Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices,
Bhubaneswar Division

No.B.9-1/Ch.IV,                                                                                     Dated at Bhubaneswar, the 20th July, 2012

Copy for information and necessary action to:
1.             The Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C, Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch & Postmaster Sahidnagar MDG.
2.             The Sr Postmaster, Bhubaneswar G.P.O., Bhubaneswar – 751001.
3.             The A.S.P.Os. (Hqrs), O/o SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar-751009.
4.             The A.S.P.Os. I/C, Bhubaneswar North Sub-Dn, At-Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
5.             The Inspector, Posts, Bhubaneswar South Sub-Dn, BBSR/, Nimapara Sub-Dn, Nimapara-752106.
7.             All Branches of Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar. They are requested to submit compliance report on all items within a week.
Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division

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