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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Broad daylight robbery from Bhubaneswar GPO functioning in the capital city of Odisha without any security arrangement.

Rs.45000/- robbed in just 20 seconds
Local News Channels highlighted the issue
No security arrangement for custody of cash in Bhubaneswar GPO
Staff Side demand for deployment of Armed Guards  remained under red tape for last six years
 Dear Comrades,
Keeping in view the recent ongoing robberies in broad-day light  from banks and other cash counters in cities on one hand and considering the amount of  per day cash transactions  in Bhubaneswar GPO, we had given a proposal to the administration during 2006 for deployment of arm guards in the campus of and inside Bhubaneswar GPO. The matter was discussed several times with the Divisional administration and subsequently referred to Circle administration Due to our continuous pursuance,   the matter was  discussed with the DPS (HQ) by the Circle Union in the bi-monthly meeting on 16.11.2006 and as replied by the DPS(HQ), the matter would be referred to the Directorate since related to all India.  But since then, though a period of six  years is going to be elapsed , we are in dark on the progress of this issue.
 Secondly, the only cash van in Bhubaneswar Division is clearing / supplying cash from / to different post offices in huge amount without police escort. After withdrawal of police forces by the State Govt. authority, unnecessary high risk has been thrown upon the staff related to cash conveyances. Despite several discussions with the staff side, nothing has happened yet.
In this connection, the instructions laid down in Directorate’s letter No. 32 – 1/ 86 – CI, dated 09.04.1986 and 24 – 4 / 2003 – PO, dated 10.10.2007 is very specific where in it has been stated, inter alia that the provision of Police guards in the post offices will be decided by the head of the circles keeping in view the local situation and in consultation with the local police authorities. Similarly, letter dated 10.10.2007 states that in cases of the safe and secure carriage of heavy cash from on Post office to another Post office / bank and vice versa, necessary Armed Guards / Police Guards may be provided without fail. If the Police Guards are not available to escort cash, the possibility of arranging the Private Armed Guards may be explored within the Administrative and Financial Powers delegated to the head of the Circles.
Since the security aspect of  Bhubaneswar GPO in is danger and unnecessary high risk is being borne by the innocent staff members both for custody and for conveyance of cash without police escorts, we have been continuously writing and discussing both with the administration and Circle Union / CHQ  on the above two issues  but without any result.
The issue has also been discussed in the Circle Working Committee and a memorandum   submitted to the Chief PMG on 30.09.2012 which has published earlier in this blog.
An issue pursued since 2006 by this Divisional Union has not been taken seriously by the administration till date which resulted in inviting an unfortunate incident on 06.09.2012. Had the issue been taken by the authorities seriously earlier, the instant case would have been avoided.
While a small  business man is able to deploy gunmen in front of his jewelry shop from the date of opening  from security point of view, is it necessary to make the authorities understand the need for such security arrangement for the outlets of India Post dealing with crores of rupees daily. It is not understood why the matter is not being taken seriously in spite of clear ruling.
Hope, the administration will now take this incident seriously and look into the demand of the union for deployment of Armed Guards in Bhubaneswar GPO with every priority.

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