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Friday, October 12, 2012

Submission agenda items and nomination of member for coming Four Monthly Meeting with CPMG, Odisha circle

N    F    P    E
K.C.PATNAIK                                                                         RAMESH CH. MISHRA
President                                                                                            Circle Secretary

No- UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha//10-12                                                               Dated- 03-10-2012.

The Chief Post Master General,
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001.

Sub - Submission agenda items and nomination of member for coming Four Monthly Meeting with CPMG, Odisha circle.

          The agenda items for the afore-said meeting are submitted as under. Sri B.Samal, Asst. Circle Secretary of this circle union, PM Sahidnagar MDG will accompany with me for the said meeting. Necessary relieving arrangements are requested.


Item No-1/10-12

          It is requested for fitting of glass panels to counters of Project Arrow offices (Phase-1 & Phase-11) to avoid the inconvenience caused to counter clerks.

Brief History

            The Project Arrow offices declared under Phase-1 & Phase-11, the counters were prepared without fitting of glass panels where as the glass panel provisions were extended to the Project Arrow offices, declared in later stages. Lacking of such glass panels in those offices is creating serious problem to the counter assistants in performing the duties smoothly as hands are coming from all angles of the counter without making queues and our PAs are facing the anger of public, which has become daily phenomenon. As the Project Arrow offices later on declared are provided with the glass panels to the counters, it is urged upon for making similar provision to the Project Arrow offices under Phase-1 & Phase-11 to avoid the problem caused to staffs.

Item No-2/10-12

             Creation of an LSG post in Sahidnagar MDG, Bhubaneswar on matching saving basis, diverting the APM SB-II (LSG) post of Bhubaneswar GPO, in order to supervise the work of Mail branch & heavy work of delivery staff i.e. 20 postmen staffs with same number of beats.

Brief History:

Sahidnagar MDG is having 20 number of delivery beats, the highest even to the beat numbers of Bhubaneswar GPO and is making the work of PM Sahidnagar HO tough. Besides this, the seat of the PM is in upper floor while mail branch & delivery branch are functioning in the ground floor and it is very difficult to supervise the counter works, as well as Mails, delivery branch, falling at a time. It has been reported that all the work statistics of Sahidnagar MDG have been submitted in this regard to SSPOs for onward transmission of the same to CO. It is requested for kind consideration of the proposal.

Item No-3/10-12

Holding of S.B Aptitude test in Odisha Circle as per the syllabus of examination.

Brief History:

It has been observed by this circle union that the S.B Aptitude Test examination is not conducted in our circle though it has been reflected in the list of examinations. Previously there was ban on conductance of this examination and later on placed in the list of examinations. But surprisingly no examination has yet to be constituted, while the same is conducted in other circles. It is urged upon for conductance of S.B.Aptitude Tests in our circle early as it relates to working in SB branch & payment of S.B allowances & incentives of staff.

Yours faithfully
Circle Secretary

          Copy to- Com. B.Samal, Asst Circle Secretary, Odisha & Divisional Secretary Bhubaneswar division, PM Sahidnagar MDG for information and he is requested to the attend the meeting without fail. The date of meeting has not yet been finalized and will be intimated after receipt.

Circle Secretary

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