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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Divisional Union requests Circle Union to take up the difficulties faced by the Postal Assistants in attending Mid Career Training programmes at Directorate level through CHQ

Com. R C Mishra
Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Odisha Circle
& Vice – President , CHQ
Bhubaneswar GPO – 751 001

No. UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 03 – 10 / 2012,          Dated at  Bhubaneswar the 13th October , 2012

Sub: Difficulties faced by the Postal Assistants in attending Mid Career Training programmes - Regarding

Dear Comrade,
This is regarding Mid Career Training of Postal Assistants ( MACP-I ) / MACP – II ) / ( MACP – III )  in different Postal Training Centers like, Darbhanga, Madurai etc. The following difficulties are faced by the P As.

1.   Late issue of training orders :

It is seen that the training programmes are framed and intimated to the P As just before one week of the commencement of the above training as a result of which the officials fail to book confirmed Railway tickets to proceed to Darbhanga / Madurai. In this context, this to intimate you that such a training programe was recently issued vide SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division Memo No. B.12 – 32 ( Trg) / 2003, dated 24.09.2012 in pursuance to C O memo No. RE/34-01/12, dated 19.09.2012 which was received by the P As on or after 28.09.2012. Since the first batch of the training programme was to be commenced from 08.10.2012, the officials were supposed to be relieved on 04.10.2012. With one week in hand, both the officials of Bhubaneswar Division ( Sri Lingaraj Sahoo, P A, Bhubaneswar GPO and Smt. Banalata Sahoo, P A, Sahidnagar MDG ) who were  to proceed to Darbhanga failed to arrange confirmed tickets and there by preferred to remain on leave without attending the training.
But contradictorily, when PTC , Darbhnga intimated  the Circle administration regarding non-utilization of seats allotted to Bhubaneswar Division, now Circle Office has directed the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar to initiate disciplinary action against both of them treating non-attendance of the training as intentional avoidance and there by willful disobedience.

2.   Unnecessary financial / physical burden to P As in the name of uniform / Shramadan:

Annexure – I of the training order states that Physical Training / Shramadan is compulsory for all trainees. For physical training, all the trainees have been instructed to come with white uniform ( two sets of white shirts & pant for gents and two sets of white salwar kameez / chudidar for ladies) and white canvass shoes / socks. For just two weeks training, the P As are forced to incur unnecessary expenditure in the name of uniform and especially the ladies staff who wear sarees always are forced to purchase  salwar kameez / chudidar. While there is no prescribed dress code in India Post for PAs, such instruction of the Director, PTC, Darbhanga is a direct encroachment on individual independence and thus a constitutional violation. Secondly compulsory Shramadan is not at all acceptable. P As with MACP-III attending training are nearly at the age of 55 who may not be able for compulsory Shramadan.

In this context, your attention is brought to NFPE letter No. PF – 67 / 19 / 2012, dated 21.09.2012 addressed to the Secretary (Posts) on atrocities in PTC, Madurai ( Published in Similar situation is also experienced in PTC, Darbhanga.

As such, you are requested to take up the case at Directorate level through CHQ for issuing necessary instruction to the Director, PTC, Darbhanga / Circle heads on the following points.

a.    Training programmes should be fixed well in advance and the  P As need to be trained should be intimated at least  three months ahead so that they can be able to book confirmed  tickets for the purpose.

b.    No disciplinary action should be taken against the P As who fail to attend training programme due to shortage of time / health ground.

c.    There should be no dress code and wearing of uniform / Shramadan should be made optional. The desired uniform may be supplied if  PTC authorities want to see the trainees in uniform or else Directorate should make provision for reimbursement of the cost of the uniform if it feels wearing of uniform is necessary.

            With greetings.
Comradely yours,

Divisional Secretary

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