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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Departmental Scholarship for Technical / Non-Technical education to the children of Postal Employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks for the year 2013-14.

Registered/ With Entry

No. WL/4-1/2013-14    Dated  at  Bhubaneswar-751001  the  27.9.2013

     The Postmaster General, Berhampur(GM) / Sambalpur Region
      The Director of  Accounts (Postal), Cuttack-753004
      All SSPOs / SPOs / SSRM / SRMs in Odisha Circle
      The Supdt. P.S.D., Bhubaneswar-7 / Sambalpur
      The Supdt. C.S.D., Bhubaneswar-7
    The C.M.O.I/C, Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar / Cuttack / Berhampur
    The Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar-751010
    All Sr.Postmasters, Bhubaneswar GPO / Cuttack GPO / Berhampur HO
    The Manager R.L.O, Bhubaneswar-7.
    The Executive Engineer, Postal Civil Division, Cuttack

Sub:     Departmental Scholarship for Technical / Non-Technical education to the children of Postal Employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks for the year 2013-14.

(1)        Applications in prescribed format (Specimen enclosed) are hereby invited for award of following departmental scholarships to the Postal Employees as well as Gramin Dak Sevaks for education of their children during 2013-14.

A               Scholarships for I.I.T. / I.I.M. / A.I.I.M.S. Course
B                Technical scholarship for P.G. Course & Degree Course
C                Technical Scholarship for Diploma Course
D               Non-Technical Scholarship for BA / B.Sc. / B.Com. Course
E                Scholarship for I.T.I. Course
F                Scholarship for handicapped school going children of the employees

 (2)       The Departmental Scholarship is admissible to the children of Postal Employees whose basic pay does not exceed the prescribed limit mentioned below for different categories of awards subject to further fulfilment of conditions of academic achievement by the student.
PAY LIMIT: The basic pay limit as on 05.11.2013 for awards will be as under:
Name of the Award
Revised Basic
 Pay + Grade Pay
Technical & Non-Technical Degree Scholarship
Scholarship to Physically Handicapped children
I.I.T. / I.I.M. / A.I.I.M.S. Course
Reservation of scholarships(as per instructions contained in
letter dated 20.5.1993 & 21.10.2009)
            For determining the eligibility of the applicant for award of Scholarship for technical and non-technical degree courses basic pay of both husband and wife, when both are employed, will be counted for the purpose of limit of Rs.25,120/-. Hence, basic pay of both wife / husband whenever necessary should be clearly shown against column A-7 (i) & (ii) of the proforma application.

(3)           Minimum Percentage of Marks for Scholarship
            (a) Technical Scholarships(Mark Sheet of 10th / +2 / Degree should be attached)
            The minimum percentage of marks required for applying Technical Scholarship is 50% irrespective of all categories.
            (b)Non-Technical Scholarships (Mark sheet of 10th class & the +2 should be attached)
            Non –Technical scholarship is 60% for General Category Students.
            The SC/ST and Low Income Group officials basic pay up to Rs.9060/- is 50% marks.
            For G.D.S. employees the minimum percentage of marks is 45%.
            Likewise OBC students will also be eligible for availing relaxation of 10% marks for awards of Non-technical scholarship. However, the application of Non-technical scholarship with relaxed standards for OBC will be entertained after all other eligible candidates have been awarded the Non-technical scholarship subject to the condition that the additional expenditure will be met from the normal allocation of the Circle Welfare Fund.
Physically Handicapped Scholarship
            The employees including GDS having handicapped  School / College going children may also apply in the enclosed proforma enclosing the certificate from the Govt. Medical Authorities not below the rank of specialist concerned (orthopaedic / surgical) in support of physical disabilities for award of scholarship mentioned earlier at  ‘F’. They should also submit the mark sheet of the last examination. The percentage of marks mentioned earlier will not be applicable in such case.

            Applications in prescribed format APP-51(Specimen enclosed) should be submitted by all concerned on or before 05.11.2013 to their respective Divisions / Units i.e. last date fixed for submission of applications complete in all respect. The applicant will please furnish the records of the student very carefully in Column-D. Inspectors of Post and ASPs should send the applications through their Divisions concerned (Unit head does not mean as Sub-Division Head).
                On receipt of applications in their offices, the Divisional Heads / unit heads should personally ensure the following before forwarding the same to the Asst. Director (Welfare) O/o the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001 so as to reach on or before 15.11.2013 positively in single bunch with the respective broad sheets.
a.                   Applications are correctly filled in by the applicant as per check list enclosed with the proforma and relevant documents furnished.
b.                   Omission / commission, if any, when noticed may be called for from the applicants without returning the applications and it may be ensured that applications are complete in all respect as far as practicable.
c.                    A verification certificate should be furnished by the DDOs in the application form in column “A” in support of date of birth and basic pay.
d.                   Applications should be duly recommended in own handwriting and signed by the head of the Division / Unit Head (Unit head does not mean Sub-Division Head) with his designation seal.
e.                    No application should be withheld / rejected by the Divisional Head / Unit Head on any ground.
f.                    Signature and Designation Seal of the Head of the Institution is required on the application form (No separate certificate shall be entertained).
g.                    To ensure that all applications received in their offices are forwarded to C.O. well in advance so as to reach by the stipulated date i.e. 15.11.2013.

(5)        It is observed in the past that a large number of applications are rejected due to incomplete information / documents as preliminary check is not carried out at Divisional level. Hence, effort should be made to make the applications complete in all respect to avoid summarily rejection of application. The procedure and date of submission of application may please be rigidly adhered to. Applications received direct at this office will be summarily rejected.

            Applications received after the due date will be summarily rejected. Applications should be filled up carefully and required documents be attached. No correspondence of any kind will be made for want of documents or signature etc.
            Copies of application forms may be downloaded from the email. Extra copies may be xeroxed at the Divisional / Unit levels for supply to HOs/SOs/subordinate offices / BOs.
            This may be given widest possible publicity among the staff including Gramin Dak Sevaks immediately. The Divisional Heads should ensure prompt despatch of copies to all other offices of their Division. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter.

N.B.:    Specimen copy of the Broad-sheet enclosed should be used separately for Book Awards / Scholarship (Degree/Diploma/PH/Non-Technical). Separate broad-sheet should be sent for the above scholarships category wise. Applications i.r.o. Postal Employees and Gramin Dak Sevaks may be sent separately.

Enclosure: As above.
Asst. Director (Welfare)
O/o the Chief P.M.G., Odisha 
Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:
1.      All Group Officers / Office Superintendent / Section Supervisors / Circle Office, Bhubaneswar.
2.      The Sr. P.S to Chief PMG (O) / PA to DPS (Hqrs) /  PA to Director (BD) / PA to Director (Finance),  Circle Office. Bhubaneswar.
3.      The Asst. Engineer (Electrical), Postal Electrical Sub Dn, Bhubaneswar
4.      The Notice Board.
Asst. Director (Welfare)
O/o the Chief P.M.G., Odisha

Name of the Division/Unit:_____________________________


Last Date of receipt of applications by the Divisional Supdts. or Units from the officials is on or before 05.11.2013. The Circle Office staff should also submit the applications to their respective Group Officers on or before 05.11.2013.
Applications should be sent through proper channel. Last date of receipt of the applications in the Circle Office from the Divisions / Units is 15.11.2013.
A. Details of applicant (Employee)
Name of the official

Date of birth


Whether belongs to Class-IV cadre/
MTS Employee

Office Address

Whether belongs to SC/ST/OBC  (Attested copy of
caste  certificate to be attached)


i.(Basic Pay + Grade Pay) of the applicant  
as on 05.11.2013
ii.(Basic Pay + G.P) of Husband/Wife, if employed


B.        Details of the Student (Dependant children of the Employee)
Name of the Child

Relationship with the applicant

Date of birth

Signature of the student

If handicapped, please state the
details of handicap(Medical certificate
of the specialist should be enclosed)

C. Details of Education for which Scholarship is applied:
Name of the child

Whether Degree / Diploma
A. Total duration of the course
B. Standard /class in which the student is reading
C. Year in which reading.

Name and address of the Institution
where the student is now reading

State / University by which
recognised / to which affiliated

D.        Academic record of the student commencing from Matriculation Examination before joining the course of study undertaken by the student (attested copies of mark sheet & certificate should be enclosed)
Name of the
Year of
Maximum marks
Marks obtained
(Excluding 4th /
 Extra optional)
Percentage of
marks (including
4th/Extra optional)
10th / Higher Secondary

Any other Higher Exam




NOTE: (i) If there is gap between passing of the minimum qualifying examination and joining the course of studies and is not covered by the scholarship, details of the period should be indicated.
(ii) For scholarship to Handicapped children attested mark sheet last examination should be enclosed

E.    Details of assistance, if any, received.
If the student is exempted from payment of tuition fee
If answer to (1) is ‘Yes’ mention the amount exempted
If the student is receiving any stipend / monetary
assistance from any other source for his study
If answer to (3) above is ‘Yes’ then mention


I do, hereby declare that:
 1.    The particulars given above are true & complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
2    (A)  Following child/children are in receipt of departmental scholarship.
      (i)    Name of the Child/ Children:
      (ii)   Type of scholarship Received:
      (iii)  From the year received the scholarship:
(B)  One Child/ No- Child of mine is already in receipt of Postal Scholarship
from the year _______

Station :                                                                   Signature of the applicant
Date      :                                                                  (Govt. Servant or G.D.S.)
 (Please delete whichever is not applicable. Any false information given or material information suppressed may entail forfeiture of scholarship (Past/current) in addition to disciplinary action against the applicant)

To be filled up by the Head of the Institution
            Certified that the entries made under column “B” “C” and ” D” verified with records available in this institution found to be genuine and correct.

Station:                                Signature of the Head of the Institution with seal
Date    :                                         (Where the student is reading at present)

To be filled up by the Divisional Head / Unit Head
(Unit head does not mean Sub-Divisional Head)

1.         Certified that the application is received on or before 05.11.2013
2.         Certified that the entries under column (A) are correct as per office records.
3.         The information furnished under column “D: verified with the Original documents and found correct.
4.         Recommended / Not recommended (If not recommended the reason to be mentioned)

Signature of the SSPOs/SPOs
or Officer of equivalent rank
with designation seal

A.            FOR APPLICANT
1.             Attested copies of mark sheet of qualifying examination / Annual examination are enclosed.
2.             Signature / designation seal of Head of the Institution where the student is reading at present (Page-3 of application form).
3.             Medical Certificate in case of Physically handicapped students is enclosed.
4.             Attested Xerox copy of caste certificate in case of SC/ST/OBC is enclosed.

1.             Signature / Designation seal of Head of Division in Page –3 of application.
2.             Verification of all the particulars given by the official.
3.             Submission of application to C.O. so as to reach on or before 15.11.2013 positively.

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