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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Staff members of Ashoknagar MDG were sensitized to be more responsible.

Save the image of India Post, India Post will save you.
Dear Comrades,
You might be aware that expressing serious concern over unsatisfactory performances on delivery of both accountable and ordinary mails and  uploading of data in Speed Net and R Net, the Directorate has issued D O letters ( No. 24-08/2013-D, dated 09.09.2013 ) to all Circle Heads for initiating  immediate action to monitor and improve the delivery efficiency of post offices ensuring delivery of all mails particularly Speed Post and Registered Post on the day of receipt itself.
Regretfully, the name of Bhubaneswar Division came into picture during the last video conference held on 27.08.2013. It may not be the fact that the staff members of Bhubaneswar Division especially delivery staff are not working with full efficiency. But there are certain other factors which need to be analyzed under two major heads i.e. Problems and  Particularness.
Briefing the problems, we can say that Odisha Circle especially, the head quarters region has failed to bring all the nodes and servers including UPS, generator, printer etc. under AMC as a result of which the systems remain idle without repairing for weeks/months together. It is needless to say that for change of a battery of the UPS, the Post Office has to wait for months together. The kerosene generators supplied to the post offices during the recent past are not functioning due to want of kerosene. In rural areas, there is continuous load-shading  paralyzing the works of the computerized post offices.
Bhubaneswar Division has 15 single handed town delivery post offices which are functioning each with a single node. Similar is the position of rural single handed delivery SOs. The SPMs are working in the single server-cum-node. No additional node has been supplied for streamlining the work of delivery branch of such post offices. There are offices like   Sailashreevihar where there is no space to accommodate all the delivery staff. Some are even forced to work sitting on the ground. Further, due to huge vacancy in the postmen cadre, the delivery work is being managed on daily wage basis engaging GDS most of whom lack computer literacy which is affecting data entry in postman module. Even one is trained locally, his services are terminated before completion of 90/180 days.
The broad-band connection in most of the  post offices are remaining out of order for weeks together. There is neither any defined mechanism with the local administration to handle such issues instantly nor any alternative way to address the problem. Most of the times, it is seen that, there is a tussle of shifting of responsibility from Post Office to Division Office and vice-versa. Most of the post offices are not having additional computer accessories, viz. Mouse, Key-Board, Printer, Scanner, Cartridge etc for use at the time of emergency. As such at the time of need, the grass root level staff members are feeling helpless.
Mounted with the above problems beat-out in right time, cent percent delivery mails on the day of receipt, regular updating/uploading of delivery information etc. may not be expected.
Contradictorily, we also observe lack of particularness of our staff members both in attending the above problems and in performing their duties. To face the twin challenges of increasing competition and continuing advances in communication technology on one hand and to provide better customer service with wider reach to the Indian populace, when India Post is rapidly progressing ahead through new lines of business and IT enablement of business processes and support functions on the other, the staff members have to remain alert on the day to day changes of the Department and should be very particular in performing their duties at all they want the Department to exist and their job to continue. But as we have witnessed, many problems are not brought to the notice of the administration in time. We agree that in spite of repeated reminders to the administration most of the problems remain unattended. But still then, it is our responsibility to immediately bring the same to the notice of the administration for necessary solution which is seen lacking.
Secondly most of the problems requires immediate involvement of the staff members for early solution. Giving intimation over telephone and eMail, minor repairing problems can be solved. Writing a letter for change of ribbon, disconnection of telephone, electricity line etc., if we sit silently, nothing will happen. After all, it is our office and we have some responsibility to shoulder. Yes, it is admitted that the administration is remaining silent in most of the cases in spite of several correspondences which we have observed. But at the time of need when you will be held responsible for any lapses considered right by the administration, your timely correspondence can save you.
Thirdly, what we have experienced, most of us are not so much particular in attending office in time, wearing uniform, creating healthy atmosphere in our own office, dealing with customers friendly and giving them the right and prompt reply, possessing adequate knowledge on our works which, to save the image of the Department are very much required especially by the delivery staff and counter P As who are directly dealing with the customers.
In fourth, since the Department has many commitments under Citizen Charter, it is also our responsibility to show our performance accordingly. The sustainability of the Department in the present situation is highly dependent upon our delivery performances which can keep away the private couriers and secure the mail sector being the heart of India Post.
In fifth, earlier there was no target for us. But now situation has been changed. There is no other option to run away. In Savings Bank and PLI/RPLI we are now being given targets which need to be achieved to the extent possible. During last financial year, some staff members did not give a touch which is certainly regretted. We are not talking about 100% achievements in this regard since the SPMs/Postmasters have many compulsions. Contradictorily, there is another bitter experience of not getting the PLI /RPLI bonds in time by the insurants which is a headache for the operative staff members. But nevertheless, we have to pursue and do something.
We admit that our staff members are giving their 99%. Just to make it 100%, we need   some particularness and nothing more. The same things are  to be done, but with a lit bit alertness.
For the purpose, we conducted an one hour  sensitization programme  at 9 AM on 26.09.2013  with the staff members of Ashoknagar MDG. All the staff members of Ashoknagar MDG, especially, the delivery staff were made aware of the need of the hour and appraised to be very particular in performing their duties with every seriousness by Shri. B Samal, Postmaster. While the responsibility of solving the problems of the office  were shouldered by the Postmaster, the staff members were expected to show their efficiency  and devotion by giving 100% so that not only the goodwill of this office, Division or Circle will be upheld but the image of India Post will be enlightened.
Hope, all the SPMs and Postmasters of our Division will conduct timely sensitization programmes in their own offices and send briefs and photographs to for publication in the website of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division.
It is our Department. So it is our responsibility.

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  1. Office management ho to eisha...Regarding Broadband problem------Dial 1504. Think like it belongs to your own the needful. Division office is having few DUNGELs.but those can not be spared. They are being used somewhere else. It at all Project Arrow Cell pressurizes...Divn office ask the SPM/PM to come down leaving his counter to collect the Dungel which also gets exhausted soon. Need to be re-charged. Regarding small dis-orders.....intimate Mr so & so...rep[lied in affirmative but need to take up with his BOSS i.e ASP (HQ) who accepts/declines as per his sweet will. SPM indent for small stationary... Divn office replies...come down with old unserviceable one take away used new one.. So is the case. Sir.. you are not facing those because of your position in NFPE. But for GOD shake don't behave as if you have never come across those things. If you can , try to change the bloody corrupt system. Practice before preach should be our agenda. More over healthy work atmosphere can not be created by workers only..It need a lot like welfare, health aspects etc..
    Thinking you in anticipation to publish this. Don't worry about my identity.