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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Divisional Union Bulletin No. 2 / 2013

Indefinite Strike Ahead
Awake, Arise, Unite & Organize
 Beloved President & My Dear Comrades,
Since our last Circular issued on 16.05.2013 (Annual Report), though you all are watching the activities of this Divisional Union through our website, I, before writing on the main issue of forthcoming proposed Indefinite Strike, think it wise to share with you some other important information which have been developed during the period. 
A.      Matter of intense grief:

During the period we lost two of our beloved Comrades. While Com. Gati Krushna Pradhan, Ex-APM, Bhubaneswar GPO expired on 02.08.2013  due to urological problems and kidney failure, Com. Gautam Kumar Pathy, Ex-OA, PSD, Bhubaneswar breathed his last on 31.08.2013 after struggling with death for more than a period of 8 months for cancer. As you all know, on an appeal made by us through our Divisional Website, we could be able to collect from the benevolent well-wishers and hand over a sum of Rs.105350/- to Com. Pathy for his treatment. While it could not be possible to attend the funeral ceremony of Com. Pradhan since held at his native village in Deogarh, a team headed by this Secretary could attend the funeral ceremony of Com. Pathy.
We sincerely condole the sad demise of both the Comrades.

B.      Promotions / Postings / Transfers

The following officials have got their promotions / transfers during the period.
Name & Address of the Official
Posting after promotion
Bruhaspati Samal, Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG
Postmaster, Ashoknagar MDG  being promoted to regular HSG-I
Sarathi Kar, Postmaster, Ashoknagar MDG
Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG  being promoted to regular HSG-I
Sukant Ch. Mishra, SPM, Bhubaneswar RS
Transferred to Assam Circle  being promoted as Asst. Accounts Officer

In addition, Sri Aditya Kumar Nayak, SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division has been transferred and posted as SSPOs, Cuttack City Division who has in Cuttack joined since 09.09.2013 and now remained in charge of Bhubaneswar Division. Sri Subash Ch. Barik, SSPOs, Sundergarh Division has been transferred and posted as SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division and yet to join.
We congratulate all the promoted/transferred officers/officials and wish all success in their new assignments.

C.      Circle Council and Working Committee Meeting at Cuttack GPO

The Circle Working Committee-Cum-Council Meeting of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch was conducted successfully at the Recreation Club of Cuttack GPO from 12.07.2013 to 14.07.2013 in a very enthusiastic and constructive manner with participation of all Circle Union Office bearers, Divisional Secretaries, Circle Councilors from all the 18 Divisions except  Phulbani. The first day  i.e.12.07.2013 was started with homage to the departed souls during the period under review. At the outset the Work Report on various activities of the Circle Union pertaining to the period of review ( from last biennial circle conference held at Sambalpur till date) was placed by Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secretary before the CWC. The meeting was presided by Com. R N Mohakud, Vice-President of the Circle Union in the absence of the President. As per the agenda , the Divisional Secretaries were allowed to discuss on various issues starting from Organizational Review, problems faced by the staff members at grass root level especially the P As, SPMs and Postmasters due to computerization, modernization, settlement of minus balance, introduction of new premium products, fixation of unachievable targets and such other issues in addition to review of the last two strike programmes conducted on 12.12.2012 and on 20th & 21st February, 2013. The problems of Postmaster Cadre, Accountants and APM (Accounts), System Administrators, Business Executives and LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I cadre were also discussed in addition to National Postal Policy, Corporate Plan of India Post, I T Modernization Project, 2012, Cadre Restructuring, MACP / 6th CPC anomalies etc. Excessive resentments were seen to be recorded on non-supply of quality computer paper, MPCM sticker, computer furniture & accessories and required forms, dequaterization and non-maintenance of P O buildings / staff quarters, non-response to grave issues arising out of MGNRES, negative reply of the administration for provision of Police Escort in cash vans, non-sanction of OTA /Speed Post/MIS Incentive bills, acute shortage of staff and problems arising out of deputation orders, the drama of centralization and decentralization of PLI/RPLI works, irregular conductance / non-conductance of monthly union meeting and favouritism to other unions by Divisional heads, delay in sanction of personal claims like TA/Medical bills etc
On the 2nd day, i.e. on 13.07.2013, the Circle Union Office bearers also discussed the above issues in general under the president-ship of Com. K C Pattnaik. As many as 40 resolutions were recorded with unanimous decision to represent to the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle for brining satisfactory solutions to the long pending problems within a reasonable period failing which a series of agitation programmes will be undertaken by the Circle Union alone and /or in cooperation with P-IV, R-III, R-IV, AIPAOEU and AIPAEU etc. 
On the third day, i. e . on 14.07.2013,  the Circle Secretary  replied the points raised by the Circle Union Office bearers, Divisional Secretaries and Circle Councilors and read out the resolutions for information of the participants. The CWC was concluded with an Open Session which was started at 11 AM and continued up to 3 PM. Lastly the vote of thanks was given by Com. Bishnu Prasad Das, Divisional Secretary, Cuttack City Division and the meeting was concluded with the positive, strong  promising attitude of the Circle Union to bring a roaring success to all the agitation programmes awaiting finalization jointly by the Confederation, AIRF and DEFI .
Bhubaneswar Division attended the CWC with a four member team -  Com. B Samal , Asst. Circle Secretary, Com. D R Mohanty, deputized Divisional Secy., Com. R K Pradhan and Com. Kailash Ch. Sahoo as Circle Councilors. Representing the Division while  Com. D R Mohanty discussed the activities of Bhubaneswar Division, Com. B Samal concentrated on the national issues especially on I T modernization Project, 2012 and problems there on with some constructive suggestions to the Circle Union for necessary resolution and action.

Special Meeting on AIPEU GDS (NFPE) issues

A special meeting was also conducted to solve the problems arising in formation of AIPEU GDS(NFPE)  in the afternoon on 14.07.2013 in the presence of Com. R N Dhal, General Secy, State CoC, NFPE and Com. Nirmal Singh, Circle Secy., AIPEU GDS(NFPE), Odisha Circle. Taking active participation in the discussion, many Circle Union Office bearers and Divisional Secretaries registered their helplessness in strengthening the newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE) due to lack of proper cooperation and active participation of its Circle Secretary and suggested Com. Singh to issue necessary guide lines to his Divisional Secretaries to cooperate with their P-III counterparts. Since committed as per the direction of NFPE, the CWC assured Com. Singh to extend full cooperation provided he reciprocates accordingly. Com. R N Dhal also appealed all the Divisional Secretaries to take every possible step in mitigating the gaps and enrolling more members as soon as possible.

D.      Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar merged with CGHS w.e.f 01.08.2013

Dear Comrades,
You might have known that the problems relating to Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar are being taken by this Divisional union time and again. Observing unnecessary delay in bringing a solution to the problems faced by the beneficiaries, we have brought the same to the notice of both the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India and Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India through Sj. Mohan Jena, Honourable ( M P ) Lok Sabha who wrote on 13.07.2010. Replying to the above letter vide his letter No. D O No. 24 – 9 / 2010 – Medical, dated 11.08.2010 ( already published in this blog), Sj. Sachin Pilot, the then  Hon’ble Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India stated “The Department has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for merger of 19 such departmental dispensary with CGHS dispensaries which include merger of Bhubaneswar Postal Dispensary with CGHS Dispensary. The Proposal is pending with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for a decision”. Similarly, acknowledging the letter of Sj. Jena, Sri Gulam Nabi Azad, the then Minister, Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India replied on 25.10.2010, “I am having the matter examined and will take the necessary action accordingly”.

And my Dear Comrades, now the result is before you. For the success, we have definitely played a role.  The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India vide its Notification No. 4-212006-C&P/CGHS (P),  Dated  9th July, 2013 merged 19 Postal Dispensaries presently functioning in 12 CGHS  covered cities i.e., Ahmadabad (3), Bhopal (I),  Bhubaneswar (I), Dehradun (I), Guwahati (2), Jaipur (2), Jammu (I), Jabalpur  (I), Lucknow (3), Pune (2), Ranchi (I) and Shillong (I) with CGHS with effect from 01.08.2013.  

E.      Convention of AIPPCCEU, Odisha Circle branch :
          As per the decisions taken in the 9th Federal Council of NFPE, the first State Level Convention of All India Postal Casual, Part-time, Contingent & Contract Workers Federation (AIPCPCCWF) was  organized  successfully in the Recreation Club of CGMT, Bhubaneswar on 11.08.2013 under the president-ship of Com. R C Mishra, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha & Vice-President, CHQ.The meeting was inaugurated by Com. P Mohan, General Secretary, AIPCPCCWF  and  addressed by  Com. Y Nagbhusanam, Working President, AIPCPCCWF, CHQ. All the NFPE unions of Bhubaneswar Division including us had participated in the said convention. The following office bearers were unanimously elected.
Com. Banshidhar Mohanty
Ex-Leader, RJCM ( Staff Side), Odisha Circle
Com. R C Mishra
Circle Secretary, P-III, Odisha
Working President
Com. R N Dhal
Circle Secy., R – III, Odisha
Vice-President No.1
Com. B Rabana
PTCL, Berhampur HO, ( Berhampur Division )
Vice-President No..2
Com.Niranjan Mallick
PTCL, Kujanga S O, Cuttack (South) Divn.
Circle Secretary
Com. Ananda Naik
PTCL,O/o the HRO, RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack
Asst. Circle Secy. No.1
Com.Mrutunjaya Uttaray
Care-Taker, Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar Divn
Asst. Circle Secy. No.2
Com. Somanath Patra
PTCL ( Gardener), Baripada HO, Mayurbhanj Divn.
Asst. Circle Secy. No.3
Com.Sagar Sahoo
PTCL(Waterman), Jajpur HO, Cuttack (North) Divn.
Asst. Circle Secy. No.4
Com.Seemanchal Panigrahi
PTCL, O/O the HRO, Berhampur RMS
Asst. Circle Secy. No.5
Com.Pabitra Ku. Bihari
Driver, MMS, Bhubaneswar Division
Financial Secretary
Com. Biren Kahali
PTCL, Cuttack GPO, Cuttack City Division
Asst. Fin. Secretary
Com.Rajendra Ku. Sahoo
PTCL, Bhadrak HO, Bhadrak Divn.
Organizing Secy. No.1
Com.Ganesh Swain
PTCL, Bhanjanagar HO
Organizing Secy. No.2
Com.Prafulla Ku. Mishra
FTCL, MMS, Bhubaneswar Division
Organizing Secy. No.3
Com.Pradeep Ku. Tandi
PTCL, Bolangir Sorting
Com. Satyanrayan Dash
PTCL, Puri Division
Working Committee Members
Com.Tina Mukhi
PTCL, Baripada HO, Mayurbhanj Division
Com. Ambarish Sandha
PTCL, Bolangir H O, Bolangir Divn.
Com. Mukul Kanar
PTCL, Sambalpur RMS
Com. Sunita Garuda
PTCL, O/o the HRO, RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack
Com. Dillip Ku. Nayak
PTCL, RMS ‘N’ Division, Bhubaneswar
We congratulate all the newly elected office bearers of AIPPCCEU, Odisha Circle branch.        
F.      S B Aptitude Test conducted in Odisha Circle

You might be knowing that the Aptitude Test for grant of SB Allowance to Postal Assistants working in SB/SC branches of Post Offices  in Odisha Circle was not being  held for last many years and thus our Circle Union had taken this issue as an item for discussion in the last Four Monthly Meeting  of NFPE unions with Chief PMG, Odisha Circle held on 02.01.2013 which  was represented by its Circle Secretary Com. R C Mishra and Asst. Circle Secretary Com.  B Samal. Subsequently,  Circle Office issued order vide C O letter No. RE/30-9/2013, Dated 12.07.2013  for conducting the S B Aptitude Test in Odisha Circle on 25.08.2013 which has already been conducted.
We record our sincere thanks to our Circle Union for this victory.  

G.      Protest against PFRDA Bill:

            In accordance with the direction issued by the Confederation a huge  demonstration programme was organized on 03.09.2013 in the campus of Bhubaneswar GPO and in the premises of the Chief PMG building, Bhubaneswar in protest against the PFRDA Bill. The demonstration programme was participated by hundreds of central Govt. employees from different establishments stationed in Bhubaneswar viz. India Post, Central Govt. Text  Book Press , Survey of India, Institute of Physics, Geological Survey of India. Vehemently opposing the arbitrary PFRDA Bill, the employees registered their strong protest through a mass rally during the launch hour both in front of Bhubaneswar GPO and office of the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle. All the NFPE unions in Bhubaneswar including us actively participated in the programme.

H.      Formation of Postal Joint Council of Action, Bhubaneswar

With due honour to the historic slogan “United we stand, Divided we fall”, all the affiliated unions / associations under National Federation of Postal Employees and Federation of National Postal Organizations of Bhubaneswar Division  namely All India Postal Employees Union, Group-C, National Association of Postal Employees, Group-C, All India Postal Employees Union, Postman & MTS, National Association of Postal Employees, Postman & MTS including All India Postal Employees Union GDS (NFPE) unanimously resolved in a joint meeting conducted on 01.09.2013 in Bhubaneswar to form a JCA permanently in the name  of “Postal Joint Council of Action, Bhubaneswar” for the purpose of rendering prompt and efficient service in safeguarding and promoting the interests, rights and liberties of the postal employees in general irrespective of cadre and wing through settlement of grievances, differences and disputes in a democratic and peaceful manner alongwith smooth and correct implementation of the directions of the Central JCA and to campaign for redressal of  social/environmental/educational/trade union issues as  responsible Indian citizens and to safeguard the interest of India Post as responsible employees of the Department with the following terms and conditions agreed to by all the participating members from all federations / unions.
i.                     The Postal Joint Council of Action, Bhubaneswar shall function under the leadership of a Chairman
ii.                   The JCA shall have 4 Vice-Chairmen and 15 members to assist the Chairman.
iii.                  The portfolio of one Chairman and four Vice-Chairmen will be held by the Divisional Secretaries of the member unions / associations and all the 5 Divisional Secretaries shall nominate 3 members each as their representatives to remain as members of the Postal JCA, Bhubaneswar.
iv.                  The bonafide member or an elected office bearer of the member union/association shall be a representative of the Postal JCA, Bhubaneswar.
v.                    All the Vice-Chairmen and the members will select the Chairman unanimously. 
vi.                  The tenure of the JCA shall be for a period of 2 years.
vii.                 After expiry of the tenure of 2 years, JCA shall be reconstituted within a period of one month with participation of all the Working Committee Members of the respective unions / associations as per clause ( iii ) and ( iv ) above.
viii.               The JCA shall sit once in every three months and the date of the meeting will be finalized by the Chairman in consultation with all the Vice-Chairmen & JCA members.
ix.                  The JCA shall take up all unsettled items of common interest taken by the respective unions and discussed in the monthly union meetings subject to approval by the body.
x.                    The JCA shall not discuss any intra-union disputes/differences. 
xi.                  The items approved by JCA for discussion will be dealt by the Chairman with the Divisional administration and in case of subsequent unsettlement, the JCA shall decide further course of action for early redressal.
xii.                 Soon after the change of leadership, if any after the biennial conference of the member union(s) / association(s), it shall be the responsibility of the concerned out-going Divisional Secretary to intimate the Chairman of the JCA the name of the newly elected Divisional Secretary to substitute the post of Vice-Chairman.
xiii.               In case of death/retirement or transfer from the Division of any member, the JCA shall fill up the vacant post in the next sitting through nomination by the concerned Divisional Secretary.
xiv.                The JCA shall be free to use its banner apart from the banners of the member unions/associations in any demonstration/meeting/agitational programme.
xv.                 The JCA reserves the right to expel a Working Committee member if he/she fails to attend 2 meetings of the JCA consecutively without satisfactory reasons and accept a new member from the respective union/association nominated by its Divisional Secretary.
xvi.                The JCA can consider to accept any other interested union/association of Bhubaneswar as a member subject to approval by the present body.
xvii.              Apart from departmental issues , the JCA can take up items related to social/environmental/educational programmes like conducting blood donation camp, plantation of trees in premises of Departmental P O  buildings, campaigning programee on AIDS, female foeticide, eye/organ  donation, energy consumption, prevention of child labour, protection to women and sexual harassment at work places and such other welfare issues.
xviii.             The expenditure incurred on every occasion will be shared equally by the member unions/associations of the JCA.

H (1) List of elected representatives of the Postal JCA, Bhubaneswar
Office Address
Bruhaspati Samal
Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
Postmaster, Ashoknagar MDG-751009
S S Mohapatra
Secretary, NAPE, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
Sub Postmaster
Bhubaneswar Sectt. SO-751001
S K Swain
Secretary, AIPEU, Postman & MTS Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Bhubaneswar GPO -751001
Narayan Sahoo
Secretary, NAPE, Postman & MTS, Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Ashoknagar MDG -751009
Ghanashyam Panda
Secretary, AIPEU GDS (NFPE), Bhubaneswar Division
GDS BPM, Darada, Balipatna, Khurda
Pramod Ku. Pattnaik
Vice-President No.1, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
APM, Bhubaneswar GPO
Anil Ku. Mohanty
Vice-President No.2, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
SPM, AGSO, Bhubaneswar-751001
Dipti Ranjan Mohanty
Asst, Secretary No.1 AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
P A, Bhubaneswar GPO
Suratha Ku. Khuntia
Organizing Secretary, NAPE, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
PA, Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar-751009
Balmiki Pr. Satpathy
Asst. Treasurer, NAPE, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
OA, RFD, PPP, Bhubaneswar-751010
Sarat  Pattnaik
Asst. Secretary No.1, NAPE, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division
Asst. Treasurer, Bhubaneswar GPO
Guru Ch. Bhoi
Asst. Secy No.1, AIPEU, Postman & MTS Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Sahidnagar MDG, Bhubaneswar-751007
Harmohan Dash
Asst. Secy. No. 2, AIPEU, Postman & MTS Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Bhubaneswar GPO

K C Samantaray
President, AIPEU, Postman & MTS Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar-751010
Benudhar Bhoi
President, , NAPE, Postman & MTS, Bhubaneswar Division
Overseer, Bhubaneswar GPO
Narayan Behera
Vice-President, , NAPE, Postman & MTS, Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Bhoinagar SO – 751 022

B M Samantaray
Asst. Secretary, , NAPE, Postman & MTS, Bhubaneswar Division
Postman, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar-751030
M M Acharya
Member, AIPEU GDS (NFPE), Bhubaneswar Division .
BPM, Kausalyaganaga, Bhubaneswar-751002
Gagan Bihari Paithal
Organizing Secretary, AIPEU GDS (NFPE), Bhubaneswar Division
GDS MC,  Utkal University MDG,Bhubaneswar-751004
Dillip Kumar Mohanty
Member, AIPEU GDS (NFPE), Bhubaneswar Division
GDSMD, Itipur B O, Bhubaneswar – 2 MDG
H  (2).         Unanimous Resolutions adopted on unsettled local issues:
 ( in the meeting dated 01.09.2013 of the Postal Joint Council of Action, Bhubaneswar Division comprising NFPE, FNPO & GDS Unions)
1.      Irregular deputation of permanent senior P As instead of L R P As :
It is frequently noticed that Division office is always disturbing permanent senior P As in the name of deputation while there are as many as 20 L R P As in the Division. The item has been discussed with the Divisional administration several times with assurance to look into the matter next time. But unfortunately, it is even noticed that senior P As are ordered by name for deputation to other offices while L R P As are working continuously in a particular seat without any disturbance. Such prejudiced activities of the Divisional administration is not only creating a difference amongst the officials of the same group but also creating an unhealthy atmosphere in the office.
Since L R P As are available to its full strength in Bhubaneswar Division, deputation orders need to be restricted to them only. Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for immediate stoppage of such irregular deputation orders in future.
2.      Attachment of excess hands in Divisional Office while P Os are running short:
It is the most unfortunate matter in Bhubaneswar Division that while post offices are running shortage of hands, the Divisional Office has kept attached as many as four hands in excess to its original sanctioned strength. While the SPMs / Postmasters are being forced to manage even the counter works with shortage of hands, excess PAs irregularly kept attached to Divisional Office are not deputed in emergency cases also which often invites unnecessary arguments in between the ASPOs / SSPOs and the concerned SPM/Postmaster requiring additional hands.
As such, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for immediate return of the P As now attached to Divisional Office to their original establishments and to transfer the O As who have completed over tenure  in toto. Simultaneously, the JCA demands for ordering deputation of the P As attached to Divisional Office in excess of its establishment at the time of emergency.
3.      Misinterpretation of OT A rulings and non-sanction of OTA in favour of officials with GP Rs.4200/-
It has been categorically stated in DG (P) letterNo.10-7/2001-PE-II, dated 02.02.2011 that  no revised pay limit of Rs.2200/- has been fixed nor any such revised ceiling  of pay common to all employees can be uniformly applied for determining eligibility to perform work on OTA. Further , as stated in the said letter, consequent on implementation  of recommendations of 6th CPC, the Govt. has not communicated any decision  on upper pay limit for performing Over Time Allowance. Hence, under the prevalent rulings on OTA, the decision of SSPOs, Bhubaneswar not to sanction OTA to officials with Grade Pay Rs.4200/- is quite illegal and arbitrary and thus unappreciable.
As such, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for immediate sanction of all pending OTA bills in favour of officials with GP Rs.4200/- who have already performed OT duty.
4.      Exploitation to officials with threat of disciplinary action/stoppage of duty pay etc and avoidance to subordinate establishments:
                Several instances have come to the notice of the Divisional JCA that the SSPOs is directly putting illegal pressure on the P As / SPMs / Postmasters with threatening of disciplinary action and stoppage of duty pay to work beyond normal office / working hours, to be relieved on deputation and to achieve the unachievable targets which can be illustrated as follows :
a.       While Sri Mangal Majhi ( now SPM, Odisha Assembly S O )  was officiating as SPM, Baramunda Colony, the SSPOs forced him to deliver a passport after office hours (at about 1900 hours) directly to the husband  of an addressee who had already used vulgar language to the delivery staff of Baramunda Colony S O for not delivering the passport to other than the addressee as per rules.
b.       Another unfortunate incident happened recently on 13.08.2013 with the staff members of Sahidnagar MDG who were forced by the SSPOs personally at about 15.40 hours (though the counter hour is up to 1500 hours) to book a bunch of SPAs tendered by a customer who abused the counter P As including the Postmaster with threatening taking the help of the SSPOs over telephone. While Sahidnagar MDG has the highest MPCM transactions next to Bhubaneswar GPO only because of the committed counter P As to earn revenue for the Department, they need to be protected at the time of need and not be discouraged taking biased views.
c.       Another monopolized activity of the SSPOs came into picture when he ordered stoppage of duty pay of as many as 56 low paid GDS employees arbitrarily during March-2013 because of non-achievement of unachievable targets given to them for procuring RPLI business and opening of S B Accounts.
d.       It is also witnessed that the SSPOs is often issuing instructions to the P As directly over the latter’s personal mobile phone without the knowledge of the concerned head of the office which expresses his autocratic attitude and carelessness towards the subordinate establishments.
e.       We have also experienced the avoidance of the SSPOs to protect his staff members even during the CBI raid on BJB Nagar S O for which Circle Office has also expressed concern.
                All the staff members now feel insecure to work under such administration which has failed to protect the interest of its employees on one hand and exploit with irregular orders and threatening on the other.  As such, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for stoppage of such illogical activities of the Divisional administration forthwith to establish a cordial atmosphere with good employer-employee relationship.
5.      No provision of Police Escort in cash van:
As it is aware, the only cash van is clearing / supplying cash from / to different post offices in huge amount beyond the line limit without police escort. After withdrawal of police forces by the State Govt. authority since 2005, unnecessary high risk has been thrown upon the staff related to cash conveyances. Despite several discussions for years together, no satisfactory progress is being observed till date. The poor postal employees are always working under apprehension of threat /robbery and the administration has remained a silent spectator to such unfortunate practice.
Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand for immediate deployment of  police escorts in cash van of Bhubaneswar GPO.
6.      Irregular identification of posts of P A, Postman and MTS for abolition :
C O letter No. EST/14 – 33 / 05 – 08, dated 28 / 30.01.2013 issued in accordance with the Directorate’s letter No. 25 – 12 / 2008 – PE.I, dated 19.11.2012 has directed for abolition of the following numbers of posts from the establishment of Bhubaneswar Division with immediate effect.
2006 – 2007





PA = 06, Postman = 18 and Group- D = 8
It is known that, SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division has already identified the posts to be abolished and submitted his report to Circle Office basing on wrong calculations. As we have experienced, the periodical establishment review is not being done in real and complete sense in Bhubaneswar Division to ascertain the justification of abolition or creation of posts. Under such circumstances, identifying posts for abolition without any calculation of work hour/staff hour justifications of the parent establishments is certainly whimsical and hypothetical. As known to the JCA, the distance factor of each and every beat has not been properly considered while collecting EST-3. Measuring of beats has been done most unscientifically without using either the cyclo-meters or foot-meters but applying their imaginary calculations. In this regard, though we had requested the SSPOs as per the decision of the Directorate and Circle head  to allow us for a discussion before taking a final decision on abolition, it is too unfortunate to say that neither our letter was acknowledged nor we were invited to have a discussion.
Condemning such attitude of the Divisional administration and registering  strong protest on such arbitrary decision of the SSPOs, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand for submission of revised EST-2 / EST-3 with correct figures and calculations to C O against the posts which have been identified unilaterally for abolition.
7.      Dequarterization of Post Offices below schedule of accommodation:
Bhubaneswar Division has many post offices having attached post quarters below the Schedule of Accommodation and completely in uninhabitable condition. We have been demanding continuously for dequarterization of all such Post offices. Though we have been able to dequarterize some P Os, many are yet to be done. It is quite surprising that the Department is doing monopoly in earning profit out of the pay of the officials since the rent paid to the private house owner is less than the HRA deducted from the concerned SPM/Postmaster of such uninhabitable and dilapidated post attached quarters where the staff members are compelled to stay bearing heavy financial losses which is too illogical and needs to be addressed at any cost. Balianta, Balipatna, Bamanal, Bangurigaon, Bhatpatna, Bhimatangi, Birtung, Brahmakundi, CRP Line, CSHB Colony, Gop, Harchandisahi, Kalpana Square, Lataharan, Mancheswar R C, Nayhat, Nuapalamhat, Samantarapur and VSS Nagar etc.  are such post offices with attached post quarters below the schedule of accommodation and uninhabitable due to zero maintenance either by the house owner or by the Department in spite of repeated requests by the incumbents and unions as well.
Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand for immediate dequarterization of all such post offices.
8.      Provision of A C in Bhubaneswar GPO :
After removal of the defective ACs during Project Arrow since 2008, there is no provision of A C in Bhubaneswar GPO. The doors and windows which were earlier closed to suit the A C provision are still in the same condition as a result of which the staff members as well as the members of public  are suffering a lot with excessive heat. Instances are there when the customers have been seriously affected by the high speed fans moving inside the public place. The saree of a lady customer was twisted inside the fan some days ago which invited an offensive situation to cut the saree from its aanchal. We are sorry to say that this has happened in knowledge of the administration.
Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for  immediate installation of A Cs in Bhubaneswar GPO.
9.      Non-deployment of Arm Guards in BBSRGPO :
 Keeping in view the recent ongoing robberies in broad-day light  from banks and other cash counters in cities on one hand and considering the amount of  per day cash transactions  in Bhubaneswar GPO, we have given a proposal in 2006 to the administration for deployment of arm guards in the campus of and inside Bhubaneswar GPO. Due to our continuous pursuance,   the matter was discussed with the DPS (HQ) by the Circle Union on 16.11.2006 and as replied by the DPS(HQ), the matter would be referred to the Directorate since related to all India.  But since then, we are in dark on the progress of this issue.
Since the security aspect of  Bhubaneswar GPO in is danger, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for arranging immediate deployment of Arm Guards in Bhubaneswar GPO.
10.  Irregular joint custody of cash & valuables in BBSR GPO:
The  joint custody of cash, stamp and other valuables in Bhubaneswar GPO was initially  entrusted to the Sr. Postmaster having attached post quarters. But subsequently the responsibility was shifted to the Deputy Postmaster splitting his duty hours in two shifts. And now, the same has been attached with the duty of the APM (Mail) an  HSG-II post. When the limits of Cash Balance is fixed from minimum 60 (Sixty) Lakhs to maximum 90 ( Ninety ) Lakhs, the administration is deliberately shifting the responsibility downward with a definite intention to pressurize the subordinate operative officials.  
This Divisional JCA strongly opposes such attitude of the administration and demands that the responsibility of joint custody of cash, stamps and other valuables  in Bhubaneswar GPO may be given to the Sr. Postmaster having post attached quarters or to the Dy. Postmaster as before.
11.  Supply of Postman sorting tables and chairs :
In spite of repeated discussions with the SSPOs, the damaged sorting tables are neither repaired nor new sorting tables are supplied to delivery offices. Similarly, the delivery staff are sitting in broken chairs in post offices.
Thus, the JCA demands for immediate supply of Postman Sorting Tables and Chairs to all delivery offices which has already been reported to the administration in several monthly meetings.
12.  Problems of GDS employees :       
The GDS employees of Bhubaneswar Division are suffering always due to no action/delayed action of the Divisional administration to
a.       Fill up all  vacant GDS Posts in Bhubaneswar Division.
b.       Grant/Sanction of Combined Duty Allowance to GDS officials who are ordered to perform as such.
c.       Sanction of Office Maintenance Allowance of Rs.125/- to all BPMs  and where GDSMDs/GDSMCs are working as BPM and the regular incumbent are working against departmental vacancies.
d.       Immediate sanction of admissible TRCA to the substitutes of the GDS working against departmental vacancies.
e.       Timely sanction of paid leaves to all GDS
f.        Stoppage of TRCA in case of failure to achieve the targets assigned to them for RPLI and SB .
Condemning such attitude of the Divisional administration and registering  strong protest on such arbitrary decision of the SSPOs, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand for early solution of all the GDS problems.
13.  Appointment of Full –Time Care-Takers in all Inspection Rooms :
There are 3 Inspection Rooms under Bhubaneswar Division at Ashokanagr MDG with 3 suits, at Sahidnagar MDG with 2 suits and at Konark S O with 2 suits. There are no regular care-taker in any of the 3 IRs and the work is being managed from the contingent sanctioned in favour of the concerned Postmaster / SPM only for 2 hours each. Since the IRs are remained packed often, the services of 3 regular care-takers in each IR is barely required to look after the occupants. While Ashoknagar IR is remained occupied always with trainees of WCTC, C O, Bhubaneswar, Sahidnagar IR and Konark I R  is occupied with families and VIPs of the Department  both from inside and outside Odisha Circle. Due to limited working hours of the care-takers, the concerned Postmasters are always in trouble to treat and serve properly the occupants. Several unpleasant situations have been reported both to Divisional Office and Circle Office regarding complaints from outsiders due to failure in proper treatment for the absence of the care-taker.
As such, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand for immediate appointment of 3 full-time care-takers in each Inspection Room under Bhubaneswar Division.
14.  Issuance of clear order for managing the departmental vacancies:
It is being witnessed that when the daily wage arrangements made against the departmental vacancies of Postman and MTS posts are terminated due to completion of 90 / 180 days, no clear order is issued to the SPMs/Postmasters to manage the vacancies as a result of which the SPMs/Postmasters, only to avoid any dislocation in the delivery works are compelled to  manage the vacancies engaging outsiders on their own risk till further arrangements are made. This may cause future legal complicacies and the poor SPM / Postmaster may be taken in to task by the administration.
Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand for issuance of a clear order to all concerned for managing such short term vacancies
15.  Non-holding of monthly union meetings at regular interval:
In spite of clear instructions from the Directorate and Circle Office, the monthly union meetings in Bhubaneswar Division are not being held regularly. During 2013, only 4 meetings are held so far ( in January , June, July & August )  which is too unfortunate. 
Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for holding of  regular monthly union meetings.
16.  Incorrect / incomplete reply in the minutes of monthly union meetings & non-circulation of important orders to unions:
It is often witnessed that the replies given to the union during discussions in the monthly union meetings are changed in the minutes circulated to the respective unions. Items replied as referred to C O do not bear the Divisional Office letter No. and date for further pursuance by the unions through their Circle Unions. Without issuing any instructions to any concerned, coded replies are being given that “the issue is under examination”, “ASPOs/IP/ Sr. PM has been asked to submit report” etc. Similarly without reminding the concerned authorities, replies are being given that “ASPOs/IP/ Sr. PM has been reminded”, “ D O letter has been issued” etc. Had it been so, the replies might have been given with Divisional Office letter No. and date.
Another  unfortunate fact in Bhubaneswar Division is that important circulars on examination and staff welfare etc. are infrequently circulated to respective unions in spite of several discussions. 
Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for giving correct and complete reply in monthly union meetings and circulate all important circulars to all unions.
17.  Grant of HRA at par with Bhubaneswar to Postal staff working at Balakati, Balianta and Bhatapatna SOs
This very item has been rolling over years and now become an item of agenda bearing No-10-02/2013 in the RJCM Meeting held on 08-02-2013. This item has also been  further discussed in RJCM Meeting held on 19-08-2013. As per the minutes of the RJCM held on 19-08-2013, the dependency certificate from Collector Khurda is required from period from 01-04-2005 till current period for grant of HRA to Postal staff working in Balakati, Balianta & Bhatpatna SO and the case is still pending with SSPOs, Bhubaneswar.
                As such, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for  immediate collection of the said dependency certificate for the required period from Collector, Khurda and submit to  Circle Office for  facilitating early payment of HRA to above staff members of Bhubaneswar Division
18.  Revision of norms for delivering different services assured to the members of public in the Citizen Charter
It is witnessed that the delivery norms of some services guaranteed to the members of public  under Citizen Charter of India Post vary with the norms displayed in the Citizen Charter boards supplied to different post offices in Bhubaneswar Division inviting unnecessary arguments in between the Counter P A and the Customers. Some variations are illustrated below for reference.
Sl. No.
Particulars of Service / Transaction
Service standards fixed under Citizen Charter displayed in India Post Website
Service standards displayed in Citizen Charter boards supplied to POs
Issue of Duplicate Pass Book
7 days
4 days
Booking of articles , Registered, Speed Post, Value Payable, Insured, Money Order, eMO, Premia Collection for PLI/RPLI, sale of forms and bill collection
5 minutes
2 minutes
Opening of Accounts
15 minutes
10 minutes
Issuance of Certificates
15 minutes
7 minutes
Discharge of Certificate
15 minutes
7 minutes
                Thus, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to request the Divisional administration for arranging  immediate correction of all the display boards containing Citizen Charter to maintain a healthy atmosphere in Post Offices.
19.  Supply of good quality MPCM sticker to Post Offices :
The MPCM stickers now supplied to post offices are of substandard nature as a result of which the counter P As are consuming more time than  committed to the members of public under the Citizen Charter to perform a transaction in MPCM. Due to poor quality perforation, a piece of sticker is not being torn easily and causing damage to the side sticker as a result of which two stickers are lost instead of one per MPCM transaction and there by inviting unnecessary loss of stationery / Govt. revenue. The back-gumming is too poor to separate the sticker from the gum paper which consumes more time in disposing a customer. The side holes are too disproportionate to run in the tractor which is also causing unnecessary loss of stickers and affecting the printer also.

Thus , the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the Divisional administration for  asking the supplier to withdraw these poor quality stickers and supply standard quality stickers eliminating the above problems so that prompt and proper service can be ensured to the members of public.
20.  Problems with regard to cent percent delivery of articles:
It is being experienced that the delivery staff of the Post Offices including P As and GDS are facing a lot of troubles in effecting cent percent delivery of articles received in bulk on the very day of their receipt. While this problem was / is continuing with heavy receipt of Aadhar Cards, now despatch of CTS-2010 cheques by banks to their customers has added salt to the injury. Both the administration and the officials know that such articles rushed to the post office in a day is impossible to be cleared on the same day. But nevertheless, the delivery staff are pressurized in this regard in the name of Project Arrow.
                As such, the Divisional JCA unanimously resolved to demand before the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division for issuing suitable guidelines and providing assistance to the grass root level staff so that such articles can be delivered in phased manner without hampering the image of the Department.
 For information of all the members, this is to intimate that a joint memorandum signed by  the Chairman and all the Vice-Chairmen of the JCA has already been submitted to the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division endorsing copies to all the Circle / General Secretaries of the respective Unions and associations including Secretary Generals of NFPE and FNPO to bring suitable solution to the above pending problems by 30.09.2013 failing which the JCA ,in its next meeting will decide to adopt trade union activities for the purpose.

I.            Present Position of some important National Issues :

1.      In spite of strong nation-wide protest by the Confederation affiliates, the Govt. could be able to pass the PFRDA Bill with the support of mail opposition party namely BJP, both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
2.       The JCM Standing Committee meeting was held on 23/08/2013 at 1030 hrs. in the Dak Bhavan under the chairmanship of Member (O) with the following important  developments.  Shri K.V. Sridharan, Leader Staff Side, Shri M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE,    Shri D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO,  Shri Giri Raj Singh, Secretary, Staff Side, Sri  I.S. Dabas, General Secretary, A.I.P.E U, Postmen & Gr. ‘D’ and  Shri T.N. Rahate, General Secretary, NUPE, Postmen & Gr. ‘D’/MTS were present from the Staff Side.
a.       The draft of the Salim Haque committee will be discussed in the first meeting of the Cadre Restructuring Committee.
b.       The issue of system administrators will be considered in the new cadre restructuring committee likely to be constituted  within a week’s time.
c.       Regarding revision of Cash Allowance to the SPMs handling cash in the absence of treasurer, the file is currently with IFW and the matter will be expedited.
d.       The issue regarding conveyance of cash with police escort has been closed. However,  for fixing of line limit – A committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of DDG (CP&PO). 
e.       Fixing  Norms / Time Factors to Postal Stores Depot; Circle Stamp Depot & creation of establishment will be addressed in the IT Modernization Project.
f.        The matter for  allowing PH officials to appear examination like IPO, is under consideration in consultation with Ministry of Social Justice, the nodal Ministry for notification of identification of the post for reservation in Department of Posts for persons with disabilities.  It is pending with that Ministry and the matter is being pursued with them.
g.       Transfer of all HSG I Posts to General line - As per the existing RRs, HSG I recruitment is done from general line (from LSG, HSG II cadre) and through IPO line.  This provision was disallowed by DoPT and the matter has now been referred to DoPT in totality to enable DoP to revise the RRs so that all HSG posts can be transferred to General Line.
h.       Grant of OTA/ Excess Duty Allowance to the SPMs working in single / Double handed Post offices - OTA is not admissible to SPMs.  The matter of introduction of an extra duty allowance to the operative staff of the Department is under examination in consultation with Nodal Ministries.
i.        Implementation of recommendation of the 5th CPC with regard to payment of cash handling allowance to treasurers and Asst. Treasurers in Post offices -  It was decided that the detailed proposal will be sent by the staff side and will be examined by the Establishment Division.  If some relevant points are raised by the staff side and which help to resolve the issue, the same will be included and the proposal will be referred tenth time, to the M/o Finance for consideration.
j.        Allot 19% Group B vacancies for General line and permit all Group C official in Postal, RMS, Admn. and Postal A/Cs with minimum 20 years of service to appear in the exam by dispensing with present reservation of posts to RMS & Admn. Staff -   The staff side was informed that a committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of DDG (R&P) which will meet on 29/08/2013 and the report of the committee will be submitted within a period of 15 days.
k.       Abnormal delay in filling up of vacant LSG, HSG II and HSG-I vacancies due to non-holding of DPCs in many circles - Instructions have been issued from time to time to hold DPC meetings as per the schedule prescribed by the Department of Personnel & Trg (DoP&T).  As regards filling up of the vacancies in HSG.I, a proposal was referred to DoP&T to fill up the vacancies in HSG.I as per the provisions of existing Recruitment Rules till finalization of amendment to the existing Recruitment Rules.  DoP&T has approved the proposal.  Directorate vide letter No. 4-44/2012-SPB.II dated 18/04/2013 has issued instructions to all Circles to fill up the vacancies in HSG.I in PO & RMS Offices as per the provisions of existing Recruitment Rules by convening DPC meetings by 30/04/2013 and issue the promotion orders by 06/05/2013. Subsequently, another letter dated 27/06/2013 from Member (P) has been issued to all Circles with the request to ensure that all the vacancies are filled by convening DPC meetings and through Departmental Examinations. 
l.        Dies non period should also be taken for reckoning of continuous service while granting ACP/MACP to officials -  It was decided that the issue will be examined whether the Dies non should be taken for reckoning of continuous service in such cases. Reply will be sent to the staff side separately, after examining the proposal within the framework of extant rules of the Government of India.
m.     Denial of relaxed standards to GDS in the appointment of Postal Assistants in the revised recruitment rules - The issue involves amendment of Recruitment Rules.  It is being examined and decision will shortly be taken in this regard.
n.       Fixing norms for Postmen work - The norms were formulated after scientific work study by IWSU in 2008.  Since five years have already lapsed, it was decided to conduct another study by Departmental Officials or by a third party to review the postmen norms.  This decision was taken in a meeting held on 02/08/2013 under the chairmanship of Member(P).
o.       Provisioning of 10% LR -  Clear instructions will be issued by Establishment Division to all circles.
p.       Supply of updated Postal Manuals, Volumes and Reference books to all offices - The concerned Divisions have been reminded vide letter No.9-13/94-PF (pt.iv) dated 08/07/2013 for furnishing the material for printing / uploading of Postal Manuals, in the official website.  The action will be completed within a period of three months.
q.       Review of work load in Business Office- It was decided that a report will be called for from the circles about the expenditure incurred and the revenue gained.

J.       Important items discussed with SSPOs in the monthly Union Meeting :
 Most regretfully, this is to intimate that, the monthly union meetings are not being conducted regularly in our Division. After January, 2013, the next meeting was held during June, 2013 and due to our protest, though  the next meeting for July and August , 2013 were conducted, the meeting for September , 2013 is yet to be held. However, the items discussed so far are briefed as follows.

Item No.                                                               Particulars  

No.01-08/2013:                              Grant of HRA at par with Bhubaneswar to Postal staff working at Balakati, Balianta and Bhatapatna SOs
No.02-08/2013:                              Grant of one increment to all officials on 01.07.2006 whose increment falls in between February to June:
No.03-08/2013:                              Irregular correction of computer generated date of acceptance of a PLI policy on Acceptance Letter and Policy Bond
No.04-08/2013:                              Timely supply of computer consumables and office stationeries to post offices:
No.05-08/2013:                              Protection to innocent staff members while misbehaved and abused by the members of public:

No.01-07/2013:                              Problems with regard to cent percent delivery of articles:
No.02-07/2013:                              Error in performance of Speed Post articles in Speed net
No.03-07/2013:                              Problems of Inspection Rooms :
No.04-07/2013:                              Repairing of disfigured / odd-looking Project Arrow Standees :
No.05-07/2013:                              Problems of Kakatpur S O :
No.06-07/2013:                              Problems of Kharvelnagar SO :
No.07-07/2013:                              Non-supply / Irregular supply of required forms to SOs / MDGs:

No.01-06/2013:                              Supply of good quality MPCM sticker to Post Offices :
No.02-06/2013:                              Registration of nominations in respect of POSB Schemes at Mukhya Dak Ghars
No.03-06/2013:                              Problems in acceptance of 2nd and Subsequent premia before acceptance of the policy
No.04-06/2013:                              Revision of norms for delivering different services assured to the members of public in the Citizen Charter

K.    Letter to SSPOs / Circle Union / CHQ / NFPE on important issues

i.             Extension of last date for submission of applications for CGHS Card :
SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division letter No. No.B.17-6/2005/Ch III, dated 16.07.2013 issued in pursuance to C O letter No. WL/15-CGHS/2013  Dated 16.07.2013 had fixed the last date to 19.07.2013 for submission of applications complete in all respect  which was protested by us. On interference of the Circle Union, this was clarified to be as a continuous process.

i.    Problems in accepting Aadhar Card as Address Proof for opening of accounts under POSB Schemes and suggestion for modification of S B Order No. 14 / 2012 :        
      On interference of our CHQ, the Directorate in its letter F . No. 109-04/2007-SB, dated 20.08.2013 addressed to the General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, New Delhi has now clarified that if address on the Aadhar Card is found incomplete that can be rejected  by the postal staff as Address Proof. In bringing this problem, our contention was to accept any proof bearing the current address which may not be available in the Aadhar Card in most of the cases. However, though the above clarification will give some benefit to the Counter P A in taking a decision before opening the account, we are sorry to note that copy of the same has not been circulated to any concerned. Anyhow, we sincerely record our thanks before our CHQ for taking up the case and obtaining a reply from the Directorate.

ii.    Organizing RPLI Mela on working days :
While Circle Office vide its letter No.  LI/Misc-2/09-10 Ch. IV , dated 23.07.2013 instructed all SPOs/SSPOs  of head quarters region and two other regional heads to organize one RPLI Mela on 17th August 2013 (Saturday) with participation of all sales forces i.e. Direct Agents, Field Officers, Development Officers, Departmental Employees  and GDS who have been given code Nos. , Bhubaneswar Division decided to  organize  two RPLI Melas i.e. one at Nimapara on 18th August, 2013 (Sunday )and another at Pipli on 25th August, 2013 ( Sunday) which was not only a deviation to the Circle Office instructions but a deviation to the instructions  issued by the Secretary ( Posts ) time and again not to organize frequent Melas / Meetings on Sundays and Holidays. On interference of our Circle Union, the proposed Mela was organized only on 17.08.2013.  

iii.   No AMC of computers & peripherals in Head Quarters Region and of UPS for entire circle :

 In the absence of AMC, now all Divisional heads in Odisha Circle have been directed by C O vide its letter No. TO/8-6/2010/Ch.I, dated 25.07.2013 to undertake repairing work of computers & peripherals on call basis preferably through the suppliers / authorized service providers paying from the allotment given to the respective divisions which is not being possible. On our protest, now Circle Union has taken the issue for discussion in the next four-monthly meeting with Chief PMG, Odisha Circle.

iv.   Monitoring timely attendance of staff of delivery branch :

Directorate letter No.20-53/2010-D, dated 10.07.2013 circulated vide C O letter No.ML/2-106/2012, dated 19.07.2013 all the Divisions in Odisha Circle have been instructed to adopt the system of calling for attendance sheet of delivery staff of post offices as devised by Punjab Circle. Accordingly, SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division vide his letter No. L/G-Misc/2009-10, dated 25.07.2013 has instructed the Postmasters / SPMs of 14 delivery offices including Bhubaneswar GPO ( out of 46 delivery post offices in the Division ) to scan the attendance  sheet and send the same to Divisional Office through eMail after 10 minutes  of the due reporting time  of duty of delivery staff daily without any deviation. Protesting the step motherly attitude towards the delivery staff only since this mechanism has not been framed for all other offices, we have strongly protested and CHQ has assured us to take up the issue.

L.     Our Divisional Website :

Launched in October, 2010, our website with more than 5000 postings has now nearly 673000 viewers within a period of three years.  Now we have more than 1000 page views daily. You might have noticed that I’m devoting at least 2 to 3 hours daily to update our website. My labour will only be fruitful if you go through the postings  made regularly . On this occasion, I would like to sincerely appeal all our members to visit our website  at least twice daily  which will not only inform them on day to day departmental developments and rulings but educate them a lot in various other fields.  I expect everyone will contribute his / her valuable suggestion(s) in the comment box.

M.  M.      Appeal for Bhartiya Post and other publications by CHQ:

I would like to appeal all our members to subscribe to “Bhartiya Post” our CHQ monthly journal and “Postal Crusader”, our NFPE monthly journal which will cost them only Rs.120/- and Rs.60/- respectively  per annum. Hope each member will remit Rs.120/- to the General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151 / 1, New Patel Road, New Delhi – 110008 and Rs.60/- to the Secretary General, NFPE, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001 separately with clear address and message for Annual Subscription. The 29th AIC has released “Venture” which is a complete reference book on service matters and is a life-time companion of all postal comrades. Being a book of 784 pages, it only costs Rs.350/-. I would like to suggest all my members to  immediately order for one copy each
Further, I would like to request all my members to intimate their e mail Id sending a text mail to our union’s e mail Id i.e. so that they can get instant message from the Divisional Secretary. Instead of sending hard copies to the union, they are requested to intimate their problems, comments, suggestions etc. always through email to which will also facilitate the Divisional Secretary for giving an immediate reply.
Get Ready for Indefinite Strike
Make the Strike Ballot a grand success
Dear Comrades,
As you know, we have already conducted two strikes nation-wide during the recent past – one day strike on 12th December, 2012 called by the confederation with 15 point charter of demands ( same as now proposed for the forthcoming Indefinite Strike and reproduced below)  and two days strike on 20th and 21st February, 2013 called by the 11 central trade unions and endorsed by the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers and Central JCA comprising NFPE, FNPO, AIPEU GDS ( NFPE) and NUGDS with 10 common demands and 15 sectional demands  (same as now proposed for the forthcoming Indefinite Strike ) but without any satisfactory result.
But this time the structure of the  proposed Indefinite strike is something different since the Confederation is going alog with All India Railway men Federation and Defence Employees Federation.              
As a final step before embarking upon a nation wide indefinite strike, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers has decided to conduct strike ballot on 25th, 26th  & and  27th September, 2013 . As instructed vide Confederation Circular No. 3, 4 and 5, all affiliated organisations and C.O.Cs will  take initiative to make the programme cent percent success.  Sample Bllot paper and Appeal along with 15 point charter of demands are enclosed here with for your reference.
Accordingly, we have decided to open  Polling Booths on 25th , 26th  and 27th  in the premises of  Bhubaneswar GPO, Sahidnagar MDG , Nimapara MDG and Pipli Grade – I Post Office and  ballot boxes  will  be placed in the booths.  All staff members are sincerely  requested to cast their votes  in the ballot paper by marking “YES” or “NO”.  While the staff members of all town SOs/MDGs are requested to cast their votes in the premises of Bhubaneswar GPO and Sahidnagar MDG, the staff members of rural SOs/MDGs are requested to do the same at Pipli Grade – PO or at Nimpara MDG according to their convenience. It is secret ballot and hence name of the employee shall not be written in the ballot paper.  On completion of the voting, the boxes will be opened and votes will be counted by the office bearers of this Divisional Union.  Total number of employees voted, number of votes in favour of indefinite strike (YES), Number of votes against indefinite strike (NO), Invalid votes etc. will  be intimated to the Confederation CHQ through C.O.Cs.
Sample Ballot Paper

I agree with the proposal for the Indefinite strike action

Appeal for the proposed Indefinite Strike

Comrades ! your sincere cooperation and constructive suggestions can only help the union to conduct all programmes successfully. We have often received complaints  against our CHQ/NFPE/Confederation for taking unilateral  decisions. We are still reminding non-payment of pay for  14 days strike period in December, 2000. But now situation is different. Confederation wants to know your consent / dissent for  conducting an indefinite strike programme to achieve our long pending genuine demands and you are free to opine. On behalf of the Confederation and NFPE, I would like to sincerely appeal all to caste their votes and make the strike ballot a grand success.
As you sow, so you reap  since a good beginning makes a good ending. So, hurry up now.

15 Point Charter of Demands.

1.      Revise of wages of Central Government Employees including Gramin Dak Sewaks  with effect from. 01.01.2011 and every five years there after by setting up the 7th CPC.
2.      Merge of DA with pay for all purposes with effect from 01.01.2011 including Gramin Dak Sewaks .
3.       Remove restriction imposed  on Compassionate appointments and discrimination on such appointments between the Railway Workers and other Central Govt. Employees.
4.      (a).  Departmentalize all Gramin Dak Sewaks and grant them all benefits of regular employees; End Bonus discrimination and enhance Bonus ceiling to Rs.3500/-; Withdraw open market recruitment in Postman / MTS cadre ; Revise cash handling norms; Grant full protection of TRCA; Grant Full Time Bound Promotion and Medical Reimbursement facilities etc.
(b). Regularize the daily-rated , contingent , casual workers and introduce a permanent scheme for periodical organization . Pending regularization, provide them with pro-rata salary at 6th CPC rates.
5.    (a).  Revive functioning of the JCM, Convene the meeting of the Departmental Councils in all Ministries / Departments . Settle all the  anomalies raised in the National Anomaly Committee as also in the Departmental Anomaly Committees. Hold National Council Meetings as specified in the JCM constitution.
        (b). Remove the anomalies in the MACP Scheme
        ©.  Grant recognition to all Associations/Federations which have complied with the formalities and conditions stipulated in the CCS(RSA) Rules.
6.    Fill up all vacant posts and create posts on functional requirements.
7.    Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorization, corporatization and privatization of Government functions.
8.    (a).  Stop the proposal to introduce  the productivity linked wage system;
        (b). Discard the performance related pay structure;
        ©.  Introduce PLB in all Departments;
        (d). Remove the ceiling on emoluments for bonus computation.
9.    Revise the OTA, Night Duty Allowance and clothing rates.
10. Implement all arbitration awards.
11. Grant Five promotions to all employees as is provided for in case of Group  ‘A’ services
12. (a).  Withdraw PFRDA Bill;
        (b). Rescind the decision to allow FDI in pension sector;
        ©.  Scrap the new Contributory Pension Scheme
(d). Extend the existing Statutory Defined Pension Scheme to all Central Government Employees irrespective of their dates of entry in Govt. services.      
 13. Stop price rise, strengthen Public Distribution System
14. Vacate all trade union victimizations. Ensure trade union democratic rights.
15. Ensure right to strike as legal right by enacting law.

                Inquilab, Zindabad.
With Strong Revolutionary  Greetings.
Comradely yours,
( Bruhaspati Samal )
Divisional Secretary
The 17th September, 2013

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