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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

UN derecognizes staff unions, refuses to negotiate

In partnership with the UN staff unions, representing 65,000 UN staff working around the world, many in dangerous and hostile locations.

On 11 July, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon derecognized the staff unions representing the organization's 65,000 staff, many working in dangerous locations and war zones. He now refuses to negotiate and instead offers only to "consult" on safety and security, welfare and conditions of service. This comes against a background of 555 staff attacked and 200 killed in the last ten years and in an organization supposed to uphold international human rights and labour rights conventions. If the UN stops applying these to its own staff, why should governments bother to uphold worker rights? The UN's staff unions are campaigning for Ban Ki-moon to reverse his decision by the end of the year.
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Now people from around the world start writing to the SG, UNO as follows:

Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
As a citizen of a UN member country I am disappointed that the UN, which is supposed to respect and uphold fundamental human and labour rights chooses to deny these same rights to its own workers. This sets a bad example to governments and private firms. Good relations between staff and management based on the same collective bargaining rights that you ask countries to put in place will strengthen the UN, your leadership and your legacy. I urge you to reinstate negotiation rights to the UN's staff unions.
Hope everybody will rise to the occasion. 

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