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Friday, September 20, 2013

How to survive boring office meetings

This has become a routine of sort in office. Though nothing comes out of it actually, it's impossible to skip the daily meetings in office.

Sometimes people call meetings for the heck of it. Do you keep wondering how to survive those endless boring meetings at work? Here are a few options.

Just shut up: If you do not want to be a part of stupid conversations, then you might as well keep your lips sealed! Try giving a suggestions and there will be counter suggestions and reactions which means you will be actively involved in the meeting. I am sure there are times when you regretted having said something for the heck of it. Don't speak unless it really makes sense or you have something valuable to contribute.

Give it a miss: If you are really not up to it and think you are going to be spoilsport or end up dozing off, it's better to skip the meetingaltogether. This way even your boss will be relieved that you spared her the horror of seeing you yawn and fall asleep, while being a bad influence on others.

Get creative: See it as a change from work. You could do a lot more than just sit there thinking about nothing. This is your time to observe people, come up with ideas when people give silly suggestions. You can perhaps guess the brand of the outfit worn by people around. You could even let your imagination run wild and come up with what hair colour suits best on whom. Or perhaps what accessory can be paired up with their attire.

How tweet: Well, that is if the meeting's in a conference room and you are not seated in a place that will majorly distract the speaker. You can tweet all the silly things said in the meeting. But mind you, it should be in jest and good light. Don't overdo it or get into attack mode, it might cost you your job.

Word game: If you are looking at a constructive way to spend time, then play a word game along with your friend. This could enrich your word power. You could start off with guess the word on a clue.

Crossword/Sudoku: Instead of letting your brain go dead because of the boredom. Keep it active through some brain stimulating activities — play a suoku, solve a puzzle. This is the best way to kill time as you will never know how time flies when your brain's busy.

Unleash the artist in you: You can begin with a sketch of the speaker. Perhaps you will discover an alternate career option for yourself!

Read jokes: This is the time to read all those forwards that have been occupying huge chunks of space in your mailbox. If your phone isn't connected to the internet, then you can as well read and forward SMSes that were good, but you didn't have time to share.

The points mentioned above are on a lighter note. With experience am sure people come up with their own ways to beat boredom during office meetings.

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