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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AIAIASP, Odisha Circle branch and AIPEU, Group-C, BBSR Divn. discussed with the Addl. Director, CGHS, Bhubaneswar

Dear Comrades,
You might be aware that we had already written a letter on 12.11.2013 ( already published in this website) to the Addl. Director, CGHS, Bhubaneswar regarding the substandard service rendered by CGHS Dispensary, Bhubaneswar to the beneficiaries of erstwhile Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar now merged with CGHS  with effect from 01.08.2013   Accordingly, Dr, M M Dash, Addl. Director, CGHS, Bhubaneswar invited us for discussion in his chamber on 25.11.2013. A team comprising of Sri Pitabasa Jena, Circle Secretary, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle, B Samal, Gadadhar Rath and  Saroj Ku. Patra, Secretary, Asst. Secretary  and W C member of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar met Dr. Dash in his chamber  at 4 PM on 25.11.2013.Though four members from the Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association, Bhubaneswar were with us, the Addl. Director did not allow them and told to discuss separately with the pensioners.

The gist of discussion with us is as follows.

1.    The Addl. Director stated that the erstwhile Postal dispensary has been ordered for merger only with one doctor and one pharmacist only which is not enough to provide adequate service to the beneficiaries. Unless the staff position is increased he cannot enforce the existing staff even for timely attendance.

2.    Regarding regular and timely supply of medicine, the Addl. Director informed that they have no regular / approved supplier since their e-tendering process for the purpose  is yet to be completed. They are allowing the supplier of the erstwhile Postal Dispensary to supply medicines since there is no alternative. The problem will be solved on completion of the tender process and approval of a new supplier.

3.    Regarding staff position, the Addl. Director told that he has already written to all the competent authorities to permit him for recruitment of the required staff under intimation to our Chief Postmaster General also.

4.    Regarding attitude and behavior of the Medical Officer, the addl. Director expressed his helplessness for doing anything since the M O herself is a JTS officer who knows everything regarding punctuality and behaviour. He suggested to wait till improvement of staff position.

5.    Regarding notice of hours of business, the Addl. Director told that the required board is under preparation and will be supplied soon. Till then, the Medical Officer has been told to paste on the wall  a computer generated copy of the hours of business.

6.    The Addl. Director also refused to give any written reply to our letter or communicate us anything regarding the above discussion.

The discussion continued for 45 minutes ended without any result. We found the Addl. Director not caring for our problems. We were surprised to witness the helplessness of the Addl. Director even to ensure regular attendance of the staff including the Medical Officer. As ascertained from the Pensioners’ Association, the discussion also remained same with them.

Now Comrades, please decide  what to do next and write your suggestion(s) in the comment box which will help us to take the next step.


  1. I feel it very bad that the Addl. Director ,CGHS, Bhubaneswar expressed his helplessness and in activeness to take any positive step to improve better service within the available resources. He has repeatedly expressed that he is afraid of visiting wellness Center III which is providing very poor service to the existing staff and pensioners of Postal and Telecom Department. Every authority like Indian Rail, Banks , State Govt offices and other central Govt. offices used to deals pensioners on top priority basis as they are Senior Citizens but CGHS authority does not care to pensioners health problem even. From the discussion it is cleared that patient may die without proper treatment but the Addl. Director can not do any thing. Then why this 3rd wellness centre ? Will it function for the benefit of few or for all. We must be united and highlight the issue through peoples representative and print/electronic media to bring it to the notice of Health / Communication minister to solve our problem .
    Gadadhar Rath.

  2. Does this Addl Director know that he will also retire one day. It is unfortunate that an officer of his status expresses his inability to tame his own ill tempered ill mannered junior officer. It is immoral on his part to receive salary from the public money.

  3. Sir,
    The posture of the Hon'ble Adl Director, CGHS BBSR speaks a lot and self explanatory. The Open palm facing sky indicates his helplessness. It also implies that, my palms are it cant be tightened / gripped over any thing . The unity of medical pro's is amazing and so the Patients in India are most tolerant. However never loose heart. There are several options before us. But let's choose the right one to approach the Director before we opt for harder one. Remember unity is strength.

  4. Let's approach CPMG and CGMT. Request them to stop CGHS contribution being deducted from salary or let us tender our dissatisfaction and caution our Secry(Posts) India that, majority of employees do not want CGHS with such poor facilities and may go on indefinite strike.