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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Modified eMO software by CEPT to suit International Money Remittances

Top Priority 
                                                                  (to be implemented today)
S.C. Barmma
Deputy Director General (IR/GB)
Tel: 011-223096090, 23036962
D.O. No. 41-6/2013-CF
                                                                    Dated  26.11.2013

          All Postmasters / System Administrators /  All Postal Officers & Operative Staff
         Handling IT and Money Remittance Services.

         India Post has entered into agreement with various countries across the globe for international money remittances.  Accordingly, international remittances from France, UAE, Ukraine, Laos, Cambodia and Mauritius will be paid through Post Offices.  In future the facility is being extended to many more countries.

        In order to pay these remittances, eMO software has been modified by the CEPT.  The modified software is kept at the following URL:-


I.         Earlier the eMO operator has to key in  following  input fields: 

                IFS MO No,   Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name of both Sender & Beneficiary

II.        Now in the modified software the eMO operator has to key in only the 9 digit IFS MO   input field in the eMO Client. This new system is exactly like the one of Western Union.

III.     The eMO operator is required to download & update it. The Readme is also available.

IV.     In case of any mismatch of name of Beneficiary as appearing in the system and in the id proof produced by the Beneficiary, the eMO operator is required to enter the name as appears in the id proof in the text box so that the IFS MO goes back to the origin country for correction and retransmission to India Post network.

V.     All the Postmasters and System Administrators are further requested to please install the IFS system on more than one workstation in each 17,500 post offices so there is a solution if one of the machines fails.

VI.    In case of any clarification, please call 0821-2441010 or email :

VII.  Please intimate about the status of training imparted to other staff of your Circle.

        With regards,
Yours sincerely,

(S.C. Barmma)

S C Barmma
Deputy Director General
International Relations and Global Business
#409, Dak Bhawan
Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001
Tel No. 011-23096090

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