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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DoP's first ATM Transaction inaugurated at Bangalore

Photo News
1.       The first screen before transaction
 2.       Once you enters the PIN, this is the next screen asking for the type of service
 3.       Once you click cash withdrawal , below screen appears
 4.       After entering the amount, the below screen appears
 5.       Once you confirms the amount, the next screen shows whether you need receipt or not. (below) 
 6.       Once you press Yes or No, the below states screen appears
 7.       After processing the ATM will dispense  the cash…..(dummy cash coming out)
 8.       Finally the transaction is successful…
 9.       The  exact dummy cash came out of ATM is shown below (INR 2700)
 10.   Withdrawal receipt shown below
 11.   Camera catches the pictures while transacting with ATM machine (shown below)

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