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Friday, June 19, 2015

Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers, Odisha State CoC met on 18.06.2015

           A meeting of the Odisha State Coordination Committee of the Central Govt. Employees and Workers was held on 18.06.2015 at CPWD Guest House, Bhubaneswar under the president-ship of Com. M M Samal. At the outset, Com. R N Dhal confirmed the proceedings of the last meeting and the following issues were discussed. 

Formation of State level JCA of all Central Govt. employees: 

The meeting was attended by Com. Ch. Gandhi, Com. Nirakar Satpathy, Com. Pitabasa Nayak and Com. A K Patra, President, General Secretary and Asst. General Secretaries respectively of  East Coast Railway Sramik Union (AIRF) who inform that Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secretary, National Council, JCM (Staff Side), Convenor National JCA and General Secretary, AIRF is attending a meeting at 2 P M on 21.06.2015 in Mancheswar Rly. Workshop Institute, Bhubaneswar to form a State level JCA of all Central Govt. employees in Odisha for which the cooperation of Odisha State CoC is required. They invited all the participating leader to attend the meeting and Com. R N Dhal, general Secretary, Odisha State CoC appealed everybody in the meeting to remain present in the said meeting and extend all sorts of cooperation for successful formation of the Sate level JCA. 

In addition, the following important issues were discussed. 

1.     Odisha State CoC fully endorsed the call of the Central Trade Unions to go on one day strike on 02.09.2015 and requested the participating organizations to mobilize rank and file for the purpose.

2.     The meeting fully endorsed the call of the National JCA comprising Confederation, Railway and Defence Federations to go on Indefinite Strike commencing 23.11.2015 for all common issues of Central Govt. employees which was declared on 28.04.2015 during the historic march to Parliament. 

The following leaders from various organizations participated in the meeting. 

From National Federation of Postal Employees(NFPE): 

1.     Com. Bruhaspati Samal, Vice-President, P –III, Odisha Circle

2.     Com. Dusmanta Sethi, Circle Secretary, R – III, Odisha

3.     Com. A K Mohanty, Circle Secretary, R – IV, Odisha

4.     Com. S K Swain, Divisional Secretary, P-IV, Bhubaneswar &

5.     Com. P K Samantara, from P-IV, Bhubaneswar 

From Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) 

6.     Com. P C Nayak

7.     Com. S Nayak 

From CIFA  

8.     Com. Debendranath Mallick, G S

9.     Com. Bimbadhar Sahoo 

From Geological Survey of India 

10.  Com. Iswar Ch. Sahoo, GS

11.  Com. S K Mallick


12.  Com. Kishore Ch. Sahoo from Director of Text Book Press & Printing

13.  Com. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Institute of Physics

14.  Com. Jogesh Ch. Nayak, SG, All India Central Govt. Canteen Employees Association

15.  Com. Parsuram Rout from Survey of India

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