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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Postal Department to Capture Chennai Metro Rail Opening With Special Cover

Charles Lobo addressing media in Chennai | d sampath kumar
CHENNAI:  A love-hate relationship of Chennaites with Metro Rail has not left untouched the Postal Department, which appears to be well aware of the project getting into the imagination of the city’s denizens.

So much so that the inauguration of Metro Rail, expected shortly, is likely to be accompanied by a special cover from the Department.

Speaking to Express, newly-appointed Chief Postmaster General for Tamil Nadu Circle, Charles Lobo, said a special cover would certainly be released to mark the occasion.

“We know how important it is. The special cover will be a limited edition one and made a collector’s item of high value. We are to consult with the State government and Metro Rail authorities on how best to release it,” he said.“We are thinking of several ways of releasing it like issuing to all the commuters on the first Metro Rail ride. The cover will be date stamped at the beginning of the journey and cancelled at the end. This will make them unique and a true collector’s item,” he added.

The Department of Posts in Tamil Nadu is also looking at releasing two other special covers this financial year — one on Mylapore Luz Church and the other on SanThome Basilica. The Luz church cover will mark the 500th anniversary of the Church, built by the Portuguese in 1516. Named the Nossa Senhora da Luz initially, it is now called the Church of Our Lady of Light.

On other business, Lobo said the Department would consider expanding its services in other sectors too, like e-commerce and travel bookings.

A recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading travel operator SRM Travels would see the Department sell tickets for the same across several e-Post office centres. “As many as 2,500 officers have been selected for this purpose and will handle it, apart from their other duties,” Lobo added.

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