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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dakbaksho, a psychological thriller for Bengali screen

In the age of instant and unbridled communication, Dakbaksho throws light on the inner self. The letter box in this psychological thriller is just a metaphor. The film shows a complete breakdown of self-communication and what it entails.

Scripted and directed by Prosenjit Choudhury,
Dakbaksho revolves around an abandoned letter box. As it overflows with letters without addresses all of a sudden, there's whiff of a conspiracy -a sinister one.In another parallel track, famous docu maker Srija is shown withdrawing into a shell. Her last film was on political murder and no one knows what led her to give up a booming career. Around this time Abhra, a photographer, enters her life and the plot thickens."All of us have several identities; say a man is a son, a father, a husband, a friend. My film is about the breakdown of communication between these identities," says Prosenjit.About casting rank newcomers in his movie, the director explains, "We went through a workshop for six months. The project took two-and-a-half years in total. No known actor could have given us so much time. Despite being an independent film, it's no mean feat that we are releasing the film in 21 screens."

 Two songs from the film -Kolkatar gaan sung by Rupankar and Kaakeder gaan rendered by Mou and Abhik -have already garnered thousands of hits on YouTube and that is something to be proud of, says Prosenjit, who is also the film's composer. "The movie is high on content. Hope the audience appreciates the effort," he adds.

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