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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Divisional Union writes to SSPOs, Bhubaneswar on CBS Finacle issues and other problems

AIPEU,Gr.-C Bhubaneswar, Odisha

No. UN/BN–AIPEU/Gr.-C/01-06/2015
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 18th June, 2015
The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009 

Sub:- Resolutions adopted in the Divisional Working Committee Meeting dated 14.06.2015.

            It is needless to mention that due to hasty migration of post offices to CBS platform without required hardware, technical and manpower support, the staff members are suffering like anything. The fixed duty hour of the employees has now been a question. The staff  members working in CBS Post Offices as well as the SPMs in single / double-handed delivery post offices are the worst sufferers. With acute shortage of staff and increased working hours, additional pressure due unachievable targets for POSB, PLI / RPLI and business products, frequent system problems due to insufficient bandwidth, improper software, inadequate professionals and outdated accessories, compulsion of cent percent delivery in the absence of adequate delivery staff and support system, introduction of new products and services without proper education and training to the employees and such other problems arising out of computerization and modernization, the sufferings of the staff members beggar description.

           While the staff members are quite confident and efficient to render effective service delivery, they are being misbehaved either by the customers or charged by the administration for no fault of their own. Though many of such problems have already been discussed in the monthly union meetings, we have not yet witnessed any remarkable progress till date. This union in its Working Committee Meeting dated 14.06.2015 has taken a serious note of it.

           A copy of the resolutions adopted unanimously in the Divisional Working Committee Meeting of this union on 14.06.2015 on the above issues is enclosed here with for kind information and necessary action.

           We would like to request the SSPOs to kindly go through the problems and arrange for immediate solution in a time bound manner.

With regards.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C 

Copy through eMail for kind information and necessary action at appropriate level to :

1.      The Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch, PSD, Bhubaneswar – 751 007

2.      The General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, New Delhi – 110 008

3.      The Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi – 110 001 

Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C
Resolutions adopted in the Divisional Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division dated 14.06.2015
A.   Finacle C BS Problems  
1.     Standard Account Opening Form to suit the software :  
Though CBS has started since 2013, the AOF (Account Opening Form) has been revised many times causing inconvenience to the CBS post offices. Contradictorily, no change has been made in the FINACLE software in accordance with the changing AOFs. ( i.e if a column is added/subtracted in physical Account Opening Form, simultaneously necessary changes must be made at Finacle software at account opening menu option columns)
            A standardize AOF should brought to force instead of changing time to time and an exact replica  AOF should at Finacle software at account opening menu options columns. 
2.     To view exact amount during Trial Closure :  
In case of closure by S Os having no power to issue instant cheque, it has to indent cheque from its HO in Account. But the office has to know the exact closure amount to place the indent. Finacle does not show the exact amount on the day of presentation of any account to be closed under trial closure, especially in case of PMI and MIS bonus.
There should a provision in the Finacle software for the purpose. 
3.     Signature uploading problems :  
There is no provision to view the signature specifically by the Supervisor under HTM Screen during payment of interest in MIS, TD and SCSS Accounts creating confusion for effecting payment. The Finacle software should be upgraded for to address the deficiency.
While doing closer or withdrawal transactions, the Finacle software does not support to verify the signatures with Error Message, “Application blocked by security setting”, If we click ‘OK’ to continue, then another message is coming “Do you want to allow this webpage to access your clipboard”.  After clicking ‘Allow Access’ uploaded signatures are not viewed with error and clicking to view error details a message is seen as follows: “Your security setting have blocked an application from running with the resume or expired jre”. The process continued for more than a week.Later, in cooperation with the SAs, the signatures which could be viewed now are blurred ( case of Bhoinagar SO and Ashoknagar MDG) . In many schemes, especially under MDE ( case of Utak University MDG), the signatures are not being viewed.
Thus, the counter P As and supervisors are confused to take a decision on withdrawal/closure without signature. There is every chance of forged payment without valid signature verification. While the work of certificates are being managed referring the Guard Files, the same for other S B Schemes is being found difficult for change of CIF.
Immediate action is requested to resolve the issue.
4.     Provision for modification/rectification after migration :
If any Account / Certificate has been inadvertently left or wrong entry has been made during Pre-migration, the same is not available for rectification in Finacle software. There should be provision in the Finacle Software for fresh migration of the left out entries or modification of the wrong entries. Or else, a definite procedure should be circulated to all concerned, especially to the CPCs/DMCCs for necessary guidance in connection with the left out/wrong entries.
5.     Provision of CRESET Menu across SOLs:
Presently the CRESET menu is available to a particular SOL to SAC the particular SOL user. For example, the SA attached to Bhubaneswar GPO having SOL ID 75100100 cannot SAC the locked / disabled users of Ashoknagar MDG having SOL ID 75100901 though it is coming under Bhubaneswar Division/GPO at the time of exigencies. The concerned operator/Supervisor of a Post Office with working hours from 9 AM to 5 PM has to wait till opening of CPC having working hours from 10 AM for CRESET. So the CRESET  Menu available with SAs attached to DO/H Os should be extended  across SOLs so that the S As attached to D Os/H Os can SAC the users under their respective jurisdiction without receiving the error message “ You cannot SAC the users of other SOLs”
6.     Provision for printing R D default fine : 
At present while printing the RD passbook the default fine collected from customer not getting printed in the Pass Book. Customers are raising the issue at counter for the same.
There should be provision to print the default fine collected against the defaulted month.
7.     Provision of NSP-1 and NSP-2 from separate service provider :
Some CBS offices  have been provided NSP-1(BSNL) and NSP-2 (SIFY) in the same channel i.e only in BSNL. When the BSNL gets down, the NSP-2 provided in the same channel gets down causing dislocation in the work. Whereas the NSP-2 provided by SIFY should recover the link immediately at the same time when NSP-1 gets down for continuation of counter works.
At present the SIFY has nothing to do in this area only collecting money from the Department and nothing else.
Provision may be made to give NSP-2 from another service provider for continuation in the link.  
8.     Provision for credit of MPKBY Agent commission after verification:
In case of RD schedule of Agents, while posting at counter by counter P A, immediately the commission gets credited into the linked SB account of the MPKBY Agent before the verification by Supervisor.
Provision may be made not to credit the agent commission before verification by supervisor to avoid any kind of error at the counter. 
9.     Insufficient bandwidth and slow network connectivity issues
i.                 Present bandwidth speed is very less and due to low bandwidth, Finacle page is either not opening or sometime opening very slowly. Due to this,  PO staff are forced to work up to 10 PM on many days without any benefit. In many occasions in every CBS migrated office, the 'Login' is inconsistent and for each transaction "Login" is forced.
ii.                During slowness of the, many fake accounts get generated automatically by the system which creates an unfortunate situation at Post Offices. (in case of NSC/KVP). The problems requires permanent solution.
iii.               The MoU made with M/s Sify, for net work integration is limiting to low bandwidth such as 128 Kbps to 512 Kbps in many areas, serving with 1 server and 4 to5 nodes, resulting in sluggish connectivity and takes hours together to transform the data. This results in hang over and the transactions could not be made instantly  as the Department expects. 
iv.              End of day process cannot be made even on daily basis and the staff have to wait for the nod from the Infosys even after midnights on several days and at times it can be made on the next day morning. Even the women employees are compelled to complete the EOD process in midnights and their husbands or wards are waiting till midnights to take them to home.
v.                At present Bandwidth from BSNL MPLS Cloud to Central Server is 600MBPS.  When this channel gets jammed, the network slowness happens. The Bandwidth of HOs/SOs has effect from office to BSNL MPLS Centre.Thus, the Bandwidth from BSNL MPLS Cloud to Central Server is required to be enhanced at least to 3000MBPS in addition to enhancement of Bandwidth of HOs/SOs.  Otherwise enhancement of Bandwidth of HOs/SOs has a little effect. Moreover, the situation may be worsened when more SOLs will be added.
vi.              If CSI and PLI are migrated and placed on this network the situation may further worsen.
Thus, this union unanimously resolves and demands to provide at least 4 MB bandwidth line to HOs, 2 MB bandwidth line to HSG-I/HSG-II/LSG SOs and 1 MB bandwidth line to B and C class offices. 
10. Suitable compensation / off to officials detained till late hours in the night due to slow connectivity. 
It has been a regular phenomenon to work beyond the normal working hours till late hours in the night to finish the daily work only due to slow connectivity issues. Instances are there when officials are being advised to leave the office without executing EoD and attend office next day early in the morning for completion of previous day’s work including EoD. Thus, the officials are forced to work for extended hours. But unfortunately, neither any financial benefit nor suitable off is being offered to them as a matter of compensation.
Thus, this union unanimously resolves and demands for granting admissible financial benefit or suitable off to such officials detained regularly for on fault of their own. 
11.  Early uploading of AOF / Signature/ Photos: 
Many account opening forms are pending with offices and also at CPC. No action has yet been taken to upload the images like signature/photos.
Thus, this union unanimously resolves and demands for taking early action in this regard.  
12. Failure to print/generate correct report :  
a.     In case of SCSS account, at the time of closing, though the Account is closed with Principal and Interest due along with PMI, if any, but when the report is generated, the PMI is added once again in the printout report along with the closing amount showing excess (PMI amount)  under withdrawal head.
Since the actual amount is shown under S B Cash reflecting the same in the S O Daily Account, the above report creates confusion at GPO during compilation. To avoid this, we have to round up the excess amount in the report manually to avoid confusion.
b.     In case of deposits of R D Accounts through MPKBY Agents, the amount of each schedule tendered by the agents is not reflected in the LoT.  But it is taken into account in the  consolidated figure of R D Deposits generated for the particular day.
Thus to avoid confusion at GPO during compilation, we have to add the amount of each schedule manually again in the LoT.
The problems need immediate solution 
13. Lack of Guidance:  
On 11.05.2015, 24 offices in Odisha Circle migrated to CBS including 5 P Os in Bhubaneswar Division. The technical support earlier supplied to CBS post offices for initial 3 days by Infosys was found absent this time. While Ashoknagar MDG was supported by the Infosys people, offices like Utkal University, Bhoinagar BBSR Sectt and Kharvelnagar were deprived of the facility. We are the witness to the plight of these offices.
Thus, this union unanimously resolves and  requests to provide technical support for at least one week to each office to be migrated in future. 
14. Problem of User credentials: 
a.     As we see, one each User credential is given to the trained staff. But it is not clearly told what action to be taken while the SPM/PA goes on leave especially in B class offices. As sharing of user credential is very risky and dangerous, the union suggests for immediate alternative arrangement.
b.     Presently the SPMs of single handed S O are using two user IDs – one for the Operator and the Other for the Supervisor. A transaction will be only be completed after verification by the Supervisor. Thus for separate transaction, the same person has to login and logout in operator first and then to log in and logout in Supervisor menu. Such continuous login / logout activities continuously by the same person is quite troublesome and compels to login in Supervisor menu when the same is required for the Operator or vice-versa.
Thus, this union unanimously resolves and requests the administration to make the Software compatible to operate and complete one transaction in a single menu. Further this union demands for deployment of additional man power in a  single handed S O proposed to be migrated to CBS Finacle. 
15. Supply of Printers and Computers: 
While some CBS Post Offices at initial stage were supplied with new Computers, printers and other hardware, now, it is seen that rest of the offices are having more than 5 year old Computers and Printers which are not suitable to present scenario. The staff are seen  struggling with outdated Computers and peripherals, which were purchased during the year 2000 to 2005. Administration is pressing hard to migrate offices without supplying required hardware. The old computers and peripherals either to be revamped or replaced to make it compatible to the present environment.
Thus, this union unanimously resolves and demands for immediate action  be taken to supply new set of computers, printers and other required hardware support before migration. 
16. Use of original version of Windows 7 : 
 Though may post office have been migrated in the mean time even proper up gradation of CPUs are not made in many areas and the Software loaded is up to Windows XP in most of the offices. Presently it is a fact that windows XP is not supported by the Microsoft with updates.  Finacle can be better loaded with Windows 7 and in the knowledge of this union, most of the offices are using pirated version of Windows 7, which may lead to litigation with Microsoft apart from non supporting with updates.
Thus, the union urges for immediate purchase of original version of Windows 7 and arrange loading in all CPUs of the Division to avoid future complicacies. 
17. Power to Postmaster for CSAC of user IDs : 
Most of the times, the user IDs, both of the Supervisor and Operator in Finacle are seen to be locked which need to be unlocked (CSAC) for fresh login and the power to do so is now   vested with the System Administrator. At the time of need, when, S As are contacted for CSAC, problem is coming when they are in an office other than using Finacle from where, CSAC is not possible. Thus, the counter works are affected without fresh login.
Therefore, this union demands for delegating the CSAC power to the concerned Postmaster so that the problem can be solved instantly without affecting good customer services. 
18. Revision of Working Hours to execute EOD by 3PM : 
CPC, Odisha vide its letter dated 18.05.2015 has enforced SOL transaction closing by 4PM for HOs and 3 PM for SOs and Inter SOL transactions by 3 PM for HOs and 2 PM for SOs. But as per scheduled Hours of Business, the Counter Working Hours of some offices like Ashoknagar MDG is up to 4 PM and others up to 3 PM. Practically speaking, those offices which are now performing S B Counter Works up to 3 PM, they are at present able to manage just the deposit and withdrawal transactions instantly to avoid rush at the counter. Due to slowness of the server most of the time, transactions like issue and discharge of certificates and opening of new accounts are being done at present after the counter transactions are over with request to the concerned customers not to wait. Thus, it is not possible to execute EOD by 3 or 2  PM regularly as directed by CPC unless the SOs are officially authorized by the SSPOs with due modification in the scheduled Working Hours of the Offices already notified.
Thus, the Union suggests to examine the issue and take immediate action in revising the Working Hours of all Offices reducing the S B  counter transactions by 1 hour for timely execution of EOD. 
19. Streamlining registration of complaints regarding network connectivity : 
Except the bigger offices, almost all SOs in Bhubaneswar Division have 2 PCs - 1 server and 1client (except a few like BBSR Court, Pokhariput, Madhusudan Nagar, Patia etc). However single handed non – delivery SOs like Kedargouri, Udyanmarg have been supplied with 2 PCs. As this union knows, every PO (without an exception!) has complained about the slow access to internet while using Sify network. Online applications like CCC portal, e-Post, WNX, Gmail etc offer delayed access, sometimes resulting in expiring out the session and restarting once again. In addition, if both NSP1 and 2 are defunct, then the PO is virtually dead. Vital portals like SpeedNet, RNet, ParcelNet, eMO, ePayment, DET, DPT, CBS MIS etc will not reveal any data of the Office.
Unlike Broadband, in which complaint was registered through telephone and service engineers used to visit the PO if required, SIFY does not provide such services. Once installation is over, they only check the service connectivity from their side i.e. whether they have restricted the PO to access internet or not. In such a situation the Postmaster, without deep technical knowledge about hardware and networking, does all he can do to restore data connectivity i.e. unplugging and plugging  each and every cable connected in his office – but all in vain.
In such cases, the Postmaster is supposed to register a complaint in the web only, citing the concerned PO’s WEG Code. Any telephonic complaint will not be attended. But the regret is that there is no clarification regarding how a PO, in which Both NSP1 & 2 are defunct, will register a complaint in the web. The divisional office is also silent in this matter. Most of the times, it is experienced that the concerned SPMs/Postmasters are using their personal mobile to draw the attention of Divisional Office towards such problems. Adding salt to injury, in the absence of the ASPOs(HQ) / SSPOs, nobody is attending the telephone Number -2596204/2596269.
Thus, to streamline registration of complaints regarding network connectivity, the union suggests to handle it centrally by Divisional Office and a particular telephone number may be circulated to all concerned which will be attended as and when required.
20. No hasty migration to CBS till solution of basic problems : 
In spite of all above cited problems the staff members are working in finacle software as matter of challenge and trying to give best services to the customers. In spite of all efforts, the customers are not satisfied / delighted which hampers the reputation of the department. No PO which is upgraded with finacle is being closed before 8 PM every day. We are ready to work hard provided, immediate solution to above problems are given.  
Under the above circumstances, the union suggests not to opt for hasty migration of Post Offices to CBS till the existing problems are resolved. 
B.     Help Desk Issues: Infosys 
1.     The Help Desk Team raising the tickets of for any problem should expedite to solve the issue within a definite time frame.
a)     Issues like Agents’ Password resetting which is done currently by Infosys through CPC, takes 15 to 20 days or even more which is causing dissatisfaction of among the Agents as they are unable to perform their work in desired time.
It should be provided by the CPC within two days of receiving complaints from HO/SO. 
b)     Financial Transactions issues raised with Infosys H D Team must be solved within maximum 4 to 7 days.
c)     Provision should be made to get instant help / advice from Infosys Help Desk over phone in case of emergency.
C.    CPC issue
1.     CPC has been created on diversion of hands on deputation from different Divisions. There is no separate sanctioned establishment for CPC.
So to avoid rush of work at CPC, some works which can be performed by concerned CBS post offices may be considered to be diverted from CPC.   
2.                Persons working on deputation at CPC are continuously remaining  beyond the normal working hours till completion of EOD by the last CBS office  for the betterment of the Department and CBS offices in the country.
 A statuary financial benefit for such employees  may be considered. 
D.  Old Pending Common Issues 
1.               Supply of letter and parcel bomb detectors to post offices: 
Due to continuous persuasion, our CHQ vide its letter No. P/2-16/Bhubaneswar, dated 11.11.2013   wrote to the Secretary (Posts) for the purpose and though  the Directorate vide its letter No.10-09/2013-SR, dated 26.12.2013 has directed the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle to look into the matter and take necessary action, action by the Circle head is yet to be taken.
As such, this union unanimously resolved to demand for immediate installation of letter and parcel bomb detectors in post offices. 
2.     Provision of Police Escort in cash van & Deployment of Arm Guards in BBSRGPO : 
As it is aware, the only cash van is clearing / supplying cash from / to different post offices in huge amount beyond the line limit without police escort. After withdrawal of police forces by the State Govt. authority since 2005, unnecessary high risk has been thrown upon the staff related to cash conveyances. Despite several discussions for years together with the Divisional administration in the monthly union meetings and with the Circle administration in the bi-monthly and four-monthly meetings, no satisfactory progress is being observed till date. The matter was seriously discussed in the last Circle biennial conference and a memorandum was also submitted to the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle. The poor postal employees are always working under apprehension of threat / robbery and the administration has remained a silent spectator to such unfortunate practice.
Similarly, keeping in view the recent ongoing robberies in broad-day light  from banks and other cash counters in cities on one hand and considering the amount of  per day cash transactions  in Bhubaneswar GPO, we have given a proposal in 2006 to the administration for deployment of arm guards in the campus of and inside Bhubaneswar GPO. Due to our continuous pursuance,   the matter was discussed with the DPS (HQ) by the Circle Union on 16.11.2006 and as replied by the DPS(HQ), the matter would be referred to the Directorate since related to all India.  But since then, we are in dark on the progress of this issue.
However, lastly both the above items were taken up at Directorate level by our CHQ  on 11.03.2014 and  Directorate vide its letter  F No. 18 - 1/-2012 – PO, dated 20.03.2014 has directed the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle to follow the instructions of Postal Directorate issued on security of cash at Post Offices and conveyance of cash from Post Office earlier issued vide Directorate’s letter No. 24-4/2003-PC, dated 10.10.2007 and No.32 - 1/86-CE,, dated 09.01.1986 authorizing the Circle Head with full Administrative and Financial Powers in this regard.
Thus, this union unanimously resolved to demand for immediate implementation of the above orders.  
3.       Making the SPMs / Postmasters free from achieving targets: 
Since the jurisdiction of the SPMs / Postmasters is confined to the four walls of the Post Office on one hand and they have no scope to move outside leaving the office for mobilization during the working hours, fixation of unachievable targets for them under POSB Scheme and PLI / RPLI etc. seems to be quite inappropriate and unjust. In addition, after migration of post office to CBS Finacle, the employees have already sacrificed their social responsibilities being detained in the office for more than 12 hours a day.
Thus, this union requests the administration that instead of pressurizing the SPMs/Postmasters who are already over burdened, the SAS/MPKBY/PLI/RPLI agents may be sensitized for the purpose.  
4.       Construction of  P O buildings / staff quarters/ local training centers / auditorium / examination hall on acquired lands.  
In spite of acquirement of lands by the Department of Posts for construction of Departmental buildings for Post Offices / residential quarters, no action by the Postal Administration is being taken for years together. As a result, most of the Post offices are functioning in rented buildings as per availability in respective localities causing heavy loss in Govt. revenue in terms of house rent paid to private house owners. Though the plots in Budheswari Colony and Baramunda are now under active consideration for construction of P O buildings, still many other vacant plots are seen encroached by outsiders.
This union demands for immediate construction of  post office buildings / staff quarters / local training centers / auditorium / examination hall on acquired lands to save loss of Govt. revenue / property. 
5.       Dequarterization of Post Offices below schedule of accommodation:  
It is needless to mention that many post offices in Bhubaneswar Division are having attached post quarters below the Schedule of Accommodation and completely in uninhabitable condition. This union is continuously  demanding for dequarterization of all such Post Offices.
Secondly, as per information available, there are several post attached quarters where the rent paid by the Govt. to the house owner is too less than the due HRA admissible to the concerned employee which show how the Department is doing monopoly in earning profit out of the pay of the officials and compelling  the staff members to occupy the unsuitable post quarters bearing heavy financial losses which  is too illogical and needs to be addressed at any cost.
It is worth mentioning here that all most all the post attached  quarters except a few those in the departmental buildings are below the schedule of accommodation and all are uninhabitable due to zero maintenance either by the house owner or by the Department. Illustratively, Kalpana Square SO, Mancheswar Rly. Colony SO, VSS Nagar SO, Pipli Grade – I PO, Nuapalamhat SO and  Nayahahat SO etc.   
Thus, this union demands that all such Post Offices should be dequarterized immediately and deduction of HRA may be restricted to the monthly rent paid to the private house owner ensuring payment of excess amount to the incumbent after deducting the actual rent paid.   
6.       Supply of literatures / brochures / leaflets:  
Though the Department is putting every pressure on the Postmasters / SPMs for achieving the targets in Revenue Realization, the Post Offices are not supplied with sufficient literatures / brochures / leaf-lets etc .on P L I / RPLI, S B / S Cs, Speed Post and other premium products for wide circulation amongst the customers for effective motivation. Similar is the position of Sukanya Samrudhi Account recently introduced. While the Department is spending crores of rupees in computerization and modernization, no post office is being supplied with a leaflet on small savings  / PLI / RPLI and other products and services. In spite of our repeated discussion in the monthly union meetings several times, no satisfactory progress has been witnessed in this regard.
The  Sub Post Offices may be supplied with  sufficient brochures on all products and services offered by the Department of Posts for benefit of the members of public which will help the SPMs/Postmasters to motivate customers and to earn revenue for the Department. 
7.       Proper training to staff members on basic knowledge in computer:   
It is a matter of happiness that the post office is now under transformation in the concept of look and feel good namely “Project Arrow” followed by CBS and CSI under I T Modernization Project.  While all departmental post offices have already been computerized and are gradually being migrated to CBS platform in a phased manner, most of the staff members are witnessed not to posses even basic computer knowledge and there by delivering a very slow service at the counters. As we know, the WCTCs / PTCs of the Department are imparting various trainings to the staff members only on packages for one week / two weeks which is not sufficient especiall on CBS.  CBS in India Post is a recent development and the Department is having a large number of staff members who do not posses basic computer knowledge and thus fail to operate the packages properly effecting prompt service to the members of public.
Therefore, the computer training programme of the Department at WCTCs / PTCs needs to be extended for at least 3 months to suit the need of the staff members and Department as well.   
8.       Fitting of glass panels in counters:  
            While the counters of the identified Post Offices in Phase – III and onwards under Project Arrow have been fitted with glass panels facilitating the customers to  come in queue , such Post Offices under Phase – I and II have been left open as a result of which    confrontations / arguments in between the counter assistants and members of public are quite regular in such post offices. In spite of several Visiting Remarks and Inspection Reports of the higher authorities, no progress has been made till date in Odisha Postal Circle. Though the item has been discussed several times even in the four monthly meetings with the Chief PMG, no satisfactory progress has been witnessed till date.
            Therefore, the counters of all the identified Post Offices in Phase – I and II  under Project Arrow need to be fitted with glass panels.
9.       Provision of A C and water coolers in all Project Arrow Post Offices:  
Though the original concept of “Project Arrow” is based on look and feel good factor, most of the  Project Arrow Offices in Odisha Postal Circle have not been air conditioned. Due to scorching heat, the overhead water tanks fail to supply cold water now days. The water filters supplied to P Os are too small to supply sufficient water. As a result the offices where large number of customers are rushing fail to supply a glass of cold water to the members of public.
            As we have witnessed the idea of giving the post offices a corporate look has failed to be materialized.  The concept of Project Arrow needs to be followed in letter and spirit with provision of A C and water coolers in all project arrow and bigger post offices.
Bruhaspati Samal
Divisional Secretary
Bhubaneswar Division (Odisha)

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  1. Definitely a deemed rescue effort for the victimized officials in the present scenery.