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Friday, July 19, 2013

Bi-Monthly meeting with PMG, Berhampur Region.

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K.C.PATNAIK                                                                                        RAMESH CH. MISHRA
President                                                                                                         Circle Secretary
Mob- 9853332489, E-mail-

No- UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha//07-2013                                                       Dated- 18-07-2013
      The Post Master General,
      Berhampur Region, Berhampur-760001.

Sub- Submission of agenda items and nomination of member for forth-coming Bi-Monthly meeting with PMG, Berhampur Region.
Respected Sir,

The agenda items for the above meeting are placed under. Sri B.K.Pathi, Vice President of the circle union and Accountant Aska Ho will proceed with me to attend the said meeting. It is requested for making necessary relieving arrangements.

Item No-1/07-2013:- It has been collected from the divisions that the OTA bills have been lying pending for 1 ½ years without making sanction. The works have been extracted, but due remuneration has been denied on the plea of paucity of funds. Hence, it is urged for liquidation of all pending OTA bills of divisions under Berhampur Region within a reasonable time period. 

Item No-2-/07-2013:- It has come to the notice of this circle union that there is no provision of room for staffs at Berhampur HO for functioning of Club, though nearly 100 officials working there. The facility for provision of room for functioning of club is a bare necessity, but the same is not possible due to non-allotment of room. It has been collected that previously one club room was prevailing which was converted to training class, after that no room been allotted for functioning of the club. Hence, it is requested to kindly arrange to provide a room inside Bherhampur HO for functioning of Club.

Item No-3/07-2013:- It has been reported that the building of Rayagada SF SO is in dilapidated condition. During the current rain, water has been leaking profusely and the office has been flooded with rain water, disrupting total failure of computers & server. Inspite of repeated requests by the SPM to the divisional head, no result is forth-coming. It is apprehended that any causality may occur to our staff working there due to short circuit. Hence, it is requested for some urgent step from the RO for maintenance work and to bring the office in to safe condition.
Yours faithfully,
Circle Secretary

Copy to- Com. B.K.Pathy, Vice-President of the circle union, Accountant Aska HO for information and he is requested to attend the meeting for which the date & time is going to fixed.
Circle Secretary

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