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Monday, July 22, 2013

Divisional Union writes to CHQ on problems in accepting Aadhar Card as Address Proof for opening of accounts under POSB Schemes and suggestion for modification of S B Order No. 14 / 2012

Com. M Krishnan
General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ
Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 008

No. UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 05 - 07/2013,                      Dated at Bhubaneswar the 19th July, 2013

Sub:    Problems in accepting Aadhar Card as Address Proof for opening of accounts under POSB Schemes and suggestion for modification of S B Order No. 14 / 2012.

Dear Comrade,
             As aware, the Department vide letter No. 109-04/2007-SB, dated 23.04.2010 ( S B Order No. 8 / 2010 ) issued guidelines for introduction of AML/CFT norms in Small Savings Schemes under PMLA 2002 and the rules notified there under  according to which submission of recent photograph, address proof and identity proof at the time of opening of any account under Post Office Savings Schemes by the depositor(s) was made compulsory. Out of the documents illustrated under Annexure A of the above S B Order for address / identity proof, Electoral Photo Identity Card can be accepted as both address proof and identity proof. Except for Customers falling under Category 3 (i.e. Account opened or Certificates issued with amount above Rs.10 lakhs) and in case of accounts opened on transfer from other offices, nothing has been instructed for physical verification of the address particulars in the said order.

            Subsequently, a Master Circular was issued vide Directorate’s No. 109-04/2007-SB, dated 09.10.2012 ( S B Order No. 14 / 2012 ) in supersession of all earlier S B Orders ( 8/2012, 10/2012 18/2012, 22/2012, 24/2012, 9/2011 & 2/2012)  in connection with AML/CFT where in the Electoral Photo Identity Card was seen to be dropped from the list of documents under Address Proof  and the letter issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India ( UIDAI) containing details of name, address and Aadhaar number was included as one of the documents for Address Proof for customers of all categories.

While S B Order 8 / 2010 had instructed for verification of address particulars for customers    falling under Category 3 ( i.e. Account opened or Certificates issued with amount above Rs.10 lakh subsequently categorized as High Risk Customers vide S B order No.14/2012)  from State Govt./ Gram Panchayat / Postman of that area  before opening of account including  opening of account by transfer from other office, there is no such provision under S B order 14/2012 for such High Risk Customers except the instructions that the documents should be self-attested or in case of illiterate depositors should be attested by Gazetted Officer/Sarpanch/ Branch/Sub/Head/Chief Postmaster or Postman/Gram Dak Sewak Delivery Agent. In case of investment through agent, these documents should also be attested by the agent.

As witnessed, in most of the cases the address particulars noted on the Aadhar Cards are   incomplete and the post offices are compelled to accept it as a proof of address for opening of accounts as per the latest instructions issued above. No other organization in India knows better than India Post the difficulties in delivering the Aadhar Cards due to insufficient/incomplete address. Thousands of Aadhar Cards have been returned and redirected by the Post Offices with such remarks also. The Aadhar Cards indicate the address particulars given/declared by the citizen at the time of registration without any verification and since the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 is extended to whole of India, any Indian citizen can submit this Aadhar Card as a proof of address to open an account in any Indian Post Office without any restriction to the current address of the depositor. While the other documents listed/prescribed for address proof vide S B Order No. 14/2012 emphasize on current address, viz. Bank or Post Office Passbook/Statement with current address, Passport with current address, Ration Card with current Address, Electricity Bill of not more than three months old, Telephone Bill of not more than three months old, Salary Slip of reputed Employer with current address etc., the Aadhar Card remains with the old and single address always. And the compulsion of the Post Office is that when a customer submits his/her Aadhar Card as an address proof for opening of account, there remains no justification to ask him/her for another address proof with current address. Under such circumstances, the Post Office finds it difficult for correspondence with the customer/depositor for any reason due to such old / incomplete / insufficient address noted on the Aadhar Card on one hand and non-availability of current address on the other. In case of any discrepancy, the condition of the Post Office remains horrible for settlement due to failure in effective communication with the depositor.

Therefore, it will certainly be better if the Aadhar Card is dropped from the list of the documents shown under Address Proof vide S B Order No.14/2012 and orders issued to accept the same only for Identity Proof like Electoral Photo Identity Card which was earlier introduced for Address Proof vide S B Order No. 8 / 2010 and subsequently dropped from the list vide S B Order No.14/2012.

When India Post is heading towards Core Banking Solution, this may be accepted as a constructive suggestion to help the Post Office for early settlement of S B discrepancies.

As such, it is requested to appraise the Directorate accordingly for modification of S B Order No. 14 / 2012 in deleting the Aadhar Card from the list of documents shown under Address Proof and accepting the same as Identity Proof only with request to issue necessary clarificatory orders to accept any other document listed there in bearing current address of the depositor as Address Proof.

With greetings.

Comradely yours,

B Samal.
Divisional Secretary

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