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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Postal department employees leave a stamp of disapproval on their uniforms

Postal employees coming out of Ernakulam MG Road post office in civil dress as part of their nationwide protest  on Wednesday.  
Postmen and postwomen across the state abandoned their uniforms and insignia for a day to register their protest against the inferior quality of materials supplied to them.
On Wednesday, postal workers across the state were seen discharging their duties in civilian dress.
The protest was registered as part of the vehement protest being undertaken by postal employees across the country.
Employees said  the postal department has consistently discarded the basic needs of its employees.
“Rain or shine, we are forced to wear clothing which do not last for even six months. Hence we are forced to buy the cloth materials at our own expense. We buy the materials, sew it, and fix the emblem on the uniforms”, said T A Mohanachandran, secretary, Federation of National Postal Organisations.
He pointed out that this is not only the case with uniforms but also with accessories such as bags, umbrellas and footwear. “When it rains, water enters the bag, soaking the letters inside. Regarding footwear, they have always been disproportionate to our feet”, he said.
The employees also alleged that the blatant sluggishness was part of the recent policy of the postal department to slowly dissolve the department.
A few months back, the postal department had taken a decision to cut down about 17,000 posts in the department.  Despite cutting down the posts, the department has even started winding up many post offices across the country.
“Even those garnering ample revenue were mercilessly closed down. In Ernakulam, no-delivery post offices at Veli and Hindi Prachar Sabha have been already closed down. The reason pointed out by the postal authorities is that it is to relocate the postoffices. But in the past too, many of them have closed down citing the same reason,” the employees pointed out.
The postal department was recently in the news for removing the iconic red pillar boxes.
Mohanachandran said that the abandonment was the second phase of protest. “Protests were held across the country in front of the GPOs,” he said.
If the postal department does not take any steps to resolve the crisis, the employees will resort to other methods, he added.

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