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Monday, July 22, 2013

News from Circle Union through SMS :

The RJCM Meeting was conducted on 19.07.2013 and the outcome of the meetings  are  as follows :

1.    Order has been issued to all Divisional Heads  for timely holding of monthly meeting.
2.    Action will be taken by C O  well in aheadto declare holiday for Holi on the day of its celebration in 2014.
3.    C O is examining the ruling given by the union for declaration of holiday  for Mhastami, instead of Mahastami for operative offices this year
4.    A C provision to Bhubaneswar GPO is under active consideration.
5.    The lights inside Bhubaneswar GPO campus gone out of order arew brought to functioning. Regarding functioning of glo-sign borads on top of Bhubaneswar GPO building , action is initiated.

The copy of the minutes will be reproduced on receipt.

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