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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Circle Union writes to the Principal Chief PMG, Odisha Circle to extend the last date for submission of application forms for CGHS Card.

K.C.PATNAIK                                                                                        RAMESH CH. MISHRA
President                                                                                                         Circle Secretary
Mob- 9853332489, E-mail-

No- UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha//07-2013                                                              Dated- 18-07-2013


Sri S.K.Chakrabarti. IPoS.
Principal Chief Postmaster General,
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001.
Sub - Protest against short span of time given for submission of applications for CGHS Card and request for extension of last date to 25-07-2013, instead of 19-07-2013.

Ref - CO letter no WL/15-CGHS/2013 dated 16-07-2013 and dated 17-07-2013.

Respected Sir,
It is most disgracing to intimate that Circle Office has issued instructions to concerned offices vide its letters under reference and the divisional head, Bhubaneswar in turn has intimated to all SPMs through e- mail on 16-07-2013 at 17 hours. Similarly, CO has issued another letter on 17-07-2013 for sending two stamp size photographs along with application forms and it has been clearly mentioned in that CO letter to submit all application forms by 19-07-2013. It has been specified also therein in the very CO letter that Applications received after 19-07-2013 will not be considered under any circumstances, which seems arbitrary without giving reasonable time to staffs to avail such important facility.

           Some documents like proof of residence, proof of age of son, last pay certificate, two photographs are required for submission of the application forms and only 1to 2 days time has been given, which we think is not at all reasonable. Collection of the age proof of the son, who is residing outside will be not practicable within this short span of time

            Under the circumstances, it is urged upon for extension of the last date for submission of Application forms for CGHS cards to 25-07-2013 to avoid strong resentment of staffs at Bhubaneswar.

Immediate response in the matter is solicited

With Regards.

Yours faithfully

Circle Secretary

Copy to - Com. B. Samal, Divisional Secretary AIPEU,, Gr-C, Bhubaneswar division for information w.r.t. his letter no UN-BN/AIPEU, Gr.-C/02-07/2013 dated 17-07-2013.

Circle Secretary

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