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Friday, July 19, 2013

Stamp of desolation on philatelic museum

LUDHIANA: The Philatelic Museum, opened in April, 1999, was meant to be a treasure trove for stamp collectors and aficionados in the city, but few people know about its existence today. If the government knows, they have forgotten and the museum is in dire need of attention.
Even the properties on display, which had been collected from across the world, have been stolen. With the place lying deserted, stray animals make themselves comfortable on the premises.
Yashpal Bangia, founder member of the Philatelic Club and Museum said, "Many letters have been written to the Union government and Indian postal services but no action has been taken yet. We even told the government that we are ready to handle all other services but they need to appoint someone."
Not that we have many such museums to allow one to go waste with a light mind. There are only two Philatelic museums in the country. One is in New Delhi and the other is here in the city.
In its heyday, the museum showcased stamps from across the world. The collection includedWorld Wildlife Fund stamps, stamps marking the tercentenary birth anniversary of the Khalsa and advent of Sikhs in Canada, among others.
Members of the Philatelic society are disappointed with their inability to save the museum despite efforts. They still visit the place and recall the old days when they used to conduct workshops on stamp collecting here.
The contrast with the Delhi Philatelic Museum is startling. It is well furnished and offers many facilities and hosts a number of visitors. Meanwhile, residents were shocked when they came to know about the Ludhiana Philatelic museum. "Really? Imagine I went to Delhi to see the Philatelic museum when it is right here. Why is it not being run properly?" questione Manisha, a stamp collector from Gurdev Nagar. That is a question the government has consistently and successfully swept under the carpet.

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