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Monday, September 12, 2011

Comments offered by Com. B B Mohanty, CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch on our article “United struggle is the only alternative” :

Dear Comrades,
In response to our article “United struggle is the only alternative”, Com. B B Mohanty, CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch has intimated his reaction in the following manner  through e Mail which is reproduced below for information of all. While I do congratulate our beloved CS, AIAIASP, Orissa for his valuable comments,  I have no contradiction either  to the reasons of defunctness of the so called Local Coordination Committee  as mentioned in his e Mail or to the unfortunate incidents happened earlier. Since we have to go a long way  beyond criticism, selfishness, etc. we have to forget all such things  which will come in our way.
With due regards to his sentiments and his members as a whole, I sincerely appeal all other Circle Secretaries of Odisha Circle to come forward for a common cause forgetting differences, if any.

Comments offered by Com. B B Mohanty, CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch

from      AI Assn of IPs & ASPs Orissa Circle Branch

 to          "All India Postal Employees Union, Group-C Bhubaneswar Division"

date :, Sep 11, 2011 at 11:45 PM

subject :Your Article (in your blog): We are within the mass. If we think for the mass in general, our individual problems will automatically be solved

Dear Comrade Samal,
I have read your entire article along with the comments posted there under by persons with and without identity.
 You have put a great deal of labour and effort aiming at greater unity among the working classes, of which I always maintain that the IP cadre is a part. I appreciate your effort and will continue to do so till it serves the mass of working class whether or not I hold any office at the Association’s platform.
Somebody has made a comment that the IP cadre people will not shade their ego to come forward for the unity. I think, our past effort has not been highlighted properly to keep them adequately informed. You must have remembered that within days of assuming charge of CS of AIAIASP, Orissa in 2008 I reached out to all Circle Secretaries through letters and phonic contact for forming a unity. I contributed my role in making you the convener of the Local Coordination Committee of Postal Employees. Sri Purnendu K Dash, Ex- Divisional President of Bhubaneswar, of course, was quite instrumental in this direction. We had included even the Divisional Secretary of GDS Union of Bhubaneswar Branch in the Committee. We had informed the Circle Administration of the formation of such a Committee consisting of ‘ED to AD’. We had also unitedly taken up the case of Sri S S Samant with the Administration when we apprehended trouble for him. I myself had joined the protest slogan with you and other Gr.C Union functionaries in front of Circle Office in the case related to Sri Samant. I have made my appearance with other Unions / Associations a number of times. Despite all these efforts, if somebody doubts our action, we cannot help.
 It was observed by me that though I voluntarily accepted your leadership in the Local Coordination Committee, some of your own fellowmen were not in favour of allowing you to take up the leadership, ignoring their cases (of seniority!). Gradually, the Local Co-ordination Committee lost its way for lack of cooperation of all concerned.
 I just want to mention one instance which is worth mentioning. In one of the CWC Meetings of a Gr.C Union in Berhampur, the Circle Secretary openly criticized the Inspectors cadre and went up to say that the Inspectors are 'Chor'. The message reached me I immediately took up the matter with the concerned Circle Secretary for a clarification as to how can an entire class of employee be branded as such. Far from expressing regret the CS rebuffed my query saying that I behaved childishly. He also mentioned that ours is small outfit to which he does not attach mush importance. The language in which he replied to my query in writing is something beyond one's expectation. Despite such ill treatment, I have always kept my Association open for any kind of unity among the working class forgetting the individual differences and individual instances of bitter experience. You must be knowing how interested the persons are in our Circle in projecting their individual leadership for the implicit reasons.
I have no intention of criticizing anybody. But I want to place the facts straight before everybody for their information in correct manner. In Orissa, individuals are so mad in their personal benefit that they do not care for the loss for the entire class of people. I do not hesitate to mention here that one of our own cadre members who also happens to be a CWC Member forgot the damage that he has brought to the Association and went up to write to Circle Administration against his own Circle Secretary to further his own interest at a time when the Association was in loggerheads with the Circle Administration for the injustice meted out to IP cadre. It is a different matter that the traitor could not yield any benefit as the Circle Administration was aware of his true character.
 With Mir Jafars and Jaychandras all around, leaders having no respect for sister outfits and leaders hankering after own personal benefits the real unity is a distant dream, though I do not want to be a pessimist.    
 B B Mohanty
CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch

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