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Friday, September 30, 2011

SSPOs, Bhubaneswar writes all SPMs/Postmasters demi-officially to achieve MoC & IT Programme 100 days target in respect of RPLI/BPL Account

APAR for 2011-12 will be written basing on performance and achievement.
Copy of D.O. No.RPL1/Target(MOC)-100 days/201 I Dated, at Bhubaneswar, the 26th Sept, 2011
Dear Sri……………..
         This is regarding achievement of MOC & IT Programme- 100 days target in respect of RPLI & BPL SB Accounts. As you know, each B.O. has been assigned with a target of 40 nos. of RPLI Policies and 50 nos. of BPL SB Accounts to be procured by 10th Oct, 2011 as per MOC 100 day Programme. But it is a matter of great concern that most of the B. Os. are lagging behind the assigned target as on 25.09.11.
As such, you are directed to exercise your all-out efforts to achieve the target in respect of B.Os. under your S.O., by 10th Oct, 2011 and submit daily progress report to the Asst Supdt, Posts (Hrs) over phone No.0674-2596204. Please motivate the GDS BPMs under your accounts jurisdiction to achieve the target by writing through B.O. Slip and talking over telephone. However, it may please note that your APAR for the year, 2011-12 will be written basing on the performance and achievement on the subject.
Priority should be given at all level, since Hon’ble MOC has laid stress upon the achievement of target on above matter.
With best wishes,

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