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Sunday, September 25, 2011

POST-EXPO - 2011:

POST-EXPO is universally recognized as the world's leading annual event for the international postal, express and mailing industry.
POST-EXPO 2011 will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from 27 to 29 September at the Stuttgart Messe. It will host over 200 exhibitors and the very latest in new technology and innovation.
In a time of increased challenge and development for the industry, POST-EXPO provides the platform for postal companies from across the globe to discover the new trends, developments and ideas that will shape the future of the postal sector.
World Postal Business Forum
The Universal Postal Union is associated with POST-EXPO and hosts the World Postal Business Forum.
The purpose of the Forum is to highlight and discuss major strategic issues that the postal sector must confront to succeed in the years ahead. At the same time, the exhibition, which runs concurrently, offers the opportunity to view the latest technological innovations, systems and solutions.

5 reasons why you must attend!

1 Source and purchase the latest technology and solutions: This year’s event will be the biggest POST-EXPO ever, with over 170 exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations, technology and services available. From letter and parcel sorting solutions to digital mail services, and from RFID tracking systems to the latest electric delivery vehicles, the depth and breadth of exhibitors is exactly why POST-EXPO is the world’s leading exhibition for the postal, parcel and express industry.

2 Decide your future strategy: 2020 Postal Vision: Adaptation or Transformation. This is the theme for the World Postal Business Forum, organised in association with the Universal Postal Union. The conference sessions will highlight the issues affecting the global postal sector, which is undergoing major changes as it adjusts to the demands of modern communication and commerce. The three-day conference will host sessions that reflect the critical elements of postal strategy and decision making that have to be addressed now and in the coming years.

3 Meet the people who lead the postal industry: With the exhibition, conferences, lunches and receptions it is important to make the most of your time. With an estimated 4,000 postal, mailing and express logistics professionals gathering in one place, this will be the most important networking opportunity and building block of the year.

4 Find new business opportunities and revenue streams: POST-EXPO provides an excellent opportunity to see new ideas, innovations and technology that can help you provide new services and solutions for your customers. The conference sessions will give you the chance to hear how the industry is changing and developing for the future.

5 Don’t get left behind – technology changes so quickly! POST-EXPO is the annual event where suppliers unveil brand-new products – and this year is no exception. During the event there will be many product launches and major announcements. At this year’s event we also have more than 35 companies exhibiting for the very first time.

The exhibition provides you with the unique opportunity to meet new companies and see technology and solutions that have not been presented anywhere before.

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