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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heads of Departments may grant Special Casual Leave in cases of natural calamities, bandh etc.:

Central Govt. Employees in the flood affected areas of Odisha may avail Special Casual Leave on genuine grounds.
Dear Comrades,
Equally sharing the sorrow and grief of all the people of flood affected areas of Odisha  in general and our postal brothers and sisters in particular, we do realize the inexpressible difficulties they are now facing. We are collecting information from our colleagues in such areas and watching various news channels transmitting special news bulletin on the current flood situations in Odisha.
We are sure that many employees having residences outside their respective headquarters may not be able to attend offices for few days from  Monday onwards since roads have blocked / washed away / deluged due to the current flood.
In this context, we would like to bring to the notice of all our colleagues of such flood affected area that provision of Special Casual Leave is there under such circumstances. We are reproducing  below one of such orders for information of all.
Where the competent authority is satisfied that the absence  of the individual concerned was entirely due to reasons beyond his control, e. g., due to failure of transport or disturbances or picketing or imposition of curfew etc.; special casual leave may be granted  to such Government servants who had to come from a distance of more than 3 miles to their place of duty. If the absence was due to picketing or disturbances or curfew, then too special casual leave could be granted  to regularize the absence , without insisting on the condition that the distance between their place of duty and their residence  be more than 3 miles.

Copy of GI, DP & PR, OM No. 28016 / / 79 – Ests. (A), dated 28th May, 1979

Sub:   Heads of Departments may grant Special Casual Leave in cases of natural calamities, bandh etc.

Proposal has been made to the Department of Personnel and AR for delegation of powers to Heads of Departments to grant Special Casual Leave to central Government employees  who stay at places far from their headquarters , as result of which they have to commute a long distance to their office and due to dislocation of traffic arising out of natural calamities , bandh etc. they are not able to undertake the journey and report to the headquarters for duty.
The matter has been carefully considered in consultation with the Ministry of Finance  ( Department of expenditure ). In accordance with the Department of Personnel and A R’s OM No. 27/6/71-Ests.(B), dated 01.11.1971, all the Heads of the Departments have been authorized to grant special casual leave with the concurrence of the Ministry / Department administratively concerned. In view of the genuine difficulty  felt in exercising powers by the Head of the Department with the prior concurrence  of the Ministries / Departments , it has been decided that  the following procedure may be adopted for granting special casual leave in cases of the kind mentioned in Para 1 above.:-
a.     Special casual leave wherever admissible under the provisions in this regard may be granted by the head of the Department.
b.     All such cases where special casual leave has been granted should be reported to Ministry /Department /C&AG as the case may be.

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