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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Divisional Union tried its best to help the GDS employees of Bhubaneswar Division affected by the current terrible flood in Odisha :

Dear Comrades,
I am really speechless to express my obligation to all those helping hands for their  overwhelming responses   to our appeal in this blog on  voluntary contributions for the benefit of the flood victims of Bhubaneswar Division . We have gladly accepted   all such donations irrespective of the amount  from casual workers to Officers. The response was quite attractive for which we  could be able within a day only  to distribute 110 relief packets containing food stuffs  like flattened rice, sugar, biscuits and other necessaries like  cloth, candle, matchbox etc.  one packet each exclusively to the  low paid GDS brothers and sisters  employed  in  the branch post offices under Balakati, Balipatna, Rench, Balanga, Pipli, Gop, Birtung, Bamanal, Astaranga, Kakatpur, Konark
On behalf of All India Postal Employees Union, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division, I convey my red salute and express my sincere obligation to all such donors whose names will be published soon in this blog. We are also obliged to our Divisional administration for providing vehicle assistance in distributing the relief packets and the assistance of the IPs in selecting the affected offices / employees. We are also thankful to Sri  Dusasan Dash and Sri G S Acharya driver of Inspection Vehicle and Cash Van  respectively for their sincere contribution in peaceful distribution of the relief packets. Our obligations also to the staff of Bhubaneswar GPO, Ashoknagar MDG and Sahidnagar MDG in helping us.
The relief team was headed by Com. B Samal , Divisional Secretary and accompanied with Com. P C Dash, President, Com. Pramod  Ku. Pattanik, Vice-President No. 1, Com. Anil Kumar Mohanty, Vice-President No.2, Com. Lingaraj Sahoo, Treasurer, Com. Dipti Ranjan Mohanty, Asst. Secretary, Com. Nihar Ranjan Pattnaik, Member, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division and Sri P K Das, IPO, Bhubaneswar South Sub Division.

 ( Relief Team at Nimapara MDG )

 Water level is decreasing slowly from the rivers but not from the affected areas:( Photographed by the Relief Team from Nimpara/Rench area )


  1. Very Good Samal. It is the yeomen service rendered when they are in distress. I appreciate the entire team of Bhubaneswar division. My hearty congratulations too. Let our brothers affected due to flood recover normalcy.

  2. Thanks Comrade. We did whatever possible for our Division with our limited collection. Simultaneously, I also request you to please see if something is possible from the Directorate level. The Secy. RJCM ( Staff Side), Com. S S Samant has already requested the Chief PMG in this regard for the entire Circle.The file is under process.

  3. Thanks to the leadership of Divisional Union of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division for performing this noble job.
    May god bless them all and give such spirit for doing more and more social works rather than sticking to the traditional union activities.

  4. AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division is really different.
    I congratulate all the team members for the good job.

  5. Thanks a lot to all the Comrades of AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division. We expect that the other Divisionsin Orissa should follow the line of actions adopted by Bhubaneswar Division.

    A friend from Cuttack North Division

  6. Dear Comrade,
    We would like to request you to please publish the nature of action taken by our Circle union in such a time. We thank Com. Samanta for taking a very good step. We expect the same speed and action from our Circle Secretary also.

  7. Respected Comrade,
    We are proud of you. For the first time in the union history of Bhubaneswar Division, the AIPEU, Group-C could take such a noble action under your leadership.
    May God bless you and your family members including all those who have put their selfless effort with you.

  8. Action speaks louder than voice. You not only write , but do also.
    Red Salute Com. Samal.

  9. God bless you Dear Samal.
    A well-wisher

  10. Bhubaneswar Division opens the eyes of all others.
    Thanks both to the Divisional Administration and AIPEU, Group-C members for this job at the time of need.Now the Divisional administration should understand the attitude of this union and its leadership. What they are doing is always meant for the welfare of others and there is individual interest.
    I hope, this will mitigate the gap in between the Divisional JCA of NFPE unions and the Divisional administration.
    Let the Divisional administration take some positive attitude to the problems raised by the Divisional JCA of NFPE unions.

  11. Undoubtably an excellent show-off of social service. But a bit alike "BLOWING ONE'S OWN TRUMPET". It would have been more pleasing & heart winning if the photos & articles would have been published in other media/webcites/news papers. Hope my commet shall go well within the ranks of Bhubaneswar Divn.