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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Preventive measures to be taken by the staff of flood affected areas to keep the post office, its records, data etc. safe. - Some suggestions regarding

Dear Comrades,
Due to heavy rain, many parts of Odisha Circle have been seen seriously affected and so also the post offices in these areas. In this context, our staff members of such flood affected areas or areas apprehended to be affected as such should  take  the following   measures  to keep the post office, its records, data etc. safe.

Ø  To disconnect the  main power supply from the electrical pole by switching off the main switch.
Ø  To disconnect electricity supply to  / from the UPS 
Ø   To disconnect  power supply to electrical equipments installed in the Post Office.
Ø  To shift  all hard wares to safest place
Ø  To ensure taking of up-to-date back up of data  in the external device.
Ø  To store the external device / hard disk with up to date back up data in safest place  so that in case of damage to the internal hard disk of the Server  or PC the back up data available in   the external hard disk can be used to restore the PO work after normalcy is returned.
Ø  To arrange  shifting of the IT related items to a safety place to prevent the items  from water contact.
Ø  To report the matter immediately to the Flood Control Room  functioning at the CO.

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