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Monday, September 12, 2011

Secretary, RJCM ( Staff Side ) writes to Chief PMG, Odisha Circle for immediate assistance for the victims of the unprecedented flood in Odisha :

Sri R.N.Dhal                                                                                                          Sri S.S. Samanta
Leader RJCM (Staff Side)                                                                                   Secretary RJCM (Staff Side)
Cum Circle Secretary                                                                                           cum Circle Secretary
AIRMS&MMSEU Gr-C Orissa Circle,                                                              AIAOEU Gr-C & D, Orissa Circle
O/o SSRM N Dn, Cuttack-1                                                                                O/o Chief P.M.G,(O),Bhubaneswar-1
M-9437225600                                                                                                       M-94375 62285
No.RJCM/WL-10/2011                                                               Dated at Bhubaneswar 12th Sept 2011.

Ms.Devika Kumar
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar.751 001

Sub: Prayer for immediate assistance for the victims of the unprecedented flood in Odisha Circle.

Esteemed Madam,
Respectfully I, being the Secretary, RJCM staff Side, Odisha Circle have the honour and bounden duty to appraise my Chief P.M.G. the miserable and pitiable plight of our employees marooned by the unprecedented flood that has occurred since three days.
The miseries and woes of the flood victims covering 19 districts of Odisha is quite shocking and indescribable. All the rivers, Mahanadi and its tributaries have swollen by flood water and there are breakages of embankments in multiple places and lakhs of flood victims are taking shelter under the open sky without food, shelter for days together.
I have been receiving numerous telephone calls from our employees throughout Odisha where the Post Offices are knocked at by the flash flood and the employees are left unsheltered without food for days together.
Now, I think it prudent to appraise my CPMG the horrible scenario of the devastating flood that has taken away the hearth and home and the people are clamoring for help. Hence on humanitarian and compassionate ground I propose to undertake the following immediate measures for our employees and establishment with your kind approval.

a)             Special C.L. may be granted in favour of the flood-affected employees unable to attend Office.
b)             Special squad be constituted for visiting our offices affected by flood to survey the quantum of loss and its subsequent replenishment.
c)             The affected employees may be granted Welfare Assistance from the Circle Welfare Fund/Central Welfare Fund to meet their urgent requirement and feed their famished family.
d)             Immediate Flood Advance as embodied in GFR Rules may be sanctioned in favour of the affected officials.
e)             We may undertake Relief measures in consultation with the concerned Divisional Supdts. to reach the flood victims.
f)              If need be our CPMG may consider appraising the Directorate about the devastating flood and ask for further financial assistance.

Madam, I hope, if your kind hand will move to materialize the above suggestions we can feed the family of our flood stricken employees who are still left unfed for days together.

With profound regards,
Yours faithfully,

  RJCM (Staff Side)

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