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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rules versus reality in connection with repair &maintenance of departmental buildings :

 ( Nimpara Mukhya Dak Ghar - Front View )
Dear Comrades,

As you are aware, the Department is issuing several orders with instructions for strict implementation of the same.  One of such orders is meant for maintenance of departmental buildings. While I am reproducing the copy of  such a letter below , simultaneously I am also publishing some photographs of a departmental building namely Nimapara MDG under Bhubaneswar Division which will give a clear picture with regard to implementation of such orders.

Can we be so careless ?
           No day-to-day repairs, annual repairs, special repairs or petty works are being undertaken in this building for years together and the condition of the building is gradually deteriorating.  Earlier, we have  already discussed with the SSPOS, Bhubaneswar for repair and maintenance of this building in our monthly union meetings  and the item was closed with reply to undertake the same under Project Arrow. Last year the repairing works were undertaken for the staff quarters within the premises of NImapara MDG and while undertaking bore-well  work, the contractor was arrested for using duplicate materials. We have already published in this site the facts.
But the question is – Should we wait for an office to be identified under Project Arrow for carrying out civil and electrical maintenance works inviting its deterioration with loss of Govt. property ?

                I sincerely appeal  all my brothers and sisters  working as SPM / Postmaster  or in any other capacity of such post offices functioning in departmental buildings to go through the following instructions issued by the Directorate and bring all such repair works to the notice of the competent authority for doing needful to save the Department and its property.
Copy of DG(P) No. 10/1/2006-Bldg., Dt. 11.05.2006

Department is constructing its own building  in a phased manner for operative / administrative offices and staff quarters with a view to increase assets , effect saving in rental liability, provide residential accommodation  to its employees for efficient disposal of works.

2.             Buildings with good ambiance , both internally & externally, not only provides conductive atmosphere for proper functioning but also helps in attracting client ale for postal facilities.
3.             Department has undertaken a project in a phased manner for new brand identity for postal buildings. At the same time, it is equally important that maintenance of buildings to the optimal extent required is also undertaken  as improper planning and inadequate attention towards maintenance of building gives shabby / gloomy look.

4.             Building maintenance may be defined as “work undertaken to  keep, restore or improve every facility i.e. every part of a building, its services and surroundings to a currently acceptable standard to sustain the utility and value of the facility”.  Proper maintenance aims at effective and economic means of keeping the building and services fully utilitarian.
 5.             Maintenance of  buildings may be divided into three categories:-
(a)           Day-to-day service facilities :-           The emergent works which are to be attended to on day-to-day basis , such as removing chokage of drainage , pipes, manholes, restoration of water supply , minor repairs to door shutters, windows, replacements of broken glass panes, placement of blown fuses, repairs to faulty switches etc. fall under this category of maintenance. The purpose of this facility is to ensure satisfactory and uninterrupted functioning of various services in the building.

(b)           Annual repairs : -                 This includes white-wash and colour-wash for a building for which periodicity is 2 years and painting for which periodicity is 3 years. In addition, works such as patch repair to plaster, minor repairs and replacements, replacement of wiring damaged due to accident, replacement of switches, sockets etc. which are not emergent works but can wait till the time of annual repairs fall under this category of maintenance.
©             Special repairs:-  As a building age , there is deterioration  to various parts of the building and services. The following types of work become inevitable and are undertaken under special repair to prevent the structure  from deterioration  and undue wear and tear as to restore it back to its original condition to the extent possible.

i.              White-washing, colour-washing, distempering etc after scrapping completing the original finish.

ii.             Painting after removing the existing old paint from various members.

iii.            Provision of water proofing treatment to the roof.

iv.            Repairs to roads.

v.             Repairs / replacement  of flooring , skirting and dado.

vi.            Replacement of doors, window frames and shutters.

vii.           Replacement of water tanks, WC cistern, wash basins, kitchen sinks , pipes.

( Special repairs to newly purchased or previously abandoned works and purchases required for bringing them into use do not fall under maintenance of buildings but come under original works.)
6.             Besides the categories of ‘Original Works’ and ‘Maintenance / Repairs’, there is another category of ‘Petty Works’ which covers such of those works which do not fall in the first two categories i.e. ‘Original Works’ and ‘Maintenance / Repairs’. No budget provision is allocated under the head ‘Petty Works’ The alterations to both residential and non-residential buildings up to the limits prescribes in Schedule-II of the Schedule of Financial Powers containing the Financial Powers of the Heads of Circle  and Heads of Departments ( Circulated vide  Directorate letter No. 6-1/2005-FC(Posts), dated 29.07.2005) may be classified under ‘Maintenance’.
7.             The works relating to ‘ ‘Maintenance / Repairs’ may be clearly differentiated  from the other works concerning modernization / ergonomics undertaken in the departmental building  and the A A & E S issued accordingly indicating the relevant Head of Account  besides ensuring incurring booking of expenditure under proper Head of Account.  The fund provided for maintenance of buildings should be utilized only for maintenance works as detailed in paras (5) & ( 6 ) above.
8.             Attention is drawn to Directorate letter No. 10-5/2005-Bldg., dated 27.09.2005 regarding procedure for building maintenance work.

9.             The above instructions may kindly be brought to the notice of all concerned for information, guidance and strict implementation.

 ( Back side of completely uninhabitable post attached quarters of Nimapra MDG without door - Nobody is residing presently )
( Main Entrance of Nimapara MDG )

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  1. It is a marvelous and unparalleled job !We have every right to bring this fact of the Post office that caters to the need of hundreds on every day struggling to exist in such a frail health condition which remains unheard /untouched for years together by the appropriate Authority .I earnestely request to the Authority concerned to take appropriate steps for the repairing/ renovation of the building at the earliest so that our motto "Post office ,a window to the world "in its best understanding /words will be fulfilled. Saroj kumara patra.Email